SA Gaming: Gamble With The High Protection

SA Gaming: Gamble With The High Protection

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  • Wide selection of Asian themed slot games
  • Diversity of currencies
  • Excellent support service
  • Mobile HTML5
  • Parlay function on one screen
  • Solid support team 24/7
  • Live games are not as exciting as slot games

SA Gaming is a leading online game developer and supplier in Asia. The company is based in the Philippines and offers a wide range of popular casino games on Asian websites. So what do you know about live casino games as well as about SA Gaming? Let’s find out right now!

SA Gaming Trustworthiness

SA Gaming is an online game developer and provider founded in 2009 in Manila. SA Gaming’s headquarters is located in Makati City, Manila, Philippines – where the company is licensed to operate.

In addition to that, SA Gaming is the first company to be licensed by the Philippines for the online betting business PAGCOR. As long as the bookie is on this list of Pagcor owners, they are all the top bookies in the world.

Their products have been tested by BMM and GLI. The company was recognized as the best online casino game provider in Asia in 2017.

The online games offered by this company are now available all over the online gaming websites in Asia and are loved by many people.

The company’s main products include slots games, Proxy betting, and other online games, etc. You can find SA Gaming games on more than 75 online gambling sites in Asia.

 One of Asia's leading game providers
One of Asia’s leading game providers

SA Gaming Advantages

SA Gaming is a famous company in the field of online games which products are suitable for many market segments. Over time, SA Gaming titles are gradually gaining popularity in both Asia and Europe.

The company’s VIP casino and baccarat games on the HTML5 platform are beautifully designed, smooth, and lag-free.

Casino games are also very diverse ranging from Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Fan Tan to Sicbo or Roulette. All game lines are upgraded by SA Gaming with new features and many attractive bets options.

Customers can try SA Gaming products online without placing any bets. When operating in the standard version, customers must pre-select the version they want to use to participate in the game.

With the premium version, customers can pay using any browser or operating system.

Finally, players can bet up to 16 tables at once in the premium version and experience the exciting features on one interface without lag. The company also offers one-on-one games as well as side bets for customers.

 Players can have a unique gaming experience
Players can have a unique gaming experience

SA Gaming Achievements

SA Gaming is a well-known online gaming company in Asia and mainly focuses on baccarat games in the Philippines market. Their products are very well received in many countries around the world.

The servers in Asia act as an online bank and can carry all SA Gaming games and provide information on all gambling cultures in Asia.

Here are a few basic games that made SA Gaming famous for you to check out.

SA Gaming Slot Games

One of SA Gaming’s main products is slot games. The highlight of this game section is the beauties of the bikinis.

The rules of the game with attractive bonus rates will make players feel extremely excited. Currently, the game is upgraded and optimized in both sound and image, helping players have the best gambling experience as they are in a real casino.

(1) The Shanghai Godfather

Designed in the style of Shanghai in the 1930s with the appearance of American gangsters with Tommy guns, women, and gyros.

The game works on the HTML5 platform, so you can play it on any device. The mechanics of the free spins are extremely attractive, and at the same time, the wild, mysterious in the game will definitely keep you always “high”.

(2) Cheung Po Tsai

Cheung Po Tsai is a game based on the adventures of the legendary pirates in the 1700s – 1800s, so the icons are all pirate-like. The fantasy goddess in the game is designed with a dynamic, salty, and Asian appearance.

Your task is to find the lucky chest and the bonus in this game can be multiplied if you win the tiger mouth smash game.

(3) The Saint of The Mahjong

This is a mahjong game with 4 players. Each of these players needs to collect 144 tiles through the available slot games.

The Saint of The Mahjong
The Saint of The Mahjong

(4) Fishermen Gold

Fishermen Gold is an online fishing game that allows you to play solo 1-1 or play 2-2 or even 4-4 depends on each level.

The extremely beautiful interface with vivid 3D images and great sound effects will definitely not let you down.

The game also has a lot of fish with different shapes, designed very sophisticatedly and beautifully. The guns are no less special that you can choose a lot of guns with different effects to shoot fish and bring in bonuses for yourself.

The outstanding feature of this game is automatic shooting and very convenient target locking.

SA Gaming Online Casino

As an online game development company, SA Gaming focuses on developing casino games that are loved by many people. Their Baccarat is always at the top and is ranked 5 stars by players all around the world.

Currently, SA Gaming offers 4 games with different strategies with each casino having a design suitable for each customer segment and can be played online on any device.

(1) Traditional Baccarat 

Traditional Baccarat is a casino game that is loved by many customers. This is a casino game with a fairly simple interface that anyone can get acquainted with and play easily without needing to spend hours to get on well with it. 

The game offers many types of bets for players. Types of bets in the game include Perfect Pair, Super 6, or Player No Commission…

The game interface also displays the route as well as the betting group to help players easily follow and follow the right direction.

(2) Bid Baccarat

This is the 4-star rated BibMe version of Baccarat, which is a much more exciting casino game than the traditional one.

Gamers can enjoy the fun by sitting at home and placing bets while they can also talk or join other games by choosing the real-time feature.

BidMe Baccarat also has an additional time request feature that allows the giver to buy more and will win more bonus points at the end.

The game has tools displayed right on the screen to help players check and trade conveniently. With this casino game, SA Gaming has brought customers an extremely dynamic and engaging experience.

 Online Casino
Online Casino

(3) Dynamic Roulette

Roulette has long been a favorite game of many people. It is a dynamic game with a board view and chips in the game that will give you a great experience.

The even and odd parts of the Roulette table have different colors that will give players the feeling of being at a real casino.

(4) Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a very popular dice game today, receiving high praise from the gaming community. The game is a table of dice and bets big and small with about 50 different cases. All will create comfort and unforgettable experiences for players.

Why SA Gaming Is The Best Online Casino?

SA Gaming allows casinos to live stream the action in progress, making players feel like they’re at a real casino. This motivates players to bet remotely to play their game without feeling bored.

Some forms of betting may be prohibited in some places, so they use this method to place bets remotely. The Baccarat route will be provided right on the screen for players to follow.

SA Gaming also applies leading technologies so that the games can be adapted to all Ios, Android, and Windows devices. You can play any game without having to install any software.

All games are developed in multiple languages, multiple currencies to make betting easier. This provider continues to strive and develop game titles as well as upgrade technology infrastructure to expand the market and bring perfect gaming experiences to users.

(1) SA Gaming App

This application allows players to start the game faster and run smoother. Thus players can play SA Gaming games anywhere and anytime!

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and has the functions of H5 Mobile, including HD streaming and more. You can also scan the QR code and play instantly! There is also a pattern login widget, allowing players to log into the game faster! This is a great mobile app for online gaming lovers.

 SA Gaming App
SA Gaming App

(2) SA Gaming Money wheel

Money Wheel offers a maximum payout of up to 50:1. The platform requires an actual physics set, from which the lovable host can spin the wheel and interact with the live streamer. You can even choose hosts based on their performance and results.

How to win in every SA Gaming Game?

SA Gaming has developed a lot of online gambling games on its technology platform. Reviewing and developing Baccarat variants makes it possible for players to find what works for them in any SA Gaming game.

With careful research, it is possible to discover good directions to have a higher chance of winning in Sicbo or Bi Me Baccarat. SA Gaming has provided a huge gambling market, your task is to find a way to win.

(1) Traditional Baccarat 

Baccarat is the most popular and familiar game in casinos. It attracts a large number of participants with the simplest strategy to win the game is to get 9 points. When participating in this game, players need to pay attention to the scorecards they are provided with.

Maybe the house will win, the player wins, or both sides draw. A live Baccarat game will have a larger RTP in dispute when the dealer’s RTP pair will be the lowest.

(2) Modern Baccarat

Modern Baccarat is a game that can be streamed all over the Philippines with sizable side stakes. Experienced players are likely to have a higher chance to be able to winning this game.

The game allows you to bet directly or on side bets. If there are already 7 players then you have to side bet, if the number of players is less than 7 you can choose to bet directly.

And only players participating in live bets can guess the cards.

(3) Sic Bo

Sic bo includes about 50 different betting outcomes that players need to guess correctly. To win this game you need to have tips such as sic bo over and under, balance bets, pair bets, total bets. Surely using these tips will help you to win easily.

(4) Live Roulette 

Roulette’s interface is quite easy to understand and use even if you are a new player. SA Gaming offers 2 additional modes from 32 – 47 – 71 and 29 – 59 – 89 – 109.

The alternatives in the game all come with strategies and you will only get the victory with a suitable strategy. Some of the strategies you can use include spin numbering, skewing, chip placement, or tidal waves. These can help you win the game.

SA Gaming Bonuses And Promotions

Promotions are always noted and developed by the SA Gaming team. These attractive promotions are considered part of the strategy of developing online casinos. The amount of these promotions is relatively high, so they can grab the attention of a lot of plays.

With these promotions, even if you lose, you can still make a profit. Not only that, but SA Gaming also offers a bunch of free coins for customers to try and experience their games.

  • 128% Slot game & fish shooting SA welcome bonus 
  • 2% Daily Casino Game Reload Bonus 1
  • 1%Cashback Online Casino & Slot Games

SA Gaming Security

With specialty games in online gaming, video games, and online lotteries, SA Gaming also provides secure cyber security and technical support to its customers. Having security in mind is arguably at the core of achieving success and creating value with business partners.

Expected to attract the world’s biggest players in online gaming, the exhibition will showcase SA Gaming’s high-quality products including the latest innovation – the most modern model of an online casino.


You can find SA Gaming games at any betting site in the Philippines or Indonesia and other Asian countries. Their games are frequently all developed on an advanced technology which is absolutely suitable for many devices. They always strive to provide players with quality games with a great experience so why don’t you give it a try?

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