Rock Paper Scissors: From A Classic Traditional Games To The Best Method To Gamble

Rock Paper Scissors: From A Classic Traditional Games To The Best Method To Gamble

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Rock Paper Scissors on Aw8 with simple 3D game rules and an attractive reward policy has won the hearts of many gamers. If you are planning to play this game, please refer to the detailed instructions below.

Rock Paper Scissors Overview

Rock-paper-scissors is a traditional game in every corner of the world, and for each locality, this game is known by different names such as Scissors and Hammers, Rock-paper-scissors, Scissors-Punch, Swirl, etc.

The game is usually played by two or more people to win. The outcome is determined by the shape of the hand that people choose. In the case of many people playing Rock Paper, the team has to play until there is one winner left.

Rock-paper-scissors require you to use your hands and fingers to come up with the shape you want to bet on.

When the player wants to pull out the scissors, they will put two fingers in front to form a “V” shape, the remaining fingers will be clenched together to form a scissors shape. 

As for the hammer shape, it’s very simple, you just need to hold the whole hand like a punch. As for the shape of the paper, you just need to spread your hand all the way out.

The online rock-paper-scissors at the Aw8 are also developed based on the traditional form. And since this game was released, it has received a good portion of the attention and interest of the gaming community.

Not only is it a game associated with childhood, but the gifts that can be received when playing at Aw8 are also really “hot” to many players.

Rock Paper Scissors has a great attraction for everyone from young and old, boys and girls, who also often play this game. Whenever people want to determine winning or losing or choose the order of priority, this game is the solution that people often apply.

In order to keep the typical traditional games, the Aw8 has turned it into an online game.

Because it is a game that can benefit the player with real money so Rock Paper Scissors online is way more intriguing and makes many people want to conquer.

You can participate in this game at any time at the Aw8 when all you need is just an internet connection and a smartphone.

This is a hand game
This is a hand game

Rock Paper Scissors On Aw8

Belonging to the betting game series, Rock Paper Scissors attracts many gamers who are passionate about gambling games. Currently, the Rock Paper Scissors game on Aw8 has two types of play that you can choose.

(1) Traditional style

The method to play Rock Paper Scissors is quite similar to the usual Rock Paper Scissors game. You will use the image of Scissors, Rock, Paper, and several rules as follow: 

  • Hammer beats Scissors.
  • Scissors beats Paper.
  • Paper beats Hammer. 

Players just need to choose an image for themselves and wait for the screen to appear the Scissors, Hammer, and Paper icons, then compare the results.

(2) Lucky round type

The gameplay is similar to the traditional one. However, there will be an extra lucky draw. Therefore, the reward level of the lucky round Rock Paper Scissors is usually higher.

Why we should choose Aw8 to play Rock Paper Scissors?

Currently, the game Rock Paper Scissors is available at many different bookies, however, the Aw8 is highly appreciated, attracting a large number of players to drop in and play this game on their site because of the following reason:

  • The payout ratio is high and players are allowed to participate in many bets at the same time.
  • The interface of the game Rock Paper Scissors on Aw8 is quite simple, easy to understand, suitable for even those who are new to playing online betting for the first time.
  • After the bet results are available, you can receive and withdraw money immediately, there is no way Aw8 will keep the player’s money.
  • In particular, the Aw8 Casino also has many special promotions for the game Rock Paper Scissors, helping you to earn the best profits.
Some other variants of the game
Some other variants of the game

Aw8 Rock Paper Scissors Guideline

If you are looking to experience the game Rock Paper Scissors on Aw8 but are afraid because you do not know how to play it, please take a glimpse at our instructions below:

 (1) Aw8 Online Rock Paper Scissors Rules

The rules of this game online are also very similar to the traditional game. To decide to win will depend on two factors: luck and judgment.

(2) How to calculate the point in the traditional Rock Paper Scissors 

This is considered the game with the simplest form of play because even children aged five and three can be able to have fun with this game.

Especially with the popularity of this game, you only need to observe once or twice times to be able to immediately grasp the rules of the game.

Traditional rock-paper-scissors usually do not limit the number of participants. If the game consists of three or more players, the players will be arranged in a circle and stand still in a fixed position.

Before making the choices of Scissors Hammer or Paper, the player needs to grasp the hand and release the wanting shape out in front of him or her.

But in some certain places, there is a rule that you will need to hold the hand tightly and bring it behind the back.

Everyone will shout the slogan together or count out “One Two Three” before making a decision. All players must make hand actions at the same time to ensure the fairness of the game.

Then, the participants will jointly determine the winner, through the mentioned rule above

If all players come up with the same result, the game is considered a Draw and starts over. The following rounds will continue as above until only one winner remains, the game ends.

The winner will receive a reward or according to the original convention given by the members.

(3) How to calculate the point in the online Rock Paper Scissors in Aw8? 

Different from the traditional game, in Rock Paper Scissors Online, players will play against the dealer. The betting method of this game is similar to Xoc Dia.

To be able to win and bring back valuable rewards, the player must beat the online casino in the judgment of whether to draw Hammer or Paper.

Each bookmaker will have a different betting system. The bet value will be distributed according to the fixed bets compatible with the three choices of Hammer, Paper, or Scissors.

The dealer and the player simultaneously make choices to decide whether to win or lose. When the player wins against the dealer, the player will receive the bonus which will be immediately added to the account.

The winning rate of Rock Paper Scissors online is 50/50. When the player bets 100 USD and win, the player’s account will be immediately added 100 USD.

And in case the player and the dealer make the same decision, it is counted as a tie but still, the player receives the bonus with a payout ratio of 1 to 0.9.

Instructions for basic movements
Instructions for basic movements

(4) Aw8 Rock Paper Scissors Process

  • Step 1: First, you need to link your account with the Aw8 dealer. Please access or register an account on the official website of the Aw8 bookie. Then enter the account information and proceed to withdraw money from the bank account to the game account.
  • Step 2: Then, click on the “Lottery” tag on the main menu bar and click on the Rock Paper Scissors game title.
  • Step 3: Next, you choose the minimum bet, at 3 bet levels are 5, 250, and 500. Based on the available financial resources, you should choose the most suitable minimum bet for yourself.
  • Step 4: At this time, the previous match information will appear on the screen on the right, the current match information on the left side of the screen. Below the screen are the icons Scissors, Hammer, and Paper. You just need to click on 1 of these 3 icons. Immediately then click on the word BET in the center of the screen and wait for the results.
  • Step 5: When the center of the screen appears the Scissors, Hammer, or Paper icon. You need to pay attention that the results will be announced on the screen. Right after that, the money will be transferred to your game account. If you need to withdraw money, you just need to request to withdraw your money to your bank account and proceed with normal transactions.

(5) Aw8 Online Rock Paper Scissors Tips

If you are wondering why many people make great profits from Rock Paper Scissors but you often fail? If so, pay attention to the tips below to have a more reasonable way to play this game.

(6) Quickly confirm the bet

Each game of Rock Paper Scissors on Aw8 lasts only 10 seconds. You must quickly select the image and click confirm immediately. If you do not act quickly, the bet will not be accepted and you will not receive any money when you win.

(7) Stop when starting to lose 1-2 games 

When the bet loses, the player’s psychology is greatly affected, leading to wrong judgment as worst as the wrong choice. Therefore, it is best to stop and rest to regain your spirit before playing again.

(8) Pay attention to bet ticket code history 

Observing the bet ticket code history in the right corner of the screen will help you guess which image the high winning rate belongs to. From there, choosing the image to win the bet will be easier and more accurate.

(9) Double Method

This is a method to indicate the number of bets in each game. This method is very easy to apply when you just need to bet on the next bet twice as much as the current bet.

Bet until you win, then you will return to the original bet. This way has the disadvantage that you have to have a lot of capital to be able to increase the bet level through the games.

Because if you don’t have any capital to continue in the middle, then you have wasted the capital you spent at the beginning.

(10) Change tactics when necessary

If you find a way to play that can increase your odds of winning, then you should apply it.

But at a time when you lose continuously, sometimes that strategy is no longer effective and you should look for a new, more suitable way to play.


Above is some information about the game Rock Paper Scissors from the origin, how to play, and the required experience for you to check out.

Hope the article will be really useful to you. Wish you success and have hours of relaxation as well as get lots of rewards when playing this game at Aw8.

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