Microgaming Live Casino Games Reviews

Microgaming Live Casino Games Reviews

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Microgaming launches this betting type mainly from their two studios in Philipin and Canada. These two online live casino room’s decorations were finally done in 2010 with the set up of blue screen background as well as rebuilt stylish fancy casino table making this place become the top choice of gamblers when they think of Microgaming.

That we didn’t even mention the rearrangement of those available tables, overview information about basic statistics, and betting ranges.

More importantly, Microgaming Live Casino section will even let you do adjustments to the quality of the video streaming. By that, you can easily select high, moderate, or low streaming quality during your gambling experience.

The flexibility will serve well the most fastidious customers. Yet, everything is not perfect and sadly despite those brilliant integrations above, Microgaming decided to get rid of the Live Chat Function.

However, they make up that shortfall by providing the auto-bet feature, multi-table feature, and the automatic voices that will availably notice you when the game starts or finishes.

Especially, those notifications all show up when most of the seats are available. 

Being an impressive bookie with many high-class products and services
Being an impressive bookie with many high-class products and services

Microgaming Live Roulette

Before participating in European Live Roulette, players are allowed to pick among games with various wagering limits. At Casino Sieger, you’ll see them at the min of €0.5 (Straight) and €5 (Even-cash wagers).

The first presents a live dealer to you with a little data shown in the upper right corner, simply over the table’s wagering limits.

On the left side, they set up brief measurements for you which involves the Red/Green/Black history, Odd/Even, and High/Low results, alongside Cold and Hot numbers. 

There is more precise information that can be accessed through the View Full Statistics tab. While then, the video feed lies among the two, at the same time as the betting table takes over the lowest part of the screen.

More than that, the wide Live Casino View will make your experience as if you are actually playing in a Real Casino Table, despite the fact that the whole thing besides the wheel is displayed through a virtual image.

Microgaming’s Live Roulette provides a lively enjoy with the assist of more than one camera as well as an automatic of other alternative camera angles

There are about 15 seconds for each gambler to place the bet which if they fail to do so consecutively 10 rounds, Microgaming will consider you as inactive and will throw you back to the main lobby.

In order to enhance the gambling experience, in 2013, this developer decided to import multiple sets of Playboy costumes which their dealers have to wear during the drawing time.

You will have a chance to see these beautiful cosplay outfits worn by Microgaming sexy staff in those games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, or Live Roulette.

Just bear in mind that despite the presence of these unique costumes, the rules of these Live Casino games are still the same as the original version.

The only thing different here is that your bet limit will increase.

Live Roulette
Live Roulette

Microgaming Live Blackjack

Standard 7-seat Blackjack is available with 9 intriguing decks. Live Blackjack will pay 3:2 as the dealer only draw one card and stay stably at soft 17 points.

During that time, gamblers can double the bet only on hands totaling 11, 10, or 9 applying uniquely to split pairs or take Insurance, Aces, and Bet Behind.

At the same time, the transparency of this game is multiply increased when gamblers can be able to observe other Live Blackjack decks behind the one they are playing at.

Not only that but you guys can flexibly adjust your table view, expand your screen, or gamble at multiple Live Blackjack tables. 

As mentioned, you guys will only have 15s to place a bet so the process will be extremely fast even when all seats are taken over. 

Live Blackjack
Live Blackjack

Microgaming Live Baccarat

This games provider offers both single and multiplayer modes in their Live Baccarat game with each of which uses up to 8 decks. You will also find their rules as the same as Punto Banco.

There will be only 1 card that will be dealt with the Player as well as the Banker. Finally, if the Banker wins, they will have to pay 5% of their wagers as a generous commission to the house.

The standard version of this game will provide Player and Banker a Pairs Side bet while the unique Live Bonus Baccarat adds a Dragon Bonus bet which will reward you a good amount of 30:1 depending on the difference of points between Banker and Player hands.

Punters can even check up all information of their gambling process which will be supported by three available scoreboard functions as well as in-depth History Bets.

With all these, they can freely access their personal gambling history and check up on all of their winnings, losing games as well as how much money did they spend on this type of entertainment.

 Live Baccarat
Live Baccarat

You will also need to pay attention to the Oversized Cards which are their indicators of the tiny crucial details that might lift up the gambling experience of players. Again, you can easily change the view sizes as you need. These are all the options you can do with this game’s interface:

  • Big Eye Boyu
  • Big Road
  • Bead Road
  • Small and Cockroach Roads on the other sides

Lastly, the impressive betting range which is from €1 min to €1,000 max will make this game fully accessible for all players out there. Still, you will have to confirm the amount you wanna bet or you will be kicked out just seconds later.

Microgaming Live Casino Hold’em

Micrograming offers 1 table for all gamblers to participate in. Still, you will comply with the same rule as the standard Live Casino Hold’em version but in addition, you will have an AA side bet that will reward you accordingly to the results of the game.

To earn the victory in this game, better must have an Aces pair or at least something higher than that. Just like the above game, gamblers can easily change their default view into Casino View or Game View.

More than ever, the Statistics and History features are also provided. With this straightforward, even the newbies can quickly learn the rule and benefit from this game.

Live Casino Hold’em
Live Casino Hold’em

Microgaming Live Sic Bo

This is one of the games that carry the most Asian atmosphere with the integrated interface got covered by an abundance of Golds and Reds color tones. On the left side of the video feed, you will meet the History Feature while Statistics Options lies on the opposite side.

The betting wagers this game offers as the min is €0.5 and as the max is €360. That means you can drop into the game at any time you need gambling entertainment the most without fearing risky tons of money in a game that you couldn’t fully understand at first.

Before participating in this game, you will also need to focus on a so important thing that the Big Bets are numbered from 11 to 17 while you will find the small one from 4 to 10. With that being said, as the Triple shows up, Even/Odd and Big/Small bets will flop.

Live Sic Bo
Live Sic Bo

Microgaming Live Casino Languages Offered

Many Bookies out there only support those Live Casino Games of Microgaming in English but this game developer itself can do more than that.

You will be extremely surprised when knowing that Microgaming provides products that are integrated with more than 20 languages. That means, almost anyone from any corner on this earth can use their games system without worrying about the language barrier. 

Microgaming Live Casino Platform Overview Reviews

Another shortfall that you might find in this game provider is that even though most of their other games options are fully supported in every platform, device, or operating system, their Live Casino section, in fact, is only available on the desktop version.

Multi-device compatibility
Multi-device compatibility

Microgaming Live Casino Live Dealers Reviews

Those friendly hot dealers who you will always find in Black or Sexy Play Costumes with smiles on their faces might be the best point about this gambling section in Microgaming. They will make you feel like you are playing with your real friends but not dealers.

Even so, there is one thing so annoying is that Microgaming didn’t put in the Live Chat Button. If you are a new player, these dealers will still intelligently call you by your chosen names. 

Microgaming Live Casino Pros and Cons

Talking about diversification, Microgaming is not too impressive but the extraordinary Sic Bo and Casino Hold’Em have covered that shortfall as it makes up for the lack of Unlimited BlackJack or Uniquely Designed Roulette Versions.

Still, their quality is always considered best in the current gambling market but again, you might hardly find anything special in their products except the PLay Boy Costumes they prepared for their dealers.

Finally, we have mentioned these missing elements many times throughout the article but we still have to indicate again the importance of communication through the Live Chat Button which this provider chose not to add-in.

And it is not a common thing when an online casino didn’t optimize its products to work well on the mobile app. But the potential is still there as they will take it and thrive in the near future.

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