What Is Nextspin And Should We Trust This Provider?

What Is Nextspin And Should We Trust This Provider?

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NextSpin is the most discussed provider today on betting forums by those who love Online Slot games. NextSpin specializes in providing gambling game products with beautiful graphic design and vivid sound effects that promise to bring the best experience to players.

What is NextSpin?

NextSpin emulates casino bonus machines from the 1890s but with more eye-catching visuals. The themes and images of those products from this game provider are mostly cute cartoon images.

Furthermore, they are a long-established website and mobile game development company with more than 300 employees with offices in Asia, Europe, and more. This provider also has apps to play on mobile devices or in the game section on the social network Facebook.

With all of that being said, this is the most reputable and quality slot game provider on the market today.

The house Aw8 has partnered with Nextspin to create a safe and quality Slot betting lobby for their punters.

Next spin games are all run on HTML5 technology and are suitable for all devices with different operating systems, so players can use them on many devices.

Currently, many players cannot access Nextspin right on their homepage, but through the house Aw8, you can play Nextspint’s Slot Game at any time with extremely fast loading speed.

This is a benefit when Acewin8 and Nextspin work together so that the house’s member has a more stable connection and does not interrupt your playing time.

NextSpin Provider Review
NextSpin Provider Review

This provider is currently focusing on developing slot machines specifically for the Asia region. Especially expanding distribution to agents in Vietnam, Thailand, Indo.

The types of slots in NextSpin are as follows:

  • Slot 3 reels, 1 payline.
  • Slot 5 reels, 5 paylines.
  • Slot 5 reels, 9 paylines.
  • Slot 5 reels, 20 paylines.
  • Slot 5 reels, 10 paylines.

And there are many other forms of winning in redemption games waiting for you to discover!

Nextspin trustworthiness and products quality

For any betting platform and game publisher, the credibility, security, and transparency in operation are what determine their quality and reputation.

Therefore, when you come and choose to experience the spinning services at Nextspin through Aw8, you can rest assured to experience the high-class slot services under the strictest inspection and censorship from many of the most prestigious units and organizations in the world.

Specifically, the games at Next Spin have been tested and proven to be of quality, transparency, and clarity by the BMM organization which is a reputable unit in testing the quality of services in the betting industry and has a huge voice in affirming the safety, transparency, and fairness of all games providers in the market.

At the same time, Nextspin also tries to check up and receive a certificate to ensure that all information, interests as well as organizational services in the system are reputable and of sufficient quality under Aw8’s control. By that, can trust to experience their services in the safest and most comfortable way.

Products of Nextspin

Regarding the bonus games in the system, it will be divided into 2 game genres including Slot game and Arcade.

(1) Slot games

This gambling game genre has been so famous on all betting platforms around the world. Especially in the Malaysian market, these game lines are also loved and widely used, as one of the playing areas that attract the largest number of customers at the Aw8 website.

Slot gameplay is also quite straightforward, as long as you repeat rows with the same symbol or own special symbols, based on those results, you can win or lose.

The games in the Next Spin system invested and developed today are also extremely diverse and unique.

Each game is taken special care of in every detail with intriguing visual design, giving users the most authentic and enjoyable experience. You can proceed to refer to the best products in the system such as:

  • Candy Bonanza
  • 7 Dragons
  • Fortune Star
  • Buffalo King
  • Golden West

In addition, there are more than 30 other types of spinning games in this publisher’s system that you can refer to and experience more at the Aw8 redemption website.

In particular, each of these spinner games will have a trial play feature, so you can spend time trying out for free and then make your first deposit to experience the full function and earn real profits later.

This provider has many attractive slot games
This provider has many attractive slot games

Every Slot Games at NextSpin

As mentioned, most of the slots games at Nextspin are designed to be friendly to players and have their own soundtrack that matches the theme.

Below, we have listed some outstanding slot games of this provider that you should try right away:

Maya Quest

As a Multiplayer Slot game at NextSpin with 5 reels and 20 exciting paylines, Maya Quest which is based on the story of ancient explorers in the deep forest will give you an exciting slot-playing experience with the background music of birds and waterfalls.

Do you want to gamble in the middle of nature? Go on with Maya Quest!

Highway Bee

Although there are only 5 bets and 9 paylines, you can immerse yourself in this game if you are a car lover. Also, the extremely high win rate of this game will make you extremely satisfied.

Classic Fruits 7

This one is the most basic slot game but is most loved because of its vivid fruit images.

Super Fortune

This slot game is definitely suitable for those players from the countries that have the lunar new year. This game is simple for newbies to the slot market when there are only 3 reels and 1 payline.

This game simulates the atmosphere of a fairyland with 3 gods Fu Lu Shou that guarantee to bring you a lot of luck.

Dragon Blitz

Being a 6-reel slot with up to 4096 payouts will enhance your chances of making money. Extremely beautiful vivid images with lotus, dragon, fish, and card characters J, K, Q, A, 10, 9 will bring back attractive bonus conversions.

In addition, when joining NextSpin on Aw8 you can change the game every day with more than 20 other interesting and attractive topics such as:

  • Monkey Jump
  • Mr. Hippo
  • Crazy Monkey Deluxe
  • Honey888
  • Shake Thai Thai
  • Shake Boom Boom
  • Diamond 7

(2) Arcade

As a game series that requires more interaction, Arcade is a bit picky about players. However, if you have fallen in love with and immersed in the series of games of this genre, there are really few people who can stop enjoying these top games.

Publisher NextSpin is currently investing and developing two main Arcade games including Donkey Kong and Monkey Jump.

Each game has an extremely new way of performing tasks and exchanging rewards, but if you love challenges or want to conquer different missions to achieve impressive rewards, this series will be the best choice for you. 

In particular, this game series is also invested and developed by the system publisher very strongly in terms of graphics and images, so players can also experience their effort in the most eye-catching way on the market.

New Arcade Game
New Arcade Game

NextSpin Betting Guide

To play slot games right at NextSpin through the trusted Aw8 bookie, you need to have an account at the pre-registered bookie and link to your bank account if you have one.

You will also n make sure you have deposited money in your slot game wallet. Players need to register official information to make it more convenient to receive rewards to your account. Then continue with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open the website of the Aw8 bookie and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Point to the Slot item and select NextSpin.
  • Step 3: Click on your favorite game, the payout method or the pay line are all available in the right corner of the game for example 1 line, 4096 ways, 9 lines, etc.
  • Step 4: Wait for the dealer to switch to the provider’s Slot Game interface.
  • Step 5: To start the game click on the yellow arrow button on the screen. To change the bet level press the $ button and use the symbols “+ -” to increase or decrease the bet.
  • Step 6: Receive the bonus and withdraw to the wallet on the Aw8 house.

5 reasons you should experience Nextspin products

Currently, in the Aw8 system, there are more than 13 different game providers with only the service of spinning. So what will be the reason that Nextspin has been able to attract a large number of customers to access and use the redemption services of Aw8? Here are the special attractions of this game publisher that you should know:

(1) Breakthrough in design content

If you are already too experienced in the slot genre, then surely enjoying many games of this rewarding line will make it easy for you to get bored and “overwhelmed”.

However, the game content of this provider always tries to be built and innovated continuously.

If you choose any slot game of this provider, you will also see how much the publisher tries to change the variety of game content in order to help users get unique joy with their betting products.

The strong impression in the design and visual graphics, making the game more vivid and realistic is also a significant contributing factor for the success of this product

(2) Support flexibility for Arcade game series

Arcade is inherently a rather picky game for users, so few game providers will invest and develop these interactive game lines.

However, if you are an avid fan of the arcade genre, you will understand its fascinating, unique characteristics.

Therefore, especially at Nextspin, the system always tries to diversify the choices for players as well as help users experience interactive games in the easiest way when choosing to bet here.

Nextspin customer support
The customer support provider is very good

(3) Thoughtfulness and clarity in operation

You will easily see the professionalism in the layout of features in any of Nextspin’s game interfaces. The arrangement and reasonable distribution of features not only enhance the user experience but also help new players easily find information about the game and grasp the gameplay rule. That will save you a ton of time tho!

(4) Users can play for free at first before putting real money in

Because of the diversity of the game series, you will have a lot of different choices when learning and experiencing. However, how do you know and identify which game will be the most suitable for you?

Therefore, it is always especially important to support the free gameplay feature, giving players time to get used to the game and basic reward experience before they decide to make their deposit and start earning as well as entertaining from these games. 

(5) Clear and transparent information 

It can be said that this game supplier is one of the largest organizations and companies developing reward exchange services in the world. Currently, if you want to access and contact Nextspin’s service development team directly, you can connect through their interactive channels such as:

  • Email: contact@nextspin.com
  • Official website: https://www.nextspin.com

Along with providing clear information, with an extremely solid future development strategy and direction, this can be a potential and long-term game supplier at the Aw8 betting system that any user can trust and experience.


With all of the compelling evidence above, it is sure that Nextspin is one of the most legit slot providers in the gambling industry.

They hold a place where you can entertain and financially benefit yourself. Enjoy their games today through Aw8 bookmaker to receive the most impressive bonuses and promotions. Peace!

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