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E-sports betting has been growing tremendously in the past 10 years with many interesting and exciting games. As its attraction is increasing over time, so most of the bookies have their own betting hall for only Esports which betting options are mostly provided by a famous platform known as IM Esports.

What’s rather special about esports betting or is IM ESports is a good choice for us to join this virtual gambling journey? Let’s find out right now!

IM Esports Betting Guideline
The eSports industry is growing with a wide variety of bets

What is E-Sport Betting?

E-Sports betting is a form of betting for players on popular games on the market today such as  LOL, DOTA, CS: GO, FIFA, KOG, etc. Thanks to the success of the gaming communities, it is this quality that the esports betting industry was born with.

Today, Esport is constantly developing and there are tournaments and teams competing by region and country like traditional sports existed hundreds of years ago.

Each successfully developed e-sport has its own “ecosystem” with a huge community of viewers and players. The tournaments are very professionally organized and have an extremely large number of followers.

Therefore, this is also known as a billion-dollar industry where big companies compete to do business.

Those who love to watch ESport’s fast battles but are not professional players choose this form of betting to satisfy their passion as well as support their favorite team.

You can rest assured that today’s e-sports bets are always updated and changed so that players have various options to choose from.

What is special about E-Sport Betting?

On November 20, 2020, the Southeast Asian Sports Federation held an online meeting and agreed to include e-sports in the list of sports competitions at the 31 Sea Games in many countries.

The E-Sports Entertainment Association will be the organizer of these promising tournaments. This is good news for Esports fans and betting across the country, we will be witnessing a diversification of matches with teams around the world.

Not only becoming a hot subject, due to technology trends and a large number of players, e-sports betting also has attracted a majority of punters to choose this betting type by the following criteria:

Where to make a bet on E-Sport?: IM Esports Hall

When joining any booking house out there, you will easily notice the IM Esports betting lobby attached to their gambling category.

what is im esports
IM Esport has a diverse store of E-sports games

This is a provider of betting odds for many e-sports appearing in the world today. Many bookies have chosen to combine with IM because they are extremely reputable, quality, and always update many new features for users.

When accessing this e-sports betting lobby, you will be exposed to a colorful betting interface which is also combined with the live view feature right next to the rafters.

Following a completely different path in comparison with traditional betting halls, IM-Esport gives players a clear interface, fresh colors, and full statistics of the necessary information that they might need on an odd.

IM Esports Games Options

Games at IM E-Sports are so diverse that it carries a huge number of bets that can well cater to all players with different preferences. Currently, e-sports at the IM Esports hall has nearly 700 tournaments for 14 games.

(1) CS: GO

CS: GO is currently a game that is developed extremely strongly. The game has won the support of a large number of members everywhere. CS: GO is known as an FPS computer game – First Person Shooter of the tactical shooting genre developed by Valve Corporation.

The game has a fresh, beautiful, and extremely eye-catching graphic design, which is the quintessence inherited and promoted from CS 1.6 and CS Source (CSS).

Moreover, CS: GO has simple gameplay combined with reasonable tactics that will bring about resounding victories. When participating, you have the opportunity to receive gun Skins, poison knives, … which are core elements that make up the reputation of this game.

CS: GO is designed at an average configuration which is a big plus for all gamers. However, to be able to experience the game stably, you will need to have a highly-component-investing PC.

bet on cs:go at im esport
CS:GO – the most popular game at IM E-sport

(2) League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games today. The game currently owns a huge number of member accounts here as much as it has attractive gameplay and a competitive environment.

Besides, players must also possess a smooth tactical style to be able to win in each match. The game is about the battle of two mysterious lands, you have the task to attack and destroy the opponent’s base.

In the game, there is no strong or weak champion, but it all depends on your training skills. This has helped players fully immerse themselves in this game. These are some advantages that you can only find at LOL:

(3) Dota 2

Dota 2 is a top Esports game in the world which name stands for Defend of the Ancients game.

First debuted in 2011, the International tournament took place with the highest prize pool of up to 1 million USD. It is for this reason that it has become the game with the most attractive bonus.

Up to now, Dota 2 has 117 champions with each of them carrying different characteristics.

When participating in the game, you will be able to control for yourself a champion with basic levels from 1 to 25. Each champion will have 3 basic abilities along with 3 different attribute stats Strength(Str), Agility (Agi), and Intelligence (Int).

They perform their own missions like AD Carry, Support, or Jungle. The goal to win in Dota 2 is to destroy the enemy’s throne (Throne).

how to bet on e-sports
Can’t ignore Dota2 when it comes to IM E-sports

(4) Fortnite

When it comes to popular Esports games, it’s impossible not to mention Fortnite. The game in the survival shooter genre was released in 2017. Up to now, Fornite has had millions of participants, billions of dollars in revenue.

The game currently has two main game modes, Save the World and Battle Royale. With the background that the Earth no longer appears and exists of humans.

Gamers will have to collect resources, weapons, and tools to keep their characters alive and fight until becoming the last survivor.

A unique feature that makes a difference in the game is that the gameplay of the game is not merely holding a gun, but requires gamers to build defenses, craft, … Besides, the graphics are eye-catching enough to stimulate players to want to conquer the game.

Esports in IM Esports has tournaments taking place continuously with increasing prize money. In addition, there are a number of special tournaments that will be broadcast live in different countries.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience playing Esports here because most of these major tournaments are held by reputable Esports organizations such as ESL, DreamHack, RFRSH. In addition, you will also find extremely hot games to bet such as:

IM Esports Betting Guideline

We will guide you on how to bet at Aw8’s IM E-Sports lobby for first-time players who want to get into this field, as follows:


Above is the basic information about e-sports betting and the Esports IM lobby at Aw8 house. Esports betting is sure to grow in the future, so do your research now and join us! Thousands of high-quality rafters are waiting for you in IM Esports.