Aw8 – About Us Section: The Best Place To Bet In Malaysia

For those who are new to Aw8, maybe people still don’t understand about us. This is one of the top online gambling platforms in Malaysia where will ensure to lift up your betting experience to a whole new level. 

The duty of Aw8 is to bring up to you these incredible factors:

  1. Best entertaining games
  2. Best customer service
  3. Best promotion and bonuses
  4. Best V.I.P program

Also, Aw8 has been one of the first leading betting websites that apply up-to-the-minute technologies and is still able to maintain an equal and healthy gambling environment.

Just like any online casino out there, Aw8 is the place for you to sit tight at a comfortable chair in your house and log into their app by your phone, then you are good to go. 

The Safest Place To Gamble

As we mentioned above, the betting system of Aw8 has been well-known since the first day by putting the safety of their players as the primary priority.

That is will be the main factor to ensure your relaxing gambling experience as best as they could. 

Customer Service is also one of their advantages when their supporting team is always available 24/7 when there is a need.

Furthermore, inequality will be never found in this place as well as you will always see transparency as an obvious.

The most compelling evidence for that statement is that all of your playing turns will be recorded in your gambling history system which you can always easily access if you have the demand. 

Finally, they are a long-time partner with one of the biggest and famous gambling corporations in Malaysia, Asia Gaming. 

aw8 about us page
AW8 betting site

Mobile Experience

Until now, Aw8 Mobile App has its place in both IOS and Android. This is the proof that shows Aw8 wants to spread out their significant betting experience to as many players as possible.

It doesn’t matter what brand your phone is or what kind of operating system it uses, as long as it can connect to wifi, you are good to make your bet.

However, we do have to say that there is still a really small difference that Ios will have less game category than Android:

  • Android: 9 games per category
  • IOS: 6 games per category

Even so, with a huge portion of games like this, you will never feel bored even if you will use a mobile or desktop device.

Finally, you can start your betting journey now if you download their app directly on their website. They have done many things to facilitate and optimize your experience.

Is Aw8 the best online gambling platform in Malaysia? 

To highlight the role, reputation, as well as evidence that will vouch for the worthiness of a website, the interface is the first thing everyone will take into consideration. 

(1) Aw8 Interface

Actually, this standard is not only applied to betting websites but also every online platform out there where the interface will decide how long will your customers stay.

If your gambling online site is poorly designed and lacks response, your players will soon make their way out.

With that being said, Aw8 is undoubtedly doing really good in this section. Their interface design and decoration look really tidy and elegant as well as accessible even though you are a newbie who comes to the site for the first time.

To simply everything, take a look at the section list below (from top to bottom) and you will understand how straightforward their website is: 

  1. Logo and Login
  2. Category
  3. Promotion and News
  4. Featured Games
  5. Suppliers

So, how about that? For us, it is more than just simple that even a kid can get on well with that in 1 – 2 minutes, not even mentioned that we are grown enough to be allowed to gamble. 

(2) Unique Feature

Aw8 approaches and attracts punters by different methods which Live Dealers section is one of them. There are lots of gambling games in here that will always have a real person for you to play with.

Moreover, their Slot is quite popular for a higher Jackpot chance than many gamble casinos out there. 

Aw8 Trust Worthiness

Living in the 21st century means a lot for Casino Businesses and of course, that also gives away more great conditions for bettors when they have more options and bonuses offers according to the brand they choose. 

However, that also puts their gambling experience at a higher risk than normal. 

According to Asia Gaming Corporation, 4 out of 10 betting sites out there could be frauds or bad service. 40% is a pretty high number that you would fall into a scamming website that would eventually decrease your fate in the online gamble. 

Yet, that is the reason for these articles like this to show up to not only give you guys more information about a website but also help you to spot fraudsters. Luckily, the betting platform in our discussion today has never been one of the cases.

First of all, they are on the list of most important collaborators of Asia Gaming as we mentioned above.

Besides, when you scroll down to the end of their homepage, you will realize many legit suppliers like Playtech, CMD368, 918kiss, pragmatic play, Evolution gaming,…

Eventually, they even doubled up their trustworthiness by co-operating with many famous and transparent online casinos out there.

Since 2018, they have already gotten the license of Curacao Gambling Association which is the most trusted verification to prove the fame of a betting site. 

Safe and fast payment method

Aw8 is one of a few online platforms that accepted various payment methods which is also well-known for its safety and fast service in each transaction (Deposit and withdrawal).

Moreover, bettors can use these payment apps below to ensure their safety at the highest level:

  • Paytrust
  • Help2Pay
  • EeziePay


With the information provided, we hope you have a better understanding about us. So far, we haven’t seen any information about bad service or scams in Aw8.

Those are enough for you to see through what are they doing and how they will benefit their customers. This is definitely a win-win relationship that you can hard to find.