Spadegaming: Some Detailed Information You Should Notice

Spadegaming: Some Detailed Information You Should Notice

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  • Update and release game frequently
  • Focus too much on Slot Games

Spadegaming focuses on developing 5 areas of betting games including Fishing Game, Progressive Slot, Slots game, Table, and Arcade.

Each of the betting areas at this online gambling provider has a team of experts who develop and build games on the most professional and detailed betting model.

This ensures that players, regardless of whether they choose any betting game of the Spadegaming system, can comfortably experience the unique features that the game publisher wants to bring to users.

At the same time, following such a diverse game design also helps this game provider to bring many impressions to players, especially young people, who love innovation and reform.

Spadegaming Trustworthiness

As information provided by Spadegaming, this game publisher has already been licensed by Gaming Curacao.

This license issuer is one of the most reputable establishments in the betting field. Their standard to license are very detailed and thorough, so it can be guaranteed this qualification helps users to further understand how legit Spadegaming is.

At the same time, this business license unit also supports the inspection and management of betting activities, ensuring that all operating processes and betting types are carried out in a fair, transparent, and clear manner.

Spadegaming slots game
SpadeGaming has many high quality games

Spadegaming Contact Information

Spadegaming is one of the few game publishers that provides full details of their contact information to players/partners. Thus if someone needs to reach out to this gaming provider, the clear information below might be a big help:

  • Headquarters are located in Malta and the Philippines.
  • Operating business license number 12105011.
  • Email address:
  • Company established in 2017.

Spadegame Reputation Got Built Through These Events

  • May 2016: Attended the Global Gaming Expo Asia event. From that moment, Spadegaming is proud to become one of the famous and influential game publishers in the Asia region.
  • In March 2017: Officially licensed by iTech Labs, proving the level of safety with advanced technology, comprehensive protection for users when playing games at this publisher’s system.
  • May 2017: Continue to participate in Global Gaming Expo Asia to expand the field, transmit energy and powerful games to many players. Since then affirming its ever-expanding development in the betting industry.
  • May 2018: Once again in the Global Gaming Expo Asia event, Spadegaming demonstrated outstanding development and brought great contributions and optimally developing online betting games.
  • August 2019: Becoming an official partner with BetConstruct to fully develop betting services for all users around the world.
  • October 2020: Becoming an official partner with Slotegrator – one of the most influential websites with bookies in Europe, officially marking the outstanding development of SG for countries in this region.
  • November 2020: Game Spadegaming’s Book of Myth has been officially nominated as one of the top games in the framework of the Login Casino Awards 2020.
SpadeGaming customers
SpadeGaming takes care of customers professionally

Spadegaming Gambling Activity Management

In general, it can be seen that Spadegaming does a very good job of diversifying its game genres. The current games that the Spadegaming provider is holding always impress many players and have a steadily growing monthly and quarterly revenue.

The content, configuration, operating rules of each game are invested and developed in detail, giving users true feelings as well as great experiences. Before 2020, their direction of investment and game development focused mostly on the Asia – Southeast Asia market. 

In the future, this games publisher is looking forward to expanding its market in European countries. As a result, it can be seen that Spadegaming’s games will be diversified and expanded, giving players more exciting options.

Currently, you can easily find games of this game provider on any bookmaker platform, so its popularity and influence on the betting industry are also profound.

Spadegaming Products

(1) Fishing Game

At the time of writing, the two main games that are being loved by global bookmakers are Fishing God and Fishing War with somewhat traditional gameplay and high odds. On the other hand, Zombie Party and Alien Hunter have a more unique and impressive design style. 

Although got born later, it is gradually winning the hearts of many players, defeating the traditional shooting style, bringing many interesting new winds to this type of gambling

(2) Progressive Slot

This game section has up to 13 games with each carrying different tones of colors:

  • Legendary Beasts Saga
  • Pocket Mon Go
  • Dragon Empire
  • Dragon Gold
  • Iceland
  • Big Prosperity
  • Great Stars
  • 5 Fortune
  • Emperor Gate
  • Railway King
  • Lucky Strike
  • Amazing Thailand
  • Wong Choy

Each game has a unique storyline and graphics to attract excitement and arouse customers’ passion for these games. Currently, the games are distributed in 243 ways to play including 50 Lines, 30 Lines, 15 Lines, 9 Lines, and 8 Lines. In general, there are many choices for customers, depending on which style you want to play, you can choose the compatible game.

(3) Slots game

This is the game field that Spadegaming focuses on developing as well as investing the most with 78 different games for now and more is on the building process for the future. Spadegaming’s slot games pay so much effort on developing in terms of visuals.

In that way, their gameplay is evenly divided into 1 Line, 50 Lines, or Max Ways. In general, reviews of these games all show how unique they are with multifarious storylines and improved image design after each update.

Below are some outstanding Slot games at SpadeGaming that you cannot ignore:

  • Zeus
  • Princess Wang
  • Lucky Koi
  • Gold Panther
  • Brothers Kingdom
  • Cai Shen 888
  • Dragon Empire
  • First Love
  • Da Fu Xiao Fu
  • Fafafa
  • Candy Pop
  • Money Mouse
  • Book of Myth
  • Jungle King
Spadegaming has manny games
The place that provides many of the best slot games today

(4) Table Games

This game section of Spade Gaming has a treasure of poker, sic bo, and other impressive card games that you might not find in other game suppliers. Those are:

  • Pok Deng
  • Sic Bo
  • Thai Gourd-crab-shrimp-fish
  • Pineapple Poker
  • Three Face Cards
  • Two Eight Bars
  • Win Three Cards
  • Banker Bull
  • Bull Fighting

In general, these incredible games with attractive gameplay are all remade by Spadegaming into games with a further extraordinary level of graphics design, diverse gameplay, and richer game style than before. The graphics of these games are also highlighted and dividedly designed to suit different themes such as charming, cute, interesting, …

(4) Arcade

Arcade is a betting game genre inspired by coin-operated arcade games of the 1970s. These games are diversely designed by Spadegaming with impressive gameplay, eye-catching graphics where got extremely invested in images and interfaces. In different games you will find diverse styles as follows:

  • Golden Journey
  • Rob Stars
  • Derby Express
  • Dirt Bike
  • Bicycle Race
  • Dog Racing
  • Dragon Clan
  • 3 Kingdom
  • Goblin Treasure
  • Monkey Thunderbolt
  • Shinobi Hamster
  • Magic Journey
  • Lucky Baby
  • Animal Paradise
  • PinBall Fortune
  • Derby Night

Spadegaming Interface and Languages

The interface of Spadegaming is built up with 3 main colors: black, red, and yellow. The layout is also very straightforward so users will not be confused when accessing the website system for the first time. Spadegaming also supports 2 main languages on their website: English and Chinese, bringing many opportunities for many gamblers.

Each game has detailed instructions
Each game has detailed instructions

Scroll down to the bottom of the website’s interface, Spadegaming provides some specific information about the operating license, the contact information.

When accessing the website, there are 3 main items in the system that you can see and need to notice:

(1) Gaming Introduction Section

There are 3 crucial options in this section that you will “hang out” with the most:

  • All game genres
  • Most common and most famous games
  • Games Themes Options

(2) Gaming Guide Section

When you click on this you will be able to find the most detailed information on how to play Spadegaming games or some simpler tips to win each specific game.

The system also arranges the design of the article filter section by specific date and time so that users can easily find information more quickly.

(3) News Section

In this section, Spadegaming will update their news and events. Here you can get a detailed overview of the achievements, activities, and details of the Spadegaming game development system over the years.

At the same time, you can also capture new projects and games that the system will develop and launch in the future.

Spadegaming Betting Tutorials

SpadeGaming players need to have an account at the Aw8 game house to be able to join Slots as quickly as possible.

Immediately after creating an account, players can deposit money into the main account and transfer it to the Slot wallet to start playing. Specifically and in detail to enter SpadeGaming you can follow the steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the website of the Aw8 bookie and log in to the account you have.
  • Step 2: Point to the Slot section and select SpadeGaming.
  • Step 3: Select your favorite game by pointing your mouse at it. The games have “Play” and “Try Play” versions of your choice.
  • Step 4: After clicking, wait 5 seconds to switch to the provider’s slot game interface.
  • Step 5: Join the game and receive rewards in your wallet.


With all of the obvious evidence above, SpadeGaming is definitely a prominent game provider in Asia with a diverse, rich, and the suitable number of games for many different interests and needs of each gamer.

With nearly 100 games on Aw8, you will no longer know what boredom is.

Start playing today and find yourself the best game to immerse yourself in the entertaining world of Spadegaming.

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