Aw8’s Brand Ambassador | Who Is He & What Is The Meaning?

We are in the age when there are millions and more betting websites that are mushrooming into nowhere.

Some of them, indeed, are incredible and exceptional in terms of delivering a good gambling experience and customer service but of course, it is more obvious that among them, there are many fraudsters. 

Because of that reason, many online casinos out there are trying their best to get licenses from legit worldwide gambling associations or co-operation with famous and trusted games suppliers to enhance their transparency.

Apparently, Aw8 Casino Online is going after the same thing but yet, they have had a more special weapon than that, a famous football player as their brand ambassador.

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres Liverpool Legends

Who is AW8’s brand ambassador?

El Niño Torres, the old warrior of clubs like Atletico Madrid, Chelsea Striker và Liverpool has become the representative of Aw8, the large-scale online casino platform that focuses mainly on the Asia Pacific Region. 

Fernando Torres is the brand ambassador of AW8 in 2021
Fernando Torres (El Niño Torres) is AW8’s brand ambassador

At the beginning of 2021, though this gambling website has already verified reliable, as soon as they made their announcement that they have officially signed up a brand ambassador contract with the legendary football player Fernando Torres, there is nothing left to question about their credibility anymore.

Who is brand ambassador Fernando Torres and What is the meaning of his involvement?

If you are a football fanatic, Fernando Torres is definitely not a new name to you as well as you know what he was capable to do or his achievements:

  • World Cup 
  • Champion League
  • English FA Cup
  • European Under-19, European League 
  • Top Scorer

This is the man who always puts all of himself into a game so has he been an important factor that can increase a higher chance of winning for the team. That is the reason for his fame and for those awards he had above.

He was having a struggling childhood which he only escaped when being picked to become a member of Liverpool.

Soon enough, this apprentice slickly grabbed the attention of Liverpool’s coach by hitting 55 goals in the same season when he was only 10.

It took no longer after for him to be one of the chosen ones for the newbie system of Liverpool Club in 1995.  

Then, his first performance came in 2001 when he scared all of his opponents by 75 goals in La Liga before stepping his foot into the next tournament, Premier League Club in 2007.

His career kept proceeding since then and it seemed like no one could stop him at that time. Eventually, the player had his name in FIFA WORLD XI 2009. 

With all that being said, it is obvious that Aw8 is having a firm and solid pillar. We don’t know how your gambling experience would be on this online platform but it is a guarantee that you and your money will be safe.

Moreover, this brand ambassador has also brought up many promotions as well as bonuses in 2021. He mentioned that in the signing ceremony:

“Hi everyone, I’m Fernando Torres. I’m so excited to be part of Aw8 Asia and together we are having a big plan for 2021. I’m also looking forward to being a part of promoting healthy and transparent sports entertainment as well as we are trying our best to spread it out to all of Asia….” 

Fernando Torres signs a brand ambassador contract with aw8
Fernando Torres speaking at the signing ceremony


Many websites out there might have their license from more legit and trusted gambling associations or collab with many more reliable game suppliers but Aw8 with their brand ambassador, Fernando Torres is fairly enough for punters to pay their credence and put their money in and play.