Betradar: Best Virtual Betting Games Provider In The World

Betradar: Best Virtual Betting Games Provider In The World

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BetRadar is a globally renowned sports betting solution with an impressive current track record, offering betting on dozens of sports, including virtual sports and Esport.

Any bookmaker planning to increase the number of players betting on all types of sports should use BetRadar’s services and products to quickly achieve their goals.

Betradar Trust Worthiness

BetRadar has become a globally renowned sports betting solution thanks to its unique software, services, and platforms that deliver efficiency with many useful features, making it attractive to users or bookmakers to get more bettors to their sites.

From the very beginning, they operated with the objective of observing and examining sports as representatives of the German Football Association.

Then, they analyzed and came up with a solution for the match based on looking at the information from the casino/bookmaker. Since then, they have been really successful in that niche.

Interface of Betradar
Interface of Betradar

BetRadar Products

(1) BetRadar Softwares

Running a successful sports betting site is largely due to the amount of information and the ability to provide solutions at the right time. The BetRadar product provides an advantage base for bookies, helping to prevent many serious problems.

Players will bet on thousands of matches in just one day. If you want to catch them all, you must have the financial ability and many other factors to meet this goal.

BetRadar software will complete it automatically for bookies to save time and energy for statistics. From there, you have a higher chance to lead in today’s increasingly fierce gambling market.

Betradar online sports betting
Betradar online sports betting

(2) BetRadar API 

BetRadar’s API supports the integration of their product into a developer’s existing software and sportsbook portfolio. It helps to save costs when you want to develop a multi-functional platform with a strong system and stable operation.

In addition, the API provides the correct solution to improve product content, increase credibility and can start up faster.

Also, you can benefit from many excellent features such as live match information, specific statistical data, convenient customization for multiple devices such as phones and laptops.

Besides, these advantages can drag many players in the long run for you to earn more sustainable profits.

(3) BetRadar Softwares Pros and Cons


  • The best sports betting solution
  • Detailed data
  • Huge amount of live streaming matches
  • Multifunctional solution


  • The price of the product is quite expensive compared to rival companies

Betradar Gambling Games

When participating in sports betting with the games provided by Betradar, you will experience a variety of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, dog racing, … Let’s find out more about this special virtual betting world below:

(1) Virtual Football

Virtual football players can participate in bets like a real football with the types of bets that have been available so far such as Asian odds, European odds, Over Under, Exact Scores, First Goal Odd. 

You can also follow the above match with images like FIFA, PES. Every day, there will be hundreds of virtual football matches taking place continuously so that bettors can make quick bets whenever they want.

Most types of virtual football bets by tournament are purchased by Betradar provider with popular tournaments like virtual Spain, virtual Premier League, Virtual World Cup, etc.

Betradar Virtual Football
Betradar Virtual Football

(2) Virtual Tennis

In the world of virtual betting games, virtual tennis accounts for only 3.5% of players but your chances of winning are up to 87%. Therefore, this subject has a much higher bet amount at one time. Some types of tennis rafters that players can find right on Betradar’s betting interface are:

  • Winner of the match
  • Total points, the final result
  • Handicap bets
  • Bet on the score reached
  • Total score betting.

To determine the outcome of each game, people use random dialing software to give the score and apply it according to the actual rate and the rate that the house has suggested before.

 Virtual Tennis
Virtual Tennis

(3) Virtual Dog Racing

Dog racing has been in this gambling market for a while time. The most popular type of dog chosen by dog ​​racers is the professionally trained Greyhound. However, nowadays there are just a few matches held in reality so people have switched to watching and betting on virtual dogs racing.

Each dog is brightly colored and wears a clearly numbered shirt. The attraction of this game is that the outcome is completely random, so it is quite difficult to predict the bet. Before placing a bet, you should monitor 1-2 games in advance to see the potential of the dog you are about to bet on.

If you are tired of thrilling and stressful sports, you can switch to this form of betting because it will help you have moments of relaxation and a more joyful atmosphere.

Virtual Dog Racing
Virtual Dog Racing with Betradar

Why should we bet on the virtual sports of Betradar?

There are many reasons why virtual sports are a form of betting that many people participate in today:

  • The first thing is the time factor of the matches. Instead of players having to watch a football match lasting 90 minutes, participating in virtual sports only takes 4 to 6 minutes for a match. Players can immediately know the results and save time and effort waiting.
  • Secondly, because virtual sports are short in duration, hundreds of matches are held every day. Players can place bets at any time they want because in only a few minutes there will be a new match and the odds appear immediately. Therefore, virtual betting players do not need to worry if they miss a match like in real life.
  • Thirdly, the odds of virtual sports betting are very competitive. There are many people who get rich from virtual sports and become professional bettors thanks to this form of betting.
  • Fourth, virtual sports players are not hindered by external factors. If you watch a football match in real life, it is easy to cancel the match, reschedule and feel frustrated. In the world of virtual sports, this is never the case. No matter what the weather, you can always bet 24/7.
  • Finally, betting on virtual sports is quite suitable for newbies who are just starting to enter the betting arena. You just need to track the parameters and choose for yourself the team you like the most.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual sports compared to traditional sports:

To help you better visualize virtual sports, we have made a comparison of the pros and cons of playing virtual sports and traditional sports betting as follows:

Virtual sports
✓ Can bet continuously 24/7.
✓ There are thousands of matches happening every day.
✓ Short follow-up time.
✓ Newbies can still participate.
✓ Not affected by external conditions
✓ High odds.
✗ There are only certain types of rafters, not too rich and diverse.
✗ Does not bring true emotions to viewers.
Traditional sports
✓ Watch the match for a long duration with many genuine emotions.
✓ Diverse types of rafters for players to participate in.
✓ Rich odds.
✗ Need to have knowledge and experience in actual betting.
✗ The match is easily canceled or rescheduled due to weather.
✗ Odds may change if the house is affected by many unexpected reasons.
✗ There are many unexpected factors that occur if an athlete is injured.

Virtual sports are gradually becoming a betting trend during the current pandemic. People do not need to move or gather in large numbers to watch the sports match and still be able to satisfy their betting passion.


BetRadar never disappoints with its title as the world’s leading sports betting solution. Since operating until now, they have achieved a lot of success and are expanding their scale. You can find over 50 sports genres and tens of thousands of matches directly from the BetRadar software.

Also, their API is excellent with multi-features and insights that can help any customer to increase their monthly revenue. Try their betting products, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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