Aw8 Affiliate Program: Bring More Players Get More Treasures

Aw8 affiliate program is one of the campaigns of this online casino to allow punters or anybody interested to get more promotions, bonuses, and money if they bring more friends and players to Aw8’s platform.

The method is quite straightforward when you only need to be accepted to be the marketing partnership with Aw8 and then you will have their customed link.

With that link, you will need to develop a smart marketing strategy to attract people to access the Aw8 website. 

As soon as one of those who you have brought in becomes the player, Aw8 will pay you a good amount of money depending on the number of player’s first deposits. 

how to sign up for aw8's affiliate program
Great earning opportunity from affiliate program of Aw8

Aw8 Affiliate Joining Criteria

There will be no fee needed to pay in advance, instead, you have to fill up the registration application form and submit it for Aw8. All you have to give them is your username and passcode.

The team of Aw8 then will need a few days to review your profile. If successfully passing out, you will have your affiliate ID automatically created in the text box of the page. 

Next, Aw8 will contact you through email within 3 days in relation to your agreement of some terms in the affiliate program.

Make sure that you will note down the affiliate ID because you will have needed it from thereon if you get accepted. This personally designed affiliate ID will distinguish between you and other affiliate paticipants.

Each share or access through this link will be recorded and more importantly, all of your contact information will be kept in safety with the Aw8 Affiliate Program. Furthermore, it is forbidden to resell your contact information to others. 

Aw8 Affiliate Commission Plan

In case you don’t know how Aw8 will reward you if you can bring a good number of punters to their site, here it is.

However, before looking at these interesting and sexy statistics below, we want to remind you that the amount of commission you will have depends on the total money of a player’s loss. Another is that Online Poker will not be counted. 

If you have less than 5 active players on the platform, Aw8 will pay you a 12% commission rate if a member loss 1 SGD/MYR.

Things are even more exciting when you have exactly 5 active gamblers and each one of them has lost from 1 to 15000 MYR/SGD because your commission rate will be doubled up to 28%.

Finally, you will find the threshold of this program at a 40% commission rate if you have more than 5 active gamblers each of who loses more than 15000 MYR/SGD.

what is Affiliate program Aw8
Affiliate program helps you get up to 40% commission

Still, with those good rewards, all affiliate participants are required to take responsibility for bonuses and promotions costs that their members achieve. The amount will be estimated from the revenue of the end of that month. 

How To Get Pay From Aw8 Affiliate Program?

Down here, you will find several ways and regulations of how Aw8 Affiliate Program will pay your commission:

  • The currency type (MYR or SGD) in this payment will depend on the one you have set up in your affiliate account. 
  • From the 5th to the 7th will be the date you will receive your commission rewards.
  • If you submit to cash out the commission from your affiliate account, the money will run to your bank account within 3 days after. 
  • You will also find the min amount of each withdrawal is SGD100 or MYR 100. If your account doesn’t carry that much, the system will merge it with the commission revenue of next month until you reach SGD 100 or MYR 100.
  • Acewin8 casino online does has the right to adjust the commission rate as well as the payment methodologies. 
  • They can also change or put on additional terms that meet their demand.
  • Moreover, if the affiliate participants don’t have a good performance, Aw8 has the right the end their affiliate ID without advanced notification.

Second Commission Type Of Aw8 Affiliate Program

In this subcategory of the commission plan, you will play as an agent recruiter which means you will not only give the platform more customers but also more affiliate participants like you.

As a result for each joining from your reference, you will get up to 10% of the commission.

What is the best way to earn more profit from this program?

The key here is to be creative with your marketing strategies and content in order to bring in more traffic to Aw8 Casino by the personally customed link.

Don’t just let people down with text and text but you need to be more diverse with how you promote the Aw8 website like these marketing forms below:

  • Banners
  • Popups Ad
  • Simple Text Link
  • Others

This comes in handy if you have already had your own website where you can put a review, promotion reference, or special events of Aw8 to attract your audience.

By that you will have a higher chance than others to get more traffic and more commission from this gambling platform.

As we mentioned about, this online casino does have their own cookies to manage the source of each traffic. Therefore, if a player clicks on your Aw8 customed link, the platform’s computer system will notice and record it. 


We believe that through this article you are ready to be a part of the Aw8 affiliate program. If you also have a friend or an affiliate marketing group, make sure that they will read this information before stepping into that world of recreation. Finally, good luck on your journey