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Only for 18+ Read More About Responsible gambling only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

*Gambling should be something that you do for fun
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What you should know about gambling

Only for 18+ Read More About Responsible gambling only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

*Gambling should be something that you do for fun
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Please Gamble Responsibly
What you should know about gambling

Only for 18+ Read More About Responsible gambling only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

*Gambling should be something that you do for fun
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Please Gamble Responsibly
What you should know about gambling

Only for 18+ Read More About Responsible gambling only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

*Gambling should be something that you do for fun
👍 Best Odds 👍
Please Gamble Responsibly
What you should know about gambling

Only for 18+ Read More About Responsible gambling only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

*Gambling should be something that you do for fun

Aw8 Sports Betting: Diversity Is Everything

What are sports betting? How to play sports betting? Today, we will guide you through this concept and the categories in Aw8 sports betting. 

Sports betting is a form of online betting on the outcome or performance of a popular sports match. Normally you must rely on the rules, the results of the sports matches that take place every day to predict the results. With each bookmaker, there will be different odds and rules for players.

In an online bookie like AW8 Casino, in addition to the online casino lobby, the sports betting lobby is the place that attracts the largest number of bettors.

During each sports match happens, you will have to make your prediction about the outcome. Then bet the money in your account on the bets offered by the house. In sports betting, we can participate in many sports fields such as football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.

Today, we are going to give you only one but the most popular examples of this section, football odds. Let’s just say tonight there will be a football match between Germany and Spain and again you have to make your prediction of the result of that match.

However, the result I’m talking about right here is not the winner or the loser but rather who is the first player to open the score? which team won, with what score?…

Finally, you go to the betting table of the bookie of your choice, find the bet that you feel you are most certain about. For instance, you bet on the Spanish team to beat the German team with a score of 2 – 1.

If the match ends with a score of 2 – 1 as you predicted, then you are the winner. The amount you bet the house returns, along with a winning amount equivalent to the payout rate that the house offers.

Should we play online sports betting on Aw8?

  1. Totally Safety: you can participate in the most famous and prestigious bookies in the world, where you never fear losing money or other risks. With that being said, Aw8 couldn’t be a better choice for ya. 
  2. Comfort: you can bet anytime you like and anywhere you like.
  3. Speed: It only takes a few seconds to recharge and catch the bets you like.
  4. Watch the match and bet live: At online bookies, you can watch thousands of free matches live and bet according to the progress of the match. Again, The Aw8 Sports Live Section will come in handy if you have that demand. 

Aw8 Sports Betting Guide

Online football betting in particular and sports betting, in general, is entertainment with great demand of all of the people around the world. Currently, you can bet online at legal international bookies. But many of you are still confused and don’t know where to start.

That is also the reason why Aw8 jumps in the place.

To start playing online betting quickly, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a reputable sportsbook like Aw8.
  2. Please note that this is also an important step to participate in online betting. Online is now flooded with all kinds of big and small bookies. But if you play against reputable bookies, or worse, cheat, you have already lost from the beginning. And AW8 Casino is a reputable bookie with 10 years of operation and a history of serving more than 2 million players, so AW8 Casino ensures all kinds of credibility that you can think of.

(1) Start Betting

On the interface of the AW8 Casino Hompage, you need to select Sports -> Choose 1 of the 5 sports fields that the house provides:

  1. C-Sports
  2. Saba-Sports
  3. S-Sports
  4. M8-Sports
  5. Virtual Sports

Next on the left is the list of sports available at AW8 Casino. Here, please click on a sport that you want to bet on -> Then you choose the sports match you want to participate in.

(2) Betting Odds

After you choose a match for your own to bet on, the interface will now appear with a table of odds associated with that match. This is the data board for you to make bets for the match.

By choosing the appropriate odds -> Fill in the bet amount -> Click confirm and you’re done. Thus, the system will save the bet ticket information and provide the bet ticket code for you.

At this point, you just need to watch the match until the end to know the winning or losing result for you.

Every kind of Odds In Aw8

The Aw8 sports betting lobby includes many subjects. Depending on the house, they integrate different sports. But with the experience of AW8 Online Casino, in general, football betting is probably the most popular type of sport.

We can introduce you to some more  popular games you can make your bet on such as:

(1) Online Football Betting

Football betting is where you will rely on the occurrence and results of a football match to see the results of your bets. You will use the real money that you deposit into the house as an asset to bet on winning or losing in a football match.

The reason football accounts for the largest number of bettors is because football fans are much larger than other sports and it is simply a king sport.

This is also a competition that takes place continuously, longer than other subjects. Due to that reason, the sports game lobby of AW8 Casino is always crowded with players.

What is a football bet? Popular types of football bets:

  1. Asian Handicap is a type of handicap bet, usually abbreviated with the character HDP on the betting table offered by the house. In Asian Handicap, there will be an upper hand and a lower hand, such as the half goal, one goal, etc.
  2. Over Under: You will bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams. Based on the number of goals given by the house, you predict whether the actual result is higher (Over) or lower (Under).
  3. Europe bet: In this type of bet, you choose for yourself the winning team, the losing team, or predicting a draw.

(2) Online Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is also an interesting form of sports betting. Similar to football, betting on volleyball must also predict the outcome. Find out information, judge the match, and guess which team will win, lose, bet the total number of points, according to the set, …

Types of volleyball bets you need to know:

  • Bet by match: This bet is the simplest while you just need to choose the winning team and the losing team. At the betting table, there will be a selection of the home team or the guest team, click on which team you believe in and place a bet. The payout rate of the rafters will be given by the house.
  • Handicap: Whichever team is rated higher and stronger will have to handicap the team under the door a certain number of points. This makes betting more exciting and dramatic.
  • Total score bet: You predict the total number of points that the match will take place. With Indoor Volleyball there are 5 innings in all, so the minimum score will be 75. As for beach volleyball, there are only 3 innings.
  • Correct Score Bet: This requires you to correctly predict the score for each round and place your bet.
  • Tournament bets: Volleyball will be split into groups of competitions, for major tournaments. So you can bet on which team wins in each of those groups.

(3) Live Basketball Betting

Just like volleyball betting, basketball betting has a lot of options.

AW8 Casino will payout based on the bet results that must be relied completely on the result of that basketball match including official time, extra time, extra time. Basketball matches will not have a draw match like in football.

Below are some types of bets in basketball:

  • Set bet: This is a bet where you predict the number of points scored in a set of matches.
  • Team to score first: Including the number of throws, steals, passes, and 3 points scores. Thus, the more knowledgeable you are about basketball, the more accurate the prediction will be.
  • Last Scorer: This bet is the opposite of betting on the team to score first.
  • Parity bet: In this type of bet, you do not need to say exactly how many goals are scored. What you need to do is to decide whether the total number of goals is even or odd.
  • Handicap: If you want to place a bet, you must proceed before the match takes place.
  • Over Under: you predict whether the total number of points will be lower or higher than the number offered by the house.

(4) Online Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport usually considered to be a royal sport. People name it like that because usually rich people are very passionate about this subject. Of course, tennis tournaments do not discriminate between the rich and the poor.

In addition, it is also an attractive and interesting betting sport. There is also an interesting fact that many players find it easier to win a bet in Aw8 than other types of sports. Below are some popular betting odds that might attract you:

  • Open bet: Predict the outcome of the match, the winner or the loser.
  • Handicap: After the match ends, the upper hand (i.e. the stronger rated player) must handicap one set.
  • Bet on the number of games: The dealer will give a specific number (This number represents the game). If you bet the total number of games is greater than the number offered by the house, then the bet is over. The lower total number of games is the under bet.
  • Parity bet: This type of bet is very simple. You just have to guess whether the total number of games is even or odd. The payout percentage depends on the house.
  • Betting on the first winner: This bet requires you to have a real understanding of Tennis to make the most accurate judgment.

(5) Virtual Sports Betting

The virtual sports betting lobby is extremely hot in the last 2 years. AW8 has had a number player count of over 50,000. You can participate in betting on virtual sports such as:

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Tennis
  4. Dog racing
  5. Race

Virtual sports betting is similar to online sports betting. When you click on this game lobby, you will see the odds for each type of game. Just choose a bet and place a bet.

In addition, AW8 Casino also has bets for other sports such as horse racing, car racing, bidder, hockey, badminton … that you can comfortably bet.

But we think these samples are enough for you to start your betting journey on this incredible online casino platform. Enjoy and have fun.