Mega888: Credibility Is Their Strongest Point

Mega888: Credibility Is Their Strongest Point

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As technology has been developed consistently, online entertainment games are born to help players entertain and relax.

However, finding a reputable and quality games online supplier is not easy. Many players are still very afraid of being scammed, hacked account information, cheated, unfair.

Therefore, choosing an online and quality playground is the factor that bettors are most interested in today.

Because when you choose a reputable provider, you will not only get the best gambling experience but also the rare safety feeling that just a minority in that industry can confidently ensure.

In addition, when you win, you can withdraw the bonus for yourself to use. But then, what could be the potential option when the online provider market has too many betting platforms?

Referring to the leading reputable providers today, it is certainly impossible to ignore the Mega888 supplier – one of the top providers worth playing.

Mega888 provider is a longtime brand with 11 years of online gambling operation. In the European market, Mega888 is already a very reputable brand across the same alley.

As the Asian economy has a large contribution from the betting industry, the Mega888 provider brand is one of the first to move here.

They are a strong provider of an online casino with many attractive promotions; fast deposit withdrawals…and so many more.

Where there are many new games
Where there are many new games

Mega888 Information 

Founded in 2008, Mega888 is a well-known provider in Asia, headquartered in the Malaysia and operated by Pacific Sea Invests SA – a remote gambling management company.

Since those first days, supplier Mega888 has been growing strongly in Asia and expanding to Europe. At the same time, the provider also obtained a license to do business in Europe by the betting regulator on the Isle of Man. Mega888 also constantly affirms its position and reputation among so many competitions in this niche.

The products that the Mega888 provider offers to players are Football betting, sports betting (tennis, basketball, racing), keno lottery, casino, roulette, and other types of online gambling. such as poker, poker, scratch cards.

It can be said that the Mega888 provider is one of the providers with many attractive rafters, and the odds that are soon got announced with the money flow that is continuously forwarded, and it is extremely competitive with other reputable providers.

Odds are also quite diverse with all types of bets such as Asian bets, European bets, Handicap, Over Under, Kick-Off, Penalty card bets, Corner odds.

Thanks to this variety, players have more choices as Mega888 can increase attractiveness compared to other providers.

Not only that, but the Mega888 provider also focuses on developing the field of virtual online sports such as virtual football, virtual tennis, dog racing, horse racing, number game mega888.

Their products are warmly received by the players, and the players themselves are also those contributors that constantly help improve the quality of this incredible games provider.

It's a reliable bookie to join every day
It’s a reliable bookie to join every day

Mega888 Trustworthiness

  • The Mega888 brand has been active since the time when the online betting market exploded in Asia
  • Their license was issued by CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority – Association responsible for administering licenses of betting providers in the Philippines)
  • They got another license issued by the Island of Man (European Betting License)

And since then, supplier Mega888 has operated through European markets, Malaysia, and is gradually expanding to all of Asia.

At the same time, the provider also obtained a license to do business in Europe by the betting regulator on the Isle of Man.

Despite its long development, the Mega888 brand is still facing stiff competition from both old and new suppliers. And because the market has only been developed specifically for the Chinese for a long time, the expansion power in the new Asian market has not been strong.

Currently, betting members mainly know the Mega888 provider through advertising partners, large agents, or the products that this supplier provides to other online betting agents.

And in addition, due to the expansion as well as the emergence of other new providers, Mega888 is still struggling with its competitors and struggling to develop its brand to a wide audience range.

Mega888 App is famous for its ability to collaborate with big brands in the betting industry (such as large entertainment corporations, reputable betting product providers). In addition, the “bilateral” operating license (both CEZA and Island of Man) has brought prestige to this supplier.

The legalization of Mega888 in short is a legal provider organization, so you can be in any country, including a country where betting is prohibited, but players when betting at this provider will are protected by international law, except in the case of a network betting organization in the country where betting is prohibited because the organization of the line is related to the criminal law of the host country.

With all of that being said, it can be confirmed Mega888 is a reputable and worthy supplier and is one of the most reputable online betting providers in 2021.

Easy way to join
Easy way to join

Mega888 App Review

With clear legality, transparent information, players can rest assured in the operation of the Mega888 App. Mega888 is a famous provider with the advantage of fast loading website, stable operation with a medium-speed connection. Their clear detailed account registration with security questions and a small survey section helps this provider take better care of you than what other suppliers could do to their customers. 

Not only with the above advantages, but Mega888 is also an online betting provider with other advantages as follows:

  1. As a provider for players who love Esports, football betting, and casino
  2. Deposit and withdraw money fast, safe, easy.
  3. Certified by the Philippine government.
  4. Beautiful, easy-to-use graphical interface, including an app for smartphones.
  5. Support 24/24 by a professional customer care team.
  6. Many promotions are suitable, attracting players.

Mega888 UX and UI

(1) Mega888 on PC

Like other leading reputable providers, Mega888 has built itself an impressive interface that guarantees not to let their gamblers down. Colors to each content category are arranged scientifically, user-friendly.

The black, red, and white tones both stand out and exude modern and professional beauty. With such colors, users won’t experience eye fatigue or discomfort. especially when you sit in front of the computer screen for a long time.

This website can be accessed in English, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. As a result, users can access any language they find fluent. This also proves that the Mega888 provider is quite active, covering all kinds of cultures in the online betting market.

(2) Mega888 Mobile

Like other suppliers, to capture the habit of using smartphones anytime and anywhere and support a mobile-friendly interface, Mega888 also launches a mobile application that you can easily use which can be installed on both Android and iOS operating phones.

In addition, Mega888’s website also has a WAP version, a web for mobile devices for users who do not want to install this provider’s application.

With the Mega888 mobile app, you can update online odds and live scores as well as enjoy login easily and instantly update bet list, unique 3D Slot Games with high Jackpot prizes, deposit/ Safe, fast and easy withdrawal, flexible Account management function, user-friendly interface, 24/7 Online Support, enjoy playing Playtech Slot Game on the mobile version.

Can be played on many devices
Can be played on many devices

Mega888 Games

After taking a quick look at Mega888 Application, we noticed this famous provider has a diversification of products including Sports, Esports, Playtech, Casino, Online Casino, Number Game, Keno, Lottery.

These products are also diverse and widespread, absolutely meeting the aggregate needs of online betting players

(1) Mega888 Live Sports Betting

They have various types of odds from popular options such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under Handicap, winning bet, 1 X 2 ratio… to Extra Handicap such as penalty card bets, corner bets…

In addition to the main odd options, the provider also develops other additional choices for members such as Total goals, winning bets, aggregate bets, first / last goals, etc.

These will ensure you won’t get bored when experiencing their products as they will let Mega888 stay diverse in terms of odd provision. That is not mentioning that:

  • The odds are listed quickly, fully, and competitively
  • Can bet on many tournaments in the world

(2) Mega888 Sports Betting

In this category, Mega888 has products 12 Sports, BTi Sports, Fantasy Sports, and COLOSSUS. Furthermore, these products are pretty well-known for their relatively high odds.

If you are intending to switch to Mega888 provider to enhance your gambling journey, it is definitely really a good choice of yours.

(3) Mega888 Online Casino

The online casino at the Mega888 provider has the girls dealing cards who will be interacting directly with the players to give you the same exciting experience as playing in a real casino.

Under the guidance of these beautiful and professional Dealers, members will surely have the same authentic experience as sitting at famous casinos in Las Vegas. You can discover these outstanding products at Mega888 such as:

  • Baccarat: This is the hottest card game at Mega888 and is more than enough for you to choose and try your luck.
  • Blackjack: Although there are only 3 Blackjack casinos, the young dealers will hold you back once you have found the most suitable casino for you. Blackjack will not disappoint you when this is a type of card with a large number of participants and with a high win rate.
  • Roulette: Mega888 offers 14 Roulette casinos, diverse playing styles. Also known as stork, roulette at Mega888 has extremely simple gameplay with an acceptable high payout ratio.
  • Sic Bo: Going back hundreds, if not thousands, of years of Sicbo history, the game was originally played with bricks instead of dice. These bricks are painted with symbols, placed in a bowl, and shaken well before hitting the ground to determine the result based on the combination of symbols. The player wins if he or she guesses the result correctly. Over time, the bricks were replaced by dice and today SicBo is gradually becoming one of the most popular games around the world as well as on the Internet.
  • Dragon Tiger: In the game Dragon – Tiger there will be two cards dealt: Dragon’s card and Tiger’s card. Before dealing, the player bets on a Dragon with a higher score or a Tiger with a higher score. Players can also bet on a Tie, which means that the Dragon and Tiger cards have the same number of points.

This online casino of Mega888 will provide you with professional online casinos.

Just sit at home and log into your Mega888 account, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of playing cards like the real thing. Sound and vivid graphics also contribute to attracting players to this casino segment.

(4) Mega888 Slot games

With thousands of different games, the Slots playground at Mega888 offers a colorful entertainment world with typical titles such as Wild Lava, Lotus Hearts, Bettel Wilds, etc. 

The interface is so beautiful
The interface is so beautiful

Mega888 Advantages

(1) Diverse Products

As mentioned above, the Mega888 provider has a full range of online betting services for players to participate in. Here, we can choose to bet on sports, football, play the lottery or entertain at the Casino.

Besides, you can also refer to more interesting games, redeem online rewards at slot games.

Each game has a different color and attraction. It is worth mentioning that each product of Mega888 supplier always ensures fairness for all players. For sports, players have a variety of options for betting types and odds according to their favor.

(2) Straightforward Interface

The simple but eye-catching website interface is the first advantage that you can recognize when coming to Mega888. Big events and great promotions are always presented to players in a prominent way as soon as they enter the homepage.

The main colors representing Mega888 are red and black, which brings a strange charm to anyone who visits the website for the first time.

Currently, the provider offers conversion between 9 different languages. This makes it easier for you to play, avoiding groping and self-translation during gameplay.

At the provider’s official interface, players can also download the mobile app version to enjoy top-notch betting games anytime, anywhere.

The web design is also optimized for mobile, so players can also access the web on their phones via Safari, Chrome, etc.

Mega888 24/7 Customer Support

In the process of participating in entertainment at the Mega888 provider, sometimes customers also encounter certain difficulties. Not quite often that players feel extremely worried and confused because they don’t know how to solve the problems they encounter.

That’s why Mega888 App must have and develop its customer service. Players can easily contact the provider anytime they want. Professional staff is always ready to assist you with a cheerful, enthusiastic, and friendly attitude.

One of the advantages that make players extremely confident and secure when participating in betting at the Mega888 provider is because Mega888 is extremely focused on building a perfect online service.

The staff is well-trained, professional, dedicated to answering questions and providing thoughtful customer support. Even if players have problems during the holidays, with the motto of 24/7 operation, customers can still use the online support service when needed.

Professional customer care system
Professional customer care system

With that being said, whenever you have the demand, you can directly contact the supplier’s customer care staff through the following channels:

  • Chat online
  • Hotline
  • Live chat
  • Email

Mega888 Information Security

One of the concerns of players when participating in online betting is the policy and the level of user information security. You can rest assured that this issue is always committed to solving if you choose a Mega888 provider.

  • Thanks to the 128-bit encryption technology provided by Thawte, the provider always ensures the security of personal information as well as player activities.
  • Mega888 focuses on a fair entertainment environment that will detect and handle accounts with signs of fraud.

This provider operates on a modern technology platform. Not only helps users access convenient, comfortable betting but also maximum security of all customer information and data.

Mega88 also commits, the data that the player provides is only for the purpose of creating an account, participating in betting, withdrawing money. No third parties can access or use them for malicious purposes.

Mega888 Games Promotions

In terms of promotions, the Mega888 provider has promotions that focus directly on the first deposit as well as the later recharge for other promotions.

This shows that Mega888 is quite serious about keeping customers to stay longer. They focus more on the quality of the players than on the quantity.

(1) First Deposits

When you officially become their member, you will enjoy the following promotions offers:

  • 100% bonuses at sports betting
  • 30% bonuses at sports betting
  • 50% bonuses at virtual sports betting

And these promotions correspond to the required number of betting rounds of 12/15/16/18 rounds. The number of rounds like this is relatively lower than the 20 of other providers

(2) Other Promotions

In addition, members also receive other promotions when completing basic promotions as follows:

  • 88% Wellcome Bonuses at BTi Sports.
  • 80% bonus at 12 sports, Virtual Sports, Number Game, Lottery, LB Keno, Keno when recharging via Mega888 app.
  • 30% bonus at 12 Sports on mobile recharge.
  • VIP bonus every week.
  • Bonus for updating personal information.


With a well-invested and diversified service quality, a professional customer care system as well as the cooperation and sponsorship of major tournaments around the world, you can rest assured to have fun and relax and make money through the games of supplier Mega888.

Our above article has provided you with detailed evaluation information about online betting provider Mega888, one of the leading providers in the field of online entertainment today.

If you want to find a reliable supplier to stick with for a long time, this is the choice for you.

Hopefully, with Mega888, you will have wonderful moments of relaxation and attractive enrichment opportunities. Join now to try your chance. I wish you luck and success!

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