Fast 3: So Many Ways To Win

Fast 3: So Many Ways To Win

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  • There is no correct strategy to win

The word “Fast” in the game name also speaks to the feature and the advantage of this game. So, if you need to find a game that doesn’t need to learn too much information and still has a high payout rate, Fast 3 is a perfect choice.

Your task when playing Fast 3 is to predict the outcome of these 3 dice depending on the type of bet. The dice used in this game are 6-sided dice and each face has a different value from 1 to 6.

With a wide variety of bets and an impressive interface, Fast 3 is a lottery game changer. 

Fast 3 Betting Types

(1) Triple bet type

1.1 Bet on the same Triple

With this bet, you will proceed to bet on a 3 digit number exactly the same. Here we will have 6 choices: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666. When you bet on one of these 6 numbers, if the dice result is correct with the number you bet, you will win.

For example: If you bet the same 3 is 333 and the dice roll 333, you will win money.

1.2 Any Triple bet

When choosing this bet, you will win money when the dice roll any three of the 6 options are 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, or 666. As long as the dice hit 1 of those 6 numbers, you will win money.

(2) Different three-number bets

2.1 Bet the total will have 3 different numbers

With this bet, when 3 dice roll, if the results of the 3 are not the same, then you win the bet.

For example, after rolling, the dice result shows 123 then you win money. Conversely, in the case of 114 with the number 1 repeated 2 times, you will lose your bet.

2.2 Bet correctly on 3 different numbers 

If you want more drama and fun, you can choose 3 different numbers that you think will come out on the next roll of the dice. Then, in the system, please enter 3 different numbers, each number from 1 to 6 and separated by commas.

Example: You bet 2 results of 456 and 156.

  • If the dice result is 156 => You will win.
  • If the dice roll is 345 => You lose your bet.

(3) Bet on three consecutive numbers

Betting on three consecutive numbers is also a popular bet. With this bet, the odds will be even more difficult because not only the numbers must be different but also consecutive such as 123, 234, 345, or 456.

You do not need to bet specifically which number in the bet in the above 4 cases, because if you only need to give out 1/4 you can still all take the money.

For example: If you place a bet that three consecutive numbers will appear in this roll of the dice and the result is 345, you will win money. On the contrary, if you get 346, you lose your bet.

(4) Double bet type

4.1 The Same Pair Bet

With this bet, out of 3 dice numbers will roll, you will choose any pair of numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, and an odd number from 1 to 6 as follow 112, 225, or 556.

When betting on a pair, we only need the dice got rolled into all three numbers that you choose without the exact order.

For example: If you bet on the number 445, then if the result is 445, 454, or 544, you can win the bet.

4.2 Manual Pair Bet

When playing this type of bet, you will directly enter the 3-digit number that you think will go straight into the bet box. Note that the number you need to choose must have 1 number repeated 2 times and 1 normal number (all from 1 to 6).

For example 334, 232, 424… And you also have the right to choose many different numbers. When the result is exactly that number or there is a different position reversed, you will win anyway.

Example: If you bet 656, 445, you will win if the dice roll 656, 665, 566, or 445, 454, 544.

4.3 Group Pair Bet

In this bet type, you will only have 6 pair selections, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and 66. If you choose any pair of numbers that the dice result will be exactly that pair in regardless of the remained number or exact order, you will win this bet.

For example: If you bet on pair 44 and the result comes out 441, 424, or 344, the victory is yours.

Has many betting types
Has many betting types

(5) Two Different Numbers Bet

5.1 Bet on two different numbers

With this bet, you proceed to choose 2 numbers with different values ​​that you think the dice will roll in this play. Multiple pairs of numbers can be selected at the same time.

You will win this bet if the results are 2 numbers above, no need for exact positions.

For example, you bet two different numbers 1 and 4. You will win in case of 114, 214, etc. As long as there are these two numbers are in the result you will win.

5.2 Manual Two Different Numbers Bet

With this bet type, you can directly enter the pairs of numbers that you think will appear in this dice result such as 45, 56, 34, etc. (Multiple pairs of numbers can be entered at the same time).

For example: If you bet 34 and 54 and the result is 524, you will win.

5.3 Dan Tuo Two-Number Bet

When you want to play this type of bet, you proceed to choose a number in the Dan section of the interface (from 1 to 6) and at least 1 number in the Tou section (from 1 to 6).

However, Dan and Tou must have different numbers. So if you choose Dan as 1, you can only choose Tou as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

With this bet type, you will win when the results show the numbers in both Dan and Tou items that you have previously selected, no need to be in the exact order.

However, if the 3rd number on the dice matches the Tuo number you selected earlier, you will also lose your bet. This rule is to limit the situation of choosing too many Tuo and causing game congestion.

Example: You choose Dou as 1 and choose Tuo as 2, 3

  • In case the result is 123 (Enough Dan and Tuo) => You will earn the money.
  • In case the result is 122 (Tuo is repeated) => You will lose.
  • In the case of 234 (No Dan) => You will lose money.

(6) A Single Number Bet Type

When choosing this bet, you only need to choose a random number from 1 to 6 and if one of the three dice matches the number you selected before (No need to be in the exact order or no matter if it may match with other numbers) then you will win.

For example, if you bet 2 and the result is 234, 442,.. then you will earn the money.

(7) Total Bet Type

7.1 Total bet

The total bet is a betting type where you predict the total number of points that 3 dice will roll (from 3 to 18 points).

For example, if you bet that the total of the dice will be 15 and the dice come out 555, 564, or 456, etc (As long as the total points add up to 15) you will win the bet.

7.2 BSOE Bet – Over/Under and Odd/ Even

With this bet, to win at each selection, the following conditions are required:

  • If you choose Over, the total value of the 3 dice must be between 11 and 18 points. For example, the result is 15 => You win.
  • If you choose Under, the total value of the 3 dice must be between 3 and 10 points. For example, the result is 11 => You lose.
  • If you bet Odd, the total value of the 3 dice must be an odd number (11, 13, 3, …). For example, total score 16 => You lose.
  • If you bet Even, the total value of the 3 dice must be even (8, 14, 6, …). For example, the total score is 12 => You win.

In addition, you can choose to combine the bets of Over with Odd/Even Or Small with Odd/Even. Example: Choose Small + Odd bet and the result is 124 (Total score is 7) then you will win.

With 3 lucky dice and attractive wins
With 3 lucky dice and attractive wins

Fast 3 Detailed Instruction

After learning some basic information on how to bet, here is the simplest and most detailed way to play Fast 3 for you.

  1. Step 1: Access the betting system that owns the game Fast 3
  2. Step 2: Register as a member, top-up and choose the game
  3. Step 3: Access the game interface:

When you reach this step, you will stand between 3 different choices of bets in rooms such as:

  • Room 1: Minimum bet limit is 1, maximum is 1000
  • Room 2: Minimum bet limit is 50, maximum is 5000
  • Room 3: Minimum bet limit is 100, maximum is 10000

Depending on your economic conditions, playing experience, and ability to “risk”, you must choose a betting room with an appropriate amount.

  1. Step 4: Choose the betting hall that you want to play

The difference in these “markets” is that the frequency of rotation is different in each place.

  • Royal Fast 3: One spin will be 20 seconds
  • Fortune Fast 3: One spin will be 30 seconds
  • Lucky Fast 3: One spin will be 45 seconds
  • Mega Fast 3: One spin will be 60 seconds

Clicking on the lobby will see the time to prepare for the new turn and also have the results of the previous turn for reference.

  1. Step 5: Choose to play the type of bet that best suits you after carefully reading the information about the betting types above.
  2. Step 6: Complete the bet and wait for the result.

You need to notice these before participating in Fast 3

(1) The organizer may cancel the bet

In all situations, the system will try to make everything run as smoothly as possible, but in the following two cases, the management will be able to cancel the result of that roll of dice:

1.1 Situation 1: The official round takes longer than the regulations.

For example, The Royal lobby’s 1 spin time is 20 seconds, but it’s been over 30 seconds and the system still hasn’t released the results. At this point, the system may have had a problem and the organizer will proceed to cancel your previous bet results.

1.2 Situation 2: Result is out before the time of “closing” the bets

For example, the time for you to bet is 10 seconds, but now the system has displayed the result of that dice turn. At this point, similar to the above case, the system may have crashed so the management will cancel all your previous bets.

You can rest assured that if in the event the organizer decides to cancel or void that number of bets, your bets will be returned to your account.

(2) You can bet on multiple outcomes at the same time

In any bet type, you also have the option of “Add bet” with different number bet results.

For example, if you want to place a bet of “The same 3” with numbers 111 and 222, then when you play, you will choose 111 and then click “Play now”, then select 222, and finally, click “Play now”.

Next, the system confirms you bet this type of bet with 2 outcomes. However, the bet from there will also multiply, so you need to think and choose the bet results carefully. In addition, the system also built 2 buttons “Add 1 bet” and “Add 5 bets” for you:

  • Add 1 bet: The system automatically selects any 1 number that you have not selected before.
  • Add 5 bets: The system automatically selects any 5 numbers that you have not selected before.

Example: In the case of a bet on the same 3 numbers:

  • Add 1 Bet: The system randomly selects 1 number from 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666.
  • Add 5 Bets: The system randomly selects 5 numbers from 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666.

(3) Other function buttons in the game

  • History: Review the entire history of the previous game
  • Results: Review all the results of the previous games played
  • Report: Summarize information and balance won/lost bets with games played.
  • Game Rules: Information about specific rules of the game.
 Tips To Win
Tips To Win

Fast 3 Tips To Win

Although it is a sacred game about luck and lotteries, it does not mean that Fast 3 does not have weaknesses for you to conquer. Here is a summary of some “skills” from experts that you can refer to when playing this game:

(1) Arrange turns to stay in focus

Because the game Fast 3 has a very high speed of play, with the lowest server being 20 seconds/turn, it is quite difficult to maintain the stable speed and correct predictability for a long time.

The advice of experienced players is that you should split your time playing this game into several batches. Thus, when the game is over, you will have a suitable rest time to clear your mind and judge the results more accurately.

(2) Know the rules and bets types

The advantage of this game is speed and that is also an obstacle for some new members. Because if you do not know how to bet and rules on different types of bets, it is very easy to “miss” the current dice.

Therefore, understanding how to bet on different bets is especially important and needs to be improved when playing Fast 3 to enhance the winning rate.

(3) Choose many different bet results to improve the winning chance

One of the features of Fast 3 that helps you improve your rate of winning is being able to directly bet on many different outcomes in one type of bet.

If there is a suitable playing method and economic ability, you should take advantage of this point to raise your earning rate to a new level.


So that’s all the information that you need and must know before proceeding to play Fast 3. It can be said that with just 3 simple dice, you can make interesting unique bets with interesting money earning rates.

With such attractive features, it is difficult for any lottery / sicbo game on the market to beat Fast 3. Therefore, if you have never played this game, you should definitely try it. 

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