Sode: It Is As Much Attractive As Other Betting Types

Sode: It Is As Much Attractive As Other Betting Types

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Sode – one of the most popular forms of entertainment in many Asian countries. They appear everywhere, from rural to urban areas and even in expatriate communities.

With a simple form of playing, big and fast payouts, Sode has become an indispensable spiritual food for gamblers to opt for.

To learn more about them and update the latest ways to play this betting type, you need to follow up with the below information.

What is Sode?

Sode is the last 2 numbers of the jackpot, but now this concept has been expanded to include forms such as:

  • 2D Sode  – The last 2 numbers of the special prize.
  • 3D Sode  – 3 numbers at the end of the jackpot.
  • 4D Sode – points to the last 4 numbers of the jackpot.
  • 5D Sode – the last 5 numbers of the Jackpot.

Playing Sode is where we predict the last numbers to appear in the Jackpot in a draw section and are awarded according to the categories indicated above.

Although each station has only one special prize, there are many ways to predict and pay out. You guys can play multiple bets and numbers at the same time. Currently, most bookies (especially online ones) allow players to play multiple Sode at the same time.

So with the above explanations, you already know what Sode is and what types can participate. Playing Sode can optionally choose the bonus amount and the maximum set by the house.

If you want to learn more about the effective method of scanning and which market you need to choose to have a further rate of winning, please continue reading in the following section.

Sode is an extremely attractive game
Sode is an extremely attractive game

Cover all bet types

Covering all means you need to predict the resulting number as they will also wrap up 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D corresponding to the last numbers of the prizes.

However, in some categories such as 6th, 7th, or 8th prizes, it is not possible to apply the 4D game method due to the different structure. Currently, Sode is usually calculated by points gambling which will be determined by the house as the lowest is 1 point.

How much can you get from Sode?

Why do many people decide to go for this type of betting? The reason is not only its diversity but also because Sode offers very high payout odds.

Many people often say that there is no other form of financial investment that has such great profits. It only takes 15-30 minutes to put down money, you can get many multiple rewards compared with your initial bet.

(1) How much can we get if play 1 Sode?

Currently, Sode is calculated according to the currency and based on the form of bet tickets as follows:

  • Traditional Sode: 1: 80 odd.
  • Online Sode: 1: 90 – 95 odd.

The larger the amount you bet, the more profit you will earn. However, that ratio only can be only applied to 2D gambling – predicting the last 2 numbers of the jackpot only. If you play 3D, 4D, 5D, this ratio will change as follows:

3D Sode

  • Traditional Sode: 1:400 Odd
  • Online Sode: 1:850 Odd

4D Sode

  • Traditional Sode: Not Available
  • Online Sode: 1:7800 Odd

(2) How much can we get from 1 point Sode?

Do you know how much you win with the $1 you spend on Sode? In fact, very few places allow this type of betting because this betting type is calculated according to the points. 1 Sode point is equivalent to $ 1 or 2 $ depending on the market you participate in. Specifically, we have the following as a general calculation:

  • 2D Sode: 1:95 Odd.
  • 3D Sode: 1:835 Odd.
  • 4D Sode: 1:7800 Odd.
  • 5D Sode: 1:55000 Odd.

So from this calculation, you can completely know the amount you will receive if you win one of the corresponding bet tickets above.

How to measure the odd?

Why do we need to know the probability of winning Sode? That’s because when you know those data, you will find an investment direction with you to win at any Sode Ticket you bet in.

(1) How much is the winning rate?

Since it is only one jackpot, the chance of hitting the right number is quite low. The odds of winning 2D Sode is 1/100 and 3D is 1/1000.

Similarly, to correctly guess the 4D Sode is a 1/10000 chance that you might hit the right number. From that calculation, the more Sode number you bet on, the higher the probability of winning. For that reason, now, many bookies have also increased the payout ratio so that players can play the Sode more conveniently.

(2) Measure Winning Rate Based On Mathmethic

The more lots you play, the greater the winning probability is. Yet, because Sode is based on points and each point, you should usually only play 2-3 lots to increase your chances of winning as the way to reduce your risk.

The possibility of winning is huge
The possibility of winning is huge

Sode’s Best Scanning Method 

Sode bridge that connects us to victory, so whether you are a beginner or a master, you should apply it every day. Here are a few ways you should use to predict the Sode odd:

(1) How to precisely measure?

  • Getting touch/summary from common location statistics.
  • Look for topics to visit and ask for advice.
  • Calculate Sode Odd by day, week, or month.
  • Play Sode Board (sum, touch, set).
  • Eliminate Brave Sode Odd.
  • Replay the most recently released Sode or in a cycle according to personal judgment.

(2) How to scan Sode odd like a real master?

Since we usually only play 1-3 lots, the search needs to be meticulous. If you are not confident with the commonly used method, you should refer to some of the most profitable bets below to make the 3D game more effective.

  • Check the odd in pair.
  • Use Sode dream book.
  • Apply the rules of catching lots according to the dumbhead and dumb tail.
  • Replay the drop odd.
  • Eliminate the brave odd and keep back the drop odd.
  • Catching bridge according to pascal, triangle, filling, jumping toad, missing corner bridge, symmetrical angle, missing bridge…

In addition, you can also apply your own unique Sedo scanning methods to find the best or most possible released Sode pairs.

How to play and win in Sode?

How to win the Sode? What tips are effective? Surely, those are the biggest concern you have right now. In fact, there is no way to play Sode with a 100% winning rate or an invincible strategy. In fact, what matters most is that players need to flexibly use those mentioned methods to win.

In order to do that, we need to perform the following steps well:

  • Step 1: Statistics of the returned data manually or using the Sode tool.
  • Step 2: Scanning – Use various probability formulas to find the number rule. You need to regularly update the latest Sode calculation methods to win all the time.
  • Step 3: Decide the number you will go for – Compare with different methods to choose the best number of Sode for the prize.
  • Step 4: Plan to invest money based on the strategy and the portion of “number” that you choose. Remember, the more detailed this table is, the more we can control the game. Our advice for you is to balance your ability and divide the capital into many small parts.
  • Step 5: Choose a bookie – This step is very important because if you want to earn high, you should play online. Please choose reputable, high-paying, fast, and safe addresses to put your money in.
  • Step 6: Go for it and wait for luck to drop back by your side with a huge prize.

All of the above steps are important and need to spend a lot of time researching to get the most perfect result.

In addition, psychological issues and premonitions also need to be paid more attention to. Sometimes we can win big or avoid a risky goal thanks to good judgment.

Simple and easy way to play
Simple and easy way to play

Sode Guideline

Playing Sode online is now an inevitable trend and wise investors should choose this form to benefit themselves with high prizes.

So when playing Sode online, what do we need to do and where is the safest place to play? The answer is Aw8 and here are a few things you need to do before participating in this Asian’s No. 1 playground.

  • Step 1: Register (if you already have an account at Aw8, go to Step 2).

Please fill in the information in the form and wait for the account to be reviewed by the system.

  • Step 2: Sign in.

Enter your name and password then you can participate in playing Sode online on this platform.

  • Step 3: Select Sode and bet

Here, you choose the market you want and the bet sides to invest as when you are sure, just go on choosing the amount/point to bet. The system will display bet tickets, bet money, odds on the right-hand side of the screen.

We can delete bet tickets, change numbers, play money or choose the same number to play easily. However, keep in mind that confirmed tickets cannot be changed or canceled. In addition, each of the times, you can only bet up to 20 numbers, and if you want to bet more, you should create a new bet.

Note: You will also be able to control the bet tickets and the total amount when you monitor the Bet History in the right corner of the screen. If this is your first time participating, please use the Demo to familiarize yourself with the betting operations and the house’s operation before putting real money in.

  • Step 4: Wait for the results

As soon as the Sode results are drawn, the system will calculate the points for the bet tickets. If you win, you will receive a bonus according to the specified ratio.

In the meantime, you can participate in playing Sode at other markets or invest in the super-fast lottery (unlimited prize opening during the day), multi-national lottery, or other attractive entertainment games. at lobby Aw8.


Above are the necessary points for you to know about the most effective forms of betting and how to play Sode. So what are you waiting for? Gon on and make some good money for yourself.

Don’t forget to register for an account right at Aw8 to receive super attractive promotions. Finally, we wish you good luck and prosperity.

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