Lucky Derby | Horse Racing Game That You Want To Try

Lucky Derby | Horse Racing Game That You Want To Try

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Horse racing for money is a game that is not too strange to trendy players and affluent families decades ago. Therefore, as soon as it was released as an online game version, horse racing quickly created great hype among the gambling community.

Among them, there is an impressive option with the name Lucky Derby. So, what is Lucky Derby? How to bet on this horse racing game to always win the house? This article will answer it all for you!

What is Lucky Derby?

Horse racing for money is an entertaining game that the elite can’t stand still because of its attractiveness.

The game took in the hype for decades, depriving and bringing huge winnings to the aristocrats in the past. Currently, these gambling games have been simulated and released with a betting version at online bookmakers in which, Lucky Derby is one of the best representatives.

Lucky Derby brings an authentic, vibrant atmosphere to the racetracks. This horse racing game is always ranked at the top of the luxury and money-burning games of rich people.

Therefore, Lucky Derby was released, quickly conquering the majority of followers who love this trendy sport. The game is both suitable for the betting investment of many players, as well as an attractive real money entertainment game. 

Lucky Derby Guideline

Aw8 is one of the very popular online betting casinos in Malaysia because they own a “treasure” of diverse games, attractive bonuses, and endless promotions.

Guideline for player
Guideline for player

If you are a member of this house, you certainly cannot miss the attractive horse races in the Lucky Derby game.

The guide to playing the horse racing game below will be of great help to you, especially those who have just become rookies of Aw8.

Step 1: Login and register an account:

  • Register an account if you have not joined the house.
  • Fill out all personal information according to the available form that the bookie requires.
  • Make sure the information is accurate and matches the information of the bank card.

Step 2: Making the first deposit into your gaming account at Aw8:

After becoming a rookie and having an account at the Aw8 casino, you should check the player account. If you do not have enough money for a game, you need to make your first deposit into your account to play.

Players can easily top-up via phone scratch cards or banks linked with Aw8. In particular, Aw8 deploys many programs to top up preferential cards from 100% to 200%.

Step 3: Participate in betting on horse racing Lucky Derby Aw8:

Once you have secured your financial conditions, you can enter the game to bet on horse racing for money at Aw8.

You just need to click on the game Lucky Derby, the homepage will show your favorite racetrack and horses. Your job now is to bet money on this horse race.

Step 4: Deposit money to start betting on the race:

  • Bet level 1: Minimum amount $10 and maximum amount $.500.
  • Bet level 2: Minimum amount $15 and maximum amount $800.
  • Bet level 3: Minimum amount $25 and maximum amount $1250.

Besides, players may notice the red-framed area on the screen. This is the area for you to choose 2 out of the racehorses that you predict will finish first and the 2nd fastest.

If at the end of the race, the horses finish exactly as you bet, then the victory is yours. All winnings will be transferred to the Lucky Derby Aw8 game account. If your prediction goes wrong, you will lose your bet and lose your entire bet amount.

Images are invested with high quality graphics
Images are invested with high quality graphics

Tips To Win In Lucky Derby

We cannot deny the coverage of the entertainment game Lucky Derby Aw8 in the online betting community.

Each track is a tense, dramatic battle that makes players feel excited than ever. In order not to lose money unjustly and get a lot of bonus coins to your account, the following tips might be essential for you:

(1) Find the rules through matches

Just keep an eye on a few races, you will discover the speed and power of the steeds on the track. From there, you will find out which horse has the highest winning rate to bet on. Thanks to this way, you might be closer to the winning prize than ever.

(2) Learn from the community

A good way for you to win in the Lucky Derby Aw8 races is to learn from the masters. Just join whatever forums you’ve found related to Lucky Derby, you will get assistance from the most experienced players in the world.

Why should we choose Aw8 to play Lucky Derby?

That is the common question of many rookies participating in horse racing betting. What factors help the online house Aw8 attract players to participate in large numbers? The following reasons will help readers to find out why.

(1) So easy to win

Lucky Derby is a bonus betting game with simple rules. Regardless of whether you are a rookie of the Aw8 house, you can play well from the first time.

More than that, the bookie also offers versions on computers and phones for players to enjoy anywhere.

(2) Lucky Derby Aw8 interface is very eye-catching

In addition to attracting players with simple game rules, Aw8 also excels with an impressive and eye-catching interface as well as realistic horse racing matches in every detail.

In particular, the horse racing field is as lively as in reality.

Finally, this well-invested interface design makes players feel excited, more focused on the race.

Easily play on mobile
Easily play on mobile

(3) Smooth Connection

Not only owns a beautiful interface, but Aw8 is also appreciated for its stable connection. Aw8’s server is located abroad, so players can rest assured that the horse race will not be interrupted, jerky or even lag.

You will not lose interest when you are out of the horse field while the race is so intense.

(4) Fast Payment Method

Aw8 is a reputable online casino with super fast withdrawals methods. After only 5 minutes of placing an order, you can withdraw money from your bank account.

In particular, Aw8 has linked with many banks to increase convenience for their users.

(5) 24/7 Customer Support

If you have any problems, you can immediately contact the hotline displayed on the homepage of Aw8 for 24/7 support. Players will be able to get the answer to all questions and problems without wasting time.


The above article has helped you get detailed information about the Lucky Derby Aw8 3D Games. Tips for playing horse racing at Aw8 will help you win in the most intensive matches.

Quickly register and become a rookie of the Aw8 bookie to have fun and earn a lot of money from this attractive betting game today!

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