Ebet Casino: They Have The Most Diverse Games Options

Ebet Casino: They Have The Most Diverse Games Options

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Established in 2012, EBet casino has been and is becoming one of the reputable online live casino platforms, attracting a large number of players to participate in betting at this online platform. So, what are the special features of this platform? All will be answered right below!

Ebet casino Overview

EBet casino is actually a casino platform that operates both real betting and expanding online betting platforms.

In the early years of its establishment, EBet casino only focused on allowing players in the Philippines to participate in their platform. However, so far they have operated in many countries in Asia and created a great buzz in the entertainment betting industry as they allow bettors from many more regions to join them. 

EBet casino is currently working with many big players in the game development industry such as Playtech and Microgaming in order to let players have the most enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

Online Casino Review
Online Casino Review

EBet Trustworthiness

The eBet provider has been in business since 2012 with the goal of launching leading casino gaming solutions. The highlight of eBet in the Asian market is its Live Casino games, which allow you to place bets on a variety of internet devices, including PC and mobile. Thanks to that, they won the award, G2E award, for the best mobile game product in Asia.

EBet is certified for every gaming product they offer, and they are also legally licensed by GLI. The company commits that all of its activities, services, and products comply with all stringent industry regulations. Moreover, they always aim to satisfy players and customers, attracting more and more interest in the future.

This is a bookmaker with a pretty high probability of winning.
This is a bookmaker with a pretty high probability of winning.

EBet Games

When participating in betting at this platform, you will be free to choose casino games that are your specialty. Some of the betting games that many gamblers love to participate in can be mentioned such as Baccarat, dragon and tiger cards, fainting, roulette, etc.

With such a diverse betting casino system, Ebet casino will definitely be one of the most popular casino games. in betting places that attract players.

(1) EBet Live Baccarat

Ebet offers many Live Baccarat tables with different bet levels for you to choose from. They apply the standard rules of this game. You can see all the information on the game screen, including the results statistics of the previous hands.

Live Baccarat bets include Banker, Player, Tie, and Pairs side bets. Because they have a desire to provide a lot of information and features, you may feel the screen is quite tight. However, it is very useful when you can find what you need at any time such as chip values ​​or game history.

Live Baccarat
You’ll come across different varieties of Baccarat

(2) EBet Live Roulette

The Ebet provider applies European rules to their Live Roulette tables, meaning you only have one zero on the spin. They ensure transparency by providing a variety of angles, including the dealer, the wheel, and a close-up shot of the ball spinning on the wheel.

Like eBet’s other Live Casino games, Live Roulette gives you information about the game history, different bet options like French, Neighbor, and Call, or you can activate the viewing feature selection. Racetrack.

Many different betting options, including French, Call, and Neighbour bets.
Many different betting options, including French, Call, and Neighbour bets.

(3) EBet’s Live Sic Bo  

Sic Bo is a popular Chinese dice game offered at some Asian online casinos. EBET also offers this game as part of their product portfolio, in which players will find up to 50 different betting options.

Each round lasts for 60 seconds, so players have plenty of time to place their bets as the game table is also monitored by multiple camera angles. This allows the player to observe the movement of the dice most accurately.

Sicbo is a game that is played by many people at this bookmaker.
Sicbo is a game that is played by many people at this bookmaker.

(4) EBet’s Live Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger is a popular game in Asia based on the game Baccarat. A card is dealt to two players (Dragon and Tiger) and the side with the highest hand will win – that’s all the players need to know. Players can also bet on a Tie by placing a bet on the “Tie” box.

 Live Dragon Tiger is one of the favourite games
Live Dragon Tiger is one of the favourite games

(5) EBet’s Live Bull Bull 

Bull Bull is not a game that players will see a lot and that is why we are excited to review this game in eBET’s list of online casino gaming products. Bull Bull is a traditional card game played in Asia and it was first popularized as an online game by Asia Gaming.

Live Bull Bull
Live Bull Bull

EBet Live Gaming Quality

According to many objective reviews out there, eBET’s online dealer games are very well done – and players will not have any problems while playing.

In fact, eBET games have the lowest number of lags in comparison with any providers in the same region. Games can take a little longer to load than most other games, but once they’re running they’re fast, smooth, reliable, and lag-free.

Game Interface and Betting Options

All eBET games are accessed through a separate “access entrance”. Like most other Asian game providers, this “access” is quite slow and laggy (players will notice this when the screen is black and the circle is spinning when starting to access the game) – but it’s certainly not what we’ve come to expect from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. 

Clear betting house interface
Clear betting house interface

On the left side of the screen, the player can access the different categories of games available. After that, players will see all available game tables appear on the main screen.

In addition, the game interface also has detailed information about the dealers and betting limits.

EBet Languages Supports

In this review, we were unsuccessful in choosing another language when accessing the games that eBET offers. This shows that the language used in eBET games is the most regrettable part when players do not have many language support options.

Specifically, the dealers speak Chinese and even the user interface has almost no different language options. Obviously, eBET is targeting Asian players and they don’t feel the need to offer other languages ​​– but this could change in the future. We will go on with more information in this article about this issue when eBET updates or adds new languages.

EBet Mobile Experience Review

All eBET online dealer games are playable on mobile devices. Not only has a reputation as the first online mobile casino application provider in Asia, but eBET’s technology has helped itself to win the G2E Asia “Best Mobile Application Provider” award.

All games not only run well on mobile devices but are also optimized for this device, which means it doesn’t matter what device the player is playing from as the game will automatically fit into the mobile device. player’s screen size.

EBet Mobile Experience Review
EBet Mobile Experience Review

Ebet’s Best Products

The most prominent product of Ebet is the Live Casino game on all mobile devices. They are also the first provider of this application in Asia. And thanks to that, eBet received the precious award of G2E Asia.

You can play their Live Casino games on your phone anytime when all you need is an internet connection. The software is compatible with all devices, automatically adapting to the player’s screen size.

EBet Casino Advantages

Currently, Ebet casino is also known as one of the few house platforms that allow players to watch live casinos.

This service gives players the most realistic betting experience, similar to when you are sitting directly at the casino, not just betting over the phone. In addition, this casino betting platform also has some advantages below!

  • Ebet house has a diverse game store including many hot games and is constantly updated.
  • Players can experience on any device with many different operating systems.
  • Ebet is one of the bookies that is highly appreciated by experts for its reliability and reputation in the market.
  • The most competitive odds on the market.
  • Players are notified of the number of seconds to prepare before entering the betting room.
  • Beautiful interface, scientific layout with two main colors black and yellow.

EBet Information Security

It can be affirmed that Ebet casino is one of the few operating bookies licensed to launch betting officially under the protection and management of the law.

At the same time, this platform also has a server located in the Philippines, so you absolutely do not need to worry about the house collapsing or being arrested by the police.

In addition, the Ebet casino system is also committed to absolute confidentiality of players’ information. Therefore, you can trust and do not need to worry about personal information such as your name, transaction phone number, or bank account being sold to a third party.

EBet Information Security
EBet Information Security

EBet Has High Betting Rates

If you are looking for a bookie that is willing to pay players with high odds, then Ebet casino will definitely be the most reasonable choice at this time. When betting at Ebet casino, you will have the opportunity to receive an extremely attractive bonus, even many times higher than the normal house.

Furthermore, Ebet casino also regularly organizes attractive promotions and incentives for players which guarantees to bring you the most enjoyable betting experience.

EBet Customer Supports

When betting at Ebet casino, you can completely contact the house’s customer service team directly for instructions on the registration, login, and betting process. At the same time, during the betting process, if you encounter technical issues which prevent you from joining in betting, just contact the customer care center at any time for immediate assistance.

Above is some brief information related to the Ebet platform. Hopefully, with these shares, you have a brief understanding of Ebet casino from having an objective view of the house. From there, you can trust and participate in online casino betting at this house platform.

Casino eBET Gambling Tips

Whether you are an experienced bettor or a newbie, learning to improve your betting knowledge is essential because one day you will have to use it.

The following shares more or less give players a better overview of the more successful eBET Casino experience.

  • Always have a good mind and good health to be able to follow in a long enough time. Do not use alcoholic beverages excessively, leading to not being able to control your emotions.
  • Give yourself a source of capital to play Casino and manage this capital well. When you win, you can play bigger, when you lose, you should think and come back to play later.
  • After playing for a long time, you will conclude for yourself the playing methods, but sometimes you must not overdo it. These methods can only apply to a certain period of time which if they are actually precise, you should also play with 1 available quantifier.
  • Slots, keno, roulette tempt players with insanely high payouts but keep in mind that those funds are losses from other players. And one trick to play for a long time is to choose games with a small percentage of capital.
  • Don’t bet on games you don’t understand which means you need to learn about the game you are going to play as well as learn the rules that come with it. The casino wants you to choose the games you are least knowledgeable about to take your money.
  • No need to choose complicated bets or place a lot of capital. Simple games and small bets are the best choices for your methods when it comes to making small money and accumulating larger amounts.
  • Many slot machines in the Casino today give the player a payout depending on the amount of money that you bet.
  • Usually, in order to win a big amount, you need to use a maximum amount of money to be able to play.
  • Many times people can win a large amount of money or hit the jackpot, but you do not use the maximum amount to be able to play so they don’t get that bonus.


EBet is a bookie for you to join and experience. With the professionalism and support of the house Aw8 as well as Ebet company, we believe that you will love this special betting lobby.

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