Allbet: 7 Years Existence With The Best Betting Services

Allbet: 7 Years Existence With The Best Betting Services

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Until August 2021, AllBet has experienced more than 7 years of establishment and development. Compared to other famous Casino game providers in the market, AllBet actually has been sticking around for a while and earned numerous respects from both bookies and players.

However, they are still new but these kinds of newborn companies are often very dynamic and agile, not even to mention that Allbet is doing a good job as a leading provider.

Allbet Trustworthiness

AllBet with the full name is Allbet Gaming, specializes in providing betting products and services on both online and land-based gambling systems.

AllBet Company was established in the Philippines in 2014 and entered the online betting market a few years later.

Since its birth, this provider has attracted a lot of attention from bettors through exhibitions of game technology intelligence in many regions of the world, such as:

  • Asia Region: G2E Asia in Macau
  • Europe Region: ICE in London

AllBet Company is accredited by Gaming Labs International, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This is the most fully published certified and documented provider available today.

AllBet’s head office is located in Manila, one of the areas that can be considered the center of the betting world in the Asia Pacific region. With many attractive games offered to millions of players every day and the reputation that AllBet has built up over the years, this is the house that can’t be a better suitable option for you.

AllBet is a provider with a large staff of about 500 people in charge with expertise in the fields of information technology, betting, coordination, and customer care. So when you join, you will receive extremely attentive care and the best product quality in the world.

Allbet Gaming produces many attractive casino games
Allbet Gaming produces many attractive casino games

With AllBet’s prominence compared to current bookmakers, Aw8 has chosen them to participate in Aw8’s online casino’s section.

Aw8 Casino believes that this professional cooperation will make AllBet an interesting playing hall for members in the near future.

The house Aw8 and AllBet will jointly support you during the game-changer. In the next couple of years, these two also want to create transparent and healthy betting environments that still attract many participants on both sides.

AllBet Games

AllBet is a provider of the full range of casino games that casino enthusiasts are looking for. Basic players can bet on any game, VIPs can place more side bets and other game features.

(1) Pok Deng

Pok Deng is a card game that originated in Thailand. This game appeared not long ago in the Asian region, but still, there are many bookies searching and bringing this game to fans.

Pok Deng online card game is quite simple with a high win rate that will attract a large number of participants.

Offered mostly to Asian casino players
Offered mostly to Asian casino players

(2) Bull Bull

This is also a type of Poker that originated in China and spread to Asia after its birth. Bull Bull game is quite dramatic and more attractive than its own old gameplay, so it is chosen by many people for entertainment

(3) Baccarat

This game is similar to our country’s scratch card, when the players reach a total of 9 scores, they will win. Baccarat betting game is always ranked high in entertainment games as their reward rate is also equally massive.

There are many types of extremely attractive bets such as bets on a natural win, bets on the house, bets on the player, bets on the tie, bets on doubles,…

Live Baccarat is a game of speed where the action is fast
Live Baccarat is a game of speed where the action is fast

(4) Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger is a very simple game both in terms of gameplay and in terms of betting options. To determine the victory or defeat, you just need to see the number of Poker cards to calculate.

You will have 2 sets of Dragons and Tigers, players only need to bet on these 2 doors or Draw. However, the draw has a much lower probability than the other two doors.

Live Dragon or Tiger
Live Dragon or Tiger

(5) Roulette

Roulette for real money usually has two types of play at the bookie: French Roulette and American Roulette. French Roulette is also known as European Roulette and has only 1 number.

The other type of game has numbers like 0 and 00. You can distinguish the two types of play when entering the betting hall this way. With many forms of betting, Roulette still attracts the most participants ever.

Live Roulette
Live Roulette

The Integration Of Profession and Modern Technologies

Allbet Gaming uses the extensive knowledge of their gambling experts and combines it with new computer technology and the modern internet to develop card games that provide a unique playing experience to players from all over the world. 

Using a player-centric approach to its growth efforts, Allbet Gaming aims to maintain its position as one of the leading providers of online casinos serving the Asian market, especially the Live Casino gaming section.

Allbet Customer and Bookie Supports

All Allbet Gaming partners will be able to access support agents through a few channels such as Skype, phone, email, and many more.

By providing ongoing support, the company will try to please those trying to forge a business partnership and will never encounter problems with its gaming platform.

In addition, Allbet employees keep an eye on all activity on the platform, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, trying to prevent any potential problems before they can affect operations.

 Customer and Bookie Supports
Customer and Bookie Supports

With very high-quality online video, professional dealer and technical staff as well as compliance with international online gaming standards, Allbet Gaming represents an excellent bookie for online casinos who have been looking forward to incorporating or expanding the Online Dealer section.

AllBet Pros and Cons

Allbet is a young supplier with strong potential and a stable financial position. Below are what you will get and what you won’t have when betting on their platform:

(1) Allbet Pros

  • Allbet is a provider with many interconnected servers around the world.
  • The interface of the website design is luxurious and clear as well as the colors are extremely eye-catching.
  • Allbet supports many different currencies.
  • There are many languages ​​to choose from.
  • They have a professional customer care department that supports players 24/24.
  • Websites and applications are suitable for many different devices and operating systems.
  • There is a playlist of relaxing music and sounds to suit the betting space.
  • Diverse games and forms of betting.
  • The dealer can be chosen consciously.
  • Each betting room has clear information such as the number of seconds remaining to enter the betting room, game ID, betting room ID, bet limit, etc.

(2) Allbet Cons

So far, we have not found any disadvantages of the AllBet Gaming house. Therefore, players can join right away without worrying about this provider and you need to quickly do that to receive the most attractive betting prizes from this games provider.


Allbet is a young betting company with the most complete characteristics in the betting market today. They deserve to be a reliable provider for you to participate in daily betting.

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