Fishing War: Couldn’t Be A Better Option For Online Fishermen!

Fishing War: Couldn’t Be A Better Option For Online Fishermen!

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As an online fishing fanatic, you must have heard of the game “Fishing War”, right? If not, please join us to find out how this interesting game conquers the loves of global punters. Up until now, in 2021, the Fishing War game will probably be classified as the hottest online Slot Fish of the year.

Because in any respect, this product of the publisher SpadeGaming has also done a great job in its role of bringing a sense of drama and authenticity to the player!

Yet, you guys might be wondering whether we are exaggerating the hype of that game or not, right? Well, all of the evidence below will prove that we weren’t biased Fishing War at all. 

Demo version of Fishing War

What is Fishing War?

Fishing War is an online fish shooting game that is released by the famous SpadeGaming supplier in China as well as in the wide Asian region.

The context of the Fishing War is that pirates shoot fish with their army, go out to sea together, where there is a vast ocean to search for treasure under the deep water. These treasures are guarded by giant fish and big Fish Bosses which you must destroy before the pirate crew jumps in to steal gold and treasure.

Shooting fish game to redeem HOT 2022
Shooting fish game to redeem HOT 2022

Fishing War Review

Let’s together with us to discover what makes this game so enjoyable as well as have a high review score of the gamblers. 

(1) Vivid sharp graphics

The highlight that Fishing War players love the most is the 3D graphics and vivid sound effects giving players the most realistic experience. Also, the ocean world and thrilling battles are perfectly described

(2) Incredible Sound Effects

Not only that, the sound system coordinates with the outside harmoniously and reasonably, creating an attractive rhythm, helping players get a sense of suspense in each match. Therefore, even if you play Fishing War for hours, you will not be bored like playing other normal fish shooting games.

(3) Unique Features

What also contributed to the success and enchantment of this game are these exclusive features below:

Double Shot

This is the new unique feature of the Fishing War game that allows the canon to expand to have two barrels. Players will fire two bullets instead of one as before.

Besides, the double also helps players choose to shoot at the same target to create a dual effect or fire a cannon to shoot two targets at the same time. With Double Shot, the player’s chance of knocking down that big fish is doubled.

Lightning Slash

This is another unique new feature of the Fishing War. Lightning Slash is the weapon of the ultimate fish hunter which all you need to do is point the mouse over your target and then just sit back and watch as it is fried to ashes.

This weapon is the fastest and most efficient way to earn rewards in Fishing War.

Boss Bonus

In Fishing War, whenever you defeat one of the 3 bosses they become your temporary allies. Then return to attack all the other fish. Using this feature the player can get bigger and bigger rewards with each of their attacks.

Eye-catching interface
Eye-catching interface

Fishing War Guideline

Fishing War is a new version, developed based on the usual fish shooting game. Therefore, those who play shooting fish with the old version can still play this game well from the first time. They only need to understand the shooting modes and features of Fishing War to be able to pocket a large amount of bonus money.

Before starting the player needs to select different modes. Bullet prices in these modes are also different as follows:

  • Junior Mode (Amateur)’s bullet costs: 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100.
  • Expert Mode’s bullet costs: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000.
  • Godlike mode (Divine)’s bullet costs: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000.
3 different playrooms
3 different playrooms

For each bullet, the price of the bullet needs to be multiplied by 10 silver. This will be the bet amount for the player. The maximum number of players in each room is 4 people. So there will be no mixing from other rooms, players don’t have to worry about too many players causing the bonus to drop.

(1) Fishing War Modes

When playing Fishing War, players need to have an overview of the paytable. It is up to the player to choose which type of sea creature to prioritize the cannon accordingly. Players should consider which sea creatures are worth their investment of bullets/bet.

In Fishing War, there are 21 different species of sea creatures, but only the following 7 have the highest value that players should invest in. There is a general rule that the larger and more beautiful creatures are, the more valuable they will be. The specific value players should invest in sea creatures are:

  • Players pay between 2x and 8x for 7 sea creatures and fish of lower value.
  • Players pay between 9x and 18x for 7 sea creatures and fish of medium value.
  • The player pays 20x for the Stingray.
  • Players pay between 25x and 45x for the Gold Shark.
  • Players pay between 20x and 30x for Shark.
  • Players pay between 40x and 60x for the Golden Hammerhead Shark.
  • Players pay between 30x and 50x for Hammerhead Sharks.
  • Players pay between 50x and 200x for King Crab.
  • Players pay between 50x and 400x for Jade Toad.
In-game payout table
In-game payout table

(2) Fishing War Features

In the game Fishing War, players will experience a multifariousness of bonus features. These are attached to special fish and appear in stages over time. Besides the payouts, the sea creatures will also create some trouble for the player. Following are the latest Fishing War bonus features:

  1. Dragon King: As one of the more basic creatures in the Fishing War, it will award players between x10 and taking x300 as base payment. Yet, it can be taken down with a good combination between players as it will give them lucky bonus after it got eliminated.
  2. Firestorm Cannon: This creature will appear randomly and start Firestorm mode. When this happens, the player will receive between 30 and 100 bullets. This means that the mode will last until all bullets have been fired.
  3. Thunder Hammer: This feature will give you an impressive bullet portion from x30 to x100. Furthermore, once acquired, the player will likely release lightning effects which will hit fishes randomly across the screen.
  4. Azure Stone: this feature will get you x10 as a base bonus but it will also freeze the sea and fish in it, and increase their payout for a short time.
  5. Dragon Wheel: This is definitely worth the necessary bullets that players invest to shoot it down. When a player does this, it will trigger a roulette game which will give a random high reward of up to x300. The Awakened Dragon will give players the opportunity to increase their winnings exponentially. When taken down, it will explode at least twice and any fish caught in the blast area will give you their payout.
  6. Monkey King: This bonus feature follows the same logic as Dragon Wheel, but the payouts are usually much better.
  7. Pirate Ghost Ship: This is the last Special Creature in the Fishing War. Players will have to cooperate with other players to take it down. If succeeding, it will trigger aư massive earthquake that will kill every remaining fish in the pool.

Collecting all these payouts can earn you up to x888 prizes.

Fishing War Gamblers Feedbacks

Fishing War is an extremely fun online fish shooting game, giving players new experiences when gambling. It will be extremely fit for those players who love simplicity and entertainment, not requiring too much tactical planning skills.

Furthermore, it is classified as a non-stop action game, which includes various components, modes, and bonus features. When playing Fishing War, the player can choose anywhere on the screen to open the fishing net. Use all the shooting net points to collect as much gold. Almost every time when the player throws the net, he or she can hit a random fish.

Fishing War Promotions 

Fishing War has many promotions for both old and new players. In addition, you can also participate in a wider bonus program for VIP members.

Here are a few highly rated promotions:

  • 128% Welcome bonus for new members.
  • 12% Daily Reload bonus.
  • 1% Return every time you play Fishing War. The more times the player plays this game, the more refunds will be received.
  • Referral rewards to friends.

Fishing War Customer Support 

Currently, Fishing War’s customer care system only supports English but is always available 24/7 to solve all customer questions. If anyone has any concerns or issues, contact the consulting department for timely answers.


Not only highly entertaining, but players playing Fishing War at the Aw8 house can also exchange rewards for real money. Since its debut, Fishing War has been attracting a huge number of players of different ages.

Up until now, the game has received numerous positive reviews from fans of the shooting game. The evidence which you can see clearly is that this game is always lying at the top of the most played games at Aw8.

Considered as a new breeze for the fish shooting game series, Aw8 has upgraded Fishing War to become an extremely classy game, bringing many new elements to the gambling market. Any player who loves shooting or action games will surely love it

Fishing War F&A

(1) Can I receive 4 promotions at once?

Among the 4 promotions introduced and mentioned above, customers can completely receive all offers at the same time, as long as they fully meet the given requirements.

(2) What kind of fish is the most rewarding?

If with Fishing War, the creature that brings the most bonus points is Monkey King and the Pirate captain. However, you will have to spend a lot of bullets and must have excellent skills to be able to conquer this huge bonus.

(3) Is it possible to download the Fishing War on the computer?

We can download the Fishing War game through the App, then log in or register for a new account and join the game

(4) Can we make money from the Fishing War game?

The answer is absolute, yes, but the amount of the bonus depends on the ability of each individual player To win big and make a lot of money, you need to actively practice and learn new skills throughout that process.

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