PK10 | Great Bonuses Waiting For Gamblers In The Finish Line

PK10 | Great Bonuses Waiting For Gamblers In The Finish Line

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  • High winning rate
  • Accurate outcome
  • Diverse betting options
  • The betting amount is multifarious
  • The game doesn't have many significant flaws

PK10 racing lottery is a new betting game that is being loved by gamers today along with The Ladder lottery. With unique and brand new gameplay, the PK10 racing lottery increasingly attracts a large number of global gamblers.

To help you guys understand how this game goes as well as how to benefit from it, we have conducted some of the most crucial information below.

What is Pk10?

PK10 racing lottery is known as a combination of racing and the familiar lottery game which gives players a whole new experience of gambling.

At the same time, the gameplay and rules of the game are quite simple, even if you are a new player, you can still win and get a nice bonus from this betting type. 

PK10 Racing Lottery is also known as Beijing Lottery PK10 because it originated from the online lottery form of the Beijing Welfare Lottery Center. When entering the 3D game, players will proceed to place the numbers corresponding to ten extremely beautiful sports cars.

Players can choose any car which they think is the one that can hit the finish line before others. The online dealer will choose a random result out of 10 cars. If the result is correct for the car you bet, you will win and own the corresponding bonus.

PK10 racing lottery not only meets the needs of betting players but also helps the betting process not be as boring as before.

More than that, PK10 racing lottery players can use many ways of betting at many doors to improve their winning chance.

In particular, the time of each race will be shortened to only 20 seconds so players do not have to wait too long to get into the next match anymore.

In addition, Ultra PK10 can also support versions for computers and mobile devices so that players can comfortably bet and play anytime, anywhere.

A very interesting lottery game
A very interesting lottery game

PK10 Lottery Guideline

PK10 racing lottery has a very simple way to play which you can quickly adapt at your first arrival. Still, you will need to know the information below as it will be a useful preparation to increase your chance of winning.

(1) How to bet in PK10?

At the beginning of the match, players will see luxurious and beautiful racing cars appear on the screen, these cars are numbered from 1 to 10.

The bet forms are also very diverse, you just need to select the type of bet and the amount you want to bet in the bet box. To increase your chances of winning as well as your profit, you can proceed to place a variety of bets.

After completing the operations, click “confirm” to complete the betting. In case you want to cancel the bet then click “delete”.

Because betting time is limited, players need to seize the opportunity for themselves. After the betting time expires, the system will lock the player’s bet feature, any bet action of the player after this period will be completely disabled.

During that time, the system will conduct a result book and notify the best result to the player. Bets will be void in the event that the provider does not process the payout within 1 hour. You can also check the results achieved in the “history”-> “bet tickets” section.

Guideline for player
Guideline for player

(2) Which market to choose in PK10?

The process of choosing a market should be familiar to old players, but for first-timers, this is a fairly new and important step. Players will proceed to select the playing market when the PK10 racing lottery interface appears in which you must choose 1 of 6 playing markets to be able to bet.

There, the playing markets will be distinguished from each other by the draw time of the results of each round.

Specifically, PK10 Ultra has a 15-second draw time for each turn while PK10 Furious is 20 seconds; PK10 Turbo is 25 seconds; PK10 Rapid is 30 seconds; PK10 Speedy is 45 seconds and PK10 Super is 60 seconds.

PK10 Lottery Pros

(1) High winning rate

PK10 racing lottery is a virtual car racing game and betting with quick results. Players will get live results and the odds of winning which has always been considered very high.

PK10 racing lottery is applied modern data processing techniques to ensure absolute fairness for players. Each outcome of the bets is selected at random and strictly checked by a reputable gambling authority in the world.

(2) Accurate Outcome

From the rigor in the results of the process, the final results of the racing matches will be completely unified. The cars participating in each racing game are classified into categories from P1 to P10, corresponding to prizes from first to tenth. The player’s betting results will be divided into groups.

(3) Diverse Betting Options

The variety of bets in the PK10 racing lottery is also an advantage of this betting game in which players have many different options for a single match.

However, players do not always correctly guess the outcome of the match. The success or failure of luck creates a charm that makes the game more interesting and stimulating. When the player guesses as close to the match result, the amount of bonus collected is also increased.

Currently, many bookies out there are providing the PK10 racing lottery game with up to 7 attractive races, increasing the excitement for players.

The gameplay of the game is almost similar to the lottery game in addition to the tension of each race. All of that makes the number of PK10 racing lottery players increase as well as the betting amount. 

PK10 racing lottery is both highly entertaining and helps players earn a small amount of bonus money. Moreover, betting results will be given directly in less than 20 seconds, so players do not have to spend too much time playing the game.

The game has many advantages
The game has many advantages

(4) The Betting Amount Is Multifarious

The bet levels are varied from low to high, so all subjects with different economic statuses can participate in the game.

At the same time, the PK10 lottery game is also the prize-changing game with the highest winning rate today which is much higher than the traditional lottery form.

Because when playing, players can place many doors and have time to bet and change if they want, so the win rate is greatly improved. Furthermore, players can start with small bets and accumulate bonuses to place larger later bets.

Racing Lottery PK10 Betting Options

As mentioned above, the PK10 racing lottery has very diverse bet types which we have listed all here for you.

(1) Car Rank Bet

Each match will have 10 cars participating in racing together, so at the end of the race, 10 rankings will appear.

Players will have to predict the list of cars to the finish line in order. For example, you predict that car 5 is the fastest car and make a bet that car 5 is rows 1 and rows 2.

Whenever there is a lap result, if that outcome of car number 5 is exactly as you predicted, you will win your deposit. To increase the chances of winning, players can proceed to bet on many different cars for a race.

(2) High-Lo and Odd/Even Bet

Do you know that in the PK10 racing lottery you can bet on over/under, even/odd? Just like rank betting, in this type, players also need to predict the rank of cars.

But this result can be placed on the doors that High is car 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; Under is the cars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Odds are cars 1, 3, 5, 7, 9; Even are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. If the draw is a match, the person will receive the corresponding prize immediately.

(3) Dragon Tiger Bet

With the form of betting on dragons and tigers, the rank of each round will be divided into 5 pairs as follows: 1V10, 5V6, 4V7, 3V8, 2V9. Next, the vehicles in the category will be compared.

For example, you bet Dragon on level 3V8 with a bet of $500 and the rate of 1.95. If the race result is that the 3rd place car is the 1st car, then the 8th car is the 7th car smaller than the 8th car. So, eventually, the amount you get will be 500$ x 1.95.

(4) Total Bet Accordingly To First or Second Place

The form of betting on the total number of cars will be quite different from the bets above. Specifically, players will wager on the total score of the number of cars that finish first and second, that is, ranked first and second in the finish line.

For example, you bet the total number of cars is 8 and the result of the first and second place cars is number 6 and number 3. Now the total number of cars will be 9 and you will be rewarded easily.

This is the form of betting that is considered by players to be the easiest to win. With the odds of guessing being very high, professional gamers often use them as an additional form of betting in each round.

Besides, you can also bet on the total number of cars in the first and second places according to the Over/under, even/odd doors like the form above.

However, you need to notice one thing before using this method that when you bet the total number of cars first or second is a total of 11, all bets on over/under will be 100% refunded by the house.

(5) Total Bet Accordingly To First, Second and Third Place

Similar to the bet on the total number of cars in the first and second place, the total bet on the ranking of the cars in the top 3 on the list is also a form chosen by many gamers.

With this form, players will choose to bet the outcome on over/under or even/odd doors. As long as the final result is close to the value you bet, you can receive your bonus.

PK10 betting ticket has many choices
PK10 betting ticket has many choices

Tips to Win In Racing Lottery PK10

Lottery PK10 is a fairly simple game, but to win, knowing the rules and how to play is not enough. To ensure earning the regular victory, each person must have in-depth experience. Specifically, everyone can immediately refer to the sharing of Aw8 experts below:

  • Absolutely do not be too greedy to bet on fast races because, with these races, you will not have time to learn and judge. That will lead to mistakes when placing bets
  • When betting, you should place from 2 to 8 positions to increase your chances of winning. But everyone also needs to adjust their capital to get the most profit.
  • Learn about the results of the previous games and then find out the rules of the system to increase the probability of winning for yourself.
  • Learning about the rules and types of bets not only helps people not only to not break the rules but also find out how to win it
  • You shouldn’t bet all you got because the PK10 lottery is just one of many gambling types out there which no one can be so sure of winning or losing. When you decide to play with all you got, you might have a chance to win big, but if you lose, you will have no capital to regain the next day. It is best to bet only 70% of the capital you have and the remaining 30% to prevent uncertainty.
  • Always have a specific playing strategy because without it you will lose easier.

Finally, during that playing process, you should know when to stop and when to continue. 


Choosing a bet form is very important in the PK10 racing lottery game. For those who are new to the game, it is recommended to try all forms of bets to find the most familiar and lucky form for themselves.

At the same time, combining multiple bets is also a good idea. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, you just need to divide them into different bets to increase your chances of winning.

PK10 racing lottery is a betting game that combines virtual racing that is being chosen by most players today. If you are a racing or lottery enthusiast or both, do not miss the PK10 Racing Lottery.

Place your bets now to get generous bonuses right away!

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