Asia Gaming: The Representative Of Asia Region

Asia Gaming: The Representative Of Asia Region

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  • Take the lead in serving some of the top online games like 6-card front-hand
  • Leading platform serving dedicated live game tables is a big plus
  • A perfect place for the High Roller to get the most out of the game and table
  • Game developer ensures an enhanced interface, works with most popular O/S based on mobile devices
  • The game is mainly limited to the Asian market and has a little influence in the larger Western market
  • Not enough slot machine games to compare

The “online casino” industry in the world is growing strongly, with a good portion of competition from many bookies from all over the country.

Among them, there is a prominent representative from Asia known by the name Asia Gaming. Who are they and what kind of gambling advantages do they have?

Asia Gaming Overview

Asia Gaming was established in 2012, so far known as Asia’s leading game software developer. The company has released much new game software, which is well received by gamers such as VIP Private Room, Squeez Baccarat, Pre-Dealing 6 Cards, Interactive Bid Baccarat, …

They are one of the leading game software developers in Asia and have provided players worldwide with top-notch online casino gaming, impressive experience, professionalism, and prestige. 

Those game software bearing this supplier’s mark is highly appreciated for their graphic design, out-of-the-box thinking, providing the most impressive and amazing gambling experience.

Unlike other countless online games released every day on the market, Asia Gaming’s Casino is just outstanding with their professional and invested products. With that continuous contribution and development, AG is pushing the world casino industry to a new level day by day.

AG is known as a blood casino for bettors
AG is known as a blood casino for bettors

Asian Gaming Advantages

AG not only gives players top-notch gaming experiences but also provides stable, scalable gaming platforms. Bookmakers choose AG to be their game software provider as an optimal, comprehensive, and low-cost solution.

Whether large or small scale, Asia Gaming’s platform is professionally designed, maximizing every opportunity for growth.

For players, AG game software provides the most rewarding playing experience with the best quality and the most skillful designing techniques that apply uniquely to graphics design.

Whether you are a player or a bookie looking for a software publisher, Asia Gaming is always a worthwhile choice.

Let’s take a look at some outstanding products released by AG below.

Asia Gaming Live Casino 

This is the most prominent strategic product of Asia Gaming today and also the leading search product of the bookies. Live Casino Platform of AG provides 4 halls AGQ, AGIN, AG Euro, and VJ HALL so that players can choose any favorite Casino game to go on with their gambling journey.

Each of these halls is designed with different gameplay features and software in which the “Wait for my feature” allows players to better control the rhythm of the game, choose another game, or force player to change cards.

Now, players are free to control and customize the game as they want to truly master it. The dealers always make the Casino more attractive than ever, you can choose professional Dealers from different countries with different languages.

Currently, at AGQ, there are 10 Live Casio dealer tables for players to choose from with the games Baccarat, Sicbo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Insurance Baccarat in which insurance Baccarat is the video game mostly chosen by the global players.

Asia Gaming Has Diverse Game Options

AG offers a variety of games for players to choose from such as Bid Baccarat, Classic Baccarat, Dealer BackJack, Dragon Tiger, Bull Bull, Insurance Baccarat, Dragon Bonus, VIP Baccarat, Roulette, Win Three Cards, Multiplay, Sic Bo, Bullfight. It can be said that this is like a Casino paradise that players can hardly find anywhere else out there.

(1) Asia Gaming Baccarat Casino 

When mentioning Casino, it is impossible not to mention Baccarat, especially for Asian players. It is not surprising that Asia Gaming has devoted so much effort to developing this game.

Not only traditional Baccarat, but gamers can also experience many other special Baccarat variants such as VIP Baccarat, Insurance Baccarat, etc.

At the AGIN lobby, players can freely choose the available Baccarat table. Here, the minimum bet is 5$, the maximum is up to 1.5 million$. Baccarat also appears in the AGQ lobby, with similar gameplay and rules, but with a few changes for players to experience.

Baccarat Casino 
Baccarat Casino 

In the VIP lobby, Baccarat is designed to help players control the rhythm, choose the dealer, use other creative card squeeze features, etc. to provide a more active and realistic gambling experience.

(2) Asia Gaming Dragon Tiger 

Asia Gaming is also extremely popular with this Cambodian casino-based Poker game. Many people say that Dragon Tiger is like a 2-card version of Baccarat which coming to AG, you will definitely have a new and unforgettable experience.

How to play Dragon Tiger is not too difficult when each time the player is allowed to dump 2 cards, including 1 dragon card and 1 tiger card.

Then players need to choose and bet on the card they believe is higher than the other one.

The rules of the game are simple, but the attractive rewards, along with the suspenseful moments are what have attracted so many players.

Dragon Tiger 
Dragon Tiger 

(3) Asia Gaming Sic Bo 

Sic Bo is quite a remarkable dice game, especially popular with Asian players. Here, you can bet comfortably, with a high winning rate that goes along with simple game rules.

The dealer has a special box of dice, after the player chooses, the dealer will reveal the box. If the result returns to the correct betting area, the player will win as well as receive a large reward.


(4) Asia Gaming Bull Bull

Bull Bull is a card game originating from the Guangdong, Hunan, Zhejiang, etc regions of China. With its attractiveness, Bull Bull has spread its reputation to many countries, especially bookmakers.

Asia Gaming has developed more features for the traditional Bull Bull such as increased game rhythm, making simpler rules, and putting in more attractive rewards. Bull Bull is currently the top choice game at Asia Gaming Live Casino.

 Bull Bull
Bull Bull

Mysterious AGIN Hall 

AGIN lobby is built with modern, sophisticated, most advanced technology and with 24/7 supervision to ensure a stable and quality playing experience for gamblers.

AGIN offers a variety of online casino games from the traditional ones to exciting new games like Texas Holdem, etc.

Classic Britain Baccarat 25 Second will bring in a unique experience that is not able to find anywhere else except Asia Gaming.

Do you want to interact with players around the world? Do you want to challenge yourself and conquer new challenges every day? Then AG Euro Expansion will be the best choice for you.

AG Euro Expansion is located in the top famous casino in Malta, professionally designed by experts, combined with an online casino.

Surely AG Euro Expansion – a unique combination of Asian and European markets will bring the leading professional and unique playground to those players who chose this game provider as their top 1 gambling choice.

The bookmaker has many attractive game halls
The bookmaker has many attractive game halls

Asia Gaming VJ Hall

VJ Hall creates a live interactive environment between players and Dealers at Live Casio. The game is run directly by the beautiful Dealers, increasing the attraction and excitement for the visitors.

If you win a huge prize, don’t hesitate to reward these beautiful girls because you will be rewarded with a surprise gift in return.

At VJ hall, you have a variety of options such as Young OG, Hot chicks, Cutey Gorgeous.

Asia Gaming also designs optional table services like at real casinos, where you can adjust and choose according to your wishes from the casino environment, beautiful dealer, or advertising information.

This is one of the unique advantages only available at AG, which is rated as a top professional and high-class Casino experience.

Asia Gaming Has Diversification EGames

Looking for simple entertaining Casino Slot games? Asia Gaming offers an assortment of over 100 exciting games, playable on both PC and mobile platforms.

From traditional slots, Poker to exclusive Slot games released by Asia Gaming, this place is nothing but a pure paradise.

Stable Mobile Experience

A lot of players have difficulty playing Online Casino that requires PC access or downloading a separate app when in return, images and features on mobile are boring lack investment.

But at Asia Gaming tells a different story when this platform provides both HTML5 and apps, supporting all mobile devices to participate in all different games.

Asia Gaming on mobile
Asia Gaming on mobile

Whether it’s an online casino, Classic Arcade, or Multi-Color Slot, players can still enjoy the full experience on their mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Their game applications are constantly invested, updated, and developed on phone and tablet with both Android and iOS operating systems. Now, whenever you want, with just a few taps, your smartphone will turn into your Online Casino world.

Asia Gaming Payment Method and Security

AG provides a variety of payment methods for players to choose from such as E-wallet, debit card, credit card, Bank transfer, mobile payment, Help2Pay, Eezie Pay, etc.

Players got provided with a private game account that is really safe to store money and withdraw at any time they like.

Moreover, players can rest assured by a high-security system, strong investment, and a reputation that is certified by leading organizations which is even now certified by Gaming Laboratory International (GLI) and by First Cagayan Licensing.

It can be said that AG really brings the most prestigious, professional, and attractive playground to these modern days. In addition to that, Asia Gaming also has licensing consulting services for bookies, to be trusted and licensed to operate from leading organizations.

Asia Gaming Perfect Interface Design

AG is highly appreciated by gamers for its simple and easy-to-use software design. In addition to playing options, gamers can contact help at any time by texting the 24-hour chat support, calling directly, or email.

AG is present on many forums, both Facebook and Youtube, helping you to get help whenever you need it.

Moreover, at the interface, you can choose from many different languages that fit your own. Asia Gaming’s support team is enthusiastic, fast, and helpful with all customer needs

Asia Gaming Has Many Interesting Events

AG especially attracts players with many intriguing events, with “huge” rewards. Any player can participate in these competitions to find a winning chance for themselves.

The most outstanding, valuable rewards are given to the deserving person. Casino tournaments are also held, making for the most exciting online play, and what’s more, with real money prizes you can continue using it on games or withdraw as your demands.


There are many more attractive games and valuable rewards are waiting for you at AG. Go on and experience the classic gambling journey right now.

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