Tai Xiu: It’s Not Just A Dice Game

Tai Xiu: It’s Not Just A Dice Game

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What is Tai Xiu? Where can we play at? Is it safe to play Tai Xiu online? The article not only answers those questions but also points you to an aromatic bet that cannot be missed when playing this gambling genre. Let’s dig into it!

What is Tai Xiu?

Tai Xiu is a betting game that uses 3 dice to move into shakes/shocks in each game 3D. The participant’s task is to correctly predict the heads of the dice.

This game has many versions for us to choose from, such as playing live streams with real people or through computer systems. Regardless of the form, the game of Tai Xiu also adheres to the following rules.

  • High Side: The total score of 3 dice is from 11 to 17.
  • Low Side: The sum of the heads of the dice is 4 – 10 points.
  • Even doors: The points of the dice are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16.
  • Odds: The total score of dice heads is 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17.

In essence, Tai Xiu is a gambling game of luck when no one can perfectly guess the numbers that will appear when opening the bowl.

However, with fast playtime, simple operation, and high payout, this is still the most popular option at all casinos.

The game of fortune and fainting is familiar to Vietnamese people
The game of fortune and fainting is familiar to Vietnamese people

Where to play Tai Xiu?

The question is how to play Tai Xiu legally and simply? The best choice for you today is here, Aw8 which will be the answer to all our concerns.

While in some countries, Aw8 is just a new brand, in fact, the house has many years of operation in the betting industry. Licensed and protected by the Philippine government, Aw8 has gained a strong foothold in Asia and some European countries.

Aw8 is not simply an online casino but also a useful playground for all entertainment enthusiasts. Some of the strengths that this bookie has been doing well that are recognized by many players are:

  1. PRESTIGE: All payment, deposit, and withdrawal activities are accurate, eliminating the worry of fraud when playing online betting.
  2. ECONOMIC POTENTIAL: Aw8’s strength is reflected in year-round recharge and cashback promotion packages for all members.
  3. FRIENDLY: From the website interface to the staff, all are highly appreciated in this aspect.
  4. PROFESSIONAL: That’s a compliment for the extremely confident, enthusiastic customer service team.
  5. HIGH-QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT: At Aw8, there are countless forms of betting for us to choose from, including the online Tai Xiu game.

With the explosion of modern technology, it takes just one click to find all information related to Aw8.

In just a few minutes you will get the most honest reviews from people who are participating in this system. And that is also the reason for you to become the next big fan of Aw8.

The game has an easy-to-see interface – eye-catching
The game has an easy-to-see interface – eye-catching

Tai Xin Experience In Aw8

In many popular games at Aw8, Tai Xiu always has a special position. Its attraction comes from many of the following factors.

(1) Eye-catching interface

The first impression of the Tai Xiu game at Aw8 is the friendliness of the interface. The presence of the virtual dealer in the innovative costume is the best point for us to opt for this game.

While then, the soothing blue tone has also been calculated and used reasonably in this layout.

Entering the betting table, the designs become more lively with each movement of the beautiful dealer. The good color combination has also helped increase the emphasis on the Tai Xiu area.

Here, the betting spot uses deep, warm tones, so even if you last at the game for hours, there will be no feeling of irritation which is very compatible with professional gamers.

The harmonious arrangement of chips and function keys is both easy to see and gives players a feeling of simplicity as well as convenience.

Unlike the tediousness of the Live stream tables, the online casino game has quite good sound support. Music without lyrics helps players relax as well as focus more on the game.

We can hear the stimulating sound of betting money and rolling dice during the gambling enjoyment. In general, the interface of Tai Xiu Game on Aw8 is quite good, eye-catching, and user-friendly.

(2) Simple features

If many bookies out there have chosen to complicate their Tai Xiu game with an abundance of unnecessary features, Aw8 goes in a different path related mostly to minimalism.

  • First, logging in to the game is very simple. Just click on the lottery item and then choose Tai Xiu.
  • In the gambling table, there are only 2 bets Over and Under, so the choice is very simple, even for newbies.
  • The feature of choosing chips and playing cards is easy to use with just a single click.
  • Supporting Delete and Re-bet function if the player wants to choose again only when the bet receiving system has not closed.
  • Aw8 also puts in the Confirm function to make sure the player has finally made a decision.
  • In addition, reviewing bet history, results, turning on and off sounds, and playing instructions are easy to use even for those who do not know much about online games.

(3) Which Platform Can We Play Tai Xiu?

Supporting all application platforms is one of the strong points of the game Tai Xiu on Aw8. You can place bets through the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC

There is nothing that can stop us from participating in Tai Xiu. Cross-browser compatibility makes logging in and playing the game smoother.

In particular, it does not require downloading applications to the device, so we do not have to consume our memory.

(4) Aw8 Tai Xiu Yearly Promotion 

Almost every bookie has promotions, but Aw8 is always at the top in terms of attractiveness and frequency. For members who play Tai Xiu online, they can also receive special offers as follow:

  • Bonuses on birthdays.
  • Get 15$ when referring friends to join.
  • Up to 1% cashback on VIP member promotion.
  • Special promotions on holidays.

Thus, with the promotion we receive, we have more capital to continue to invest in the Tai Xiu game. It’s a bargain that shouldn’t be missed, right? If you are lucky, that amount can increase many times after betting rounds.

Feature to review the results of previous bets
Feature to review the results of previous bets

24/7 Customer Care

The way to play the casino game on Aw8 is quite simple, but sometimes we can feel confused about how to log in, deposit, withdraw bonuses… Just send a support request, and almost immediately the customer care staff will contact you to resolve it.

According to most players, the consulting staff is very enthusiastic, gentle, patient, professional, and knowledgeable. These are huge plus points for an online betting site.

Should we play Tai Xiu on Aw8?

All players, after using the demo Tai Xiu game on Aw8, have chosen to register to become official members. In addition to recognizing the correctness of the above criteria, the reason why the house is highly appreciated is:

  • Players can choose their own bet limit. This way also helps us to better manage our finances in each bet.
  • Highest payout ratio compared to other bookmakers. Currently, if you win a prize, the meal rate is 1.98. This is a very high level and helps us to raise money quickly.
  • The fast and accurate payout speed also makes players feel secure.
  • High security can make anyone feel safe knowing that personal information is encrypted with the latest technology.

Currently, there have not been any complaints about the gambling game on Aw8. So far, the number of players who register for an account in general and participate in betting on Tai Xiu game is increasing rapidly.


The above are the most honest reviews of the Tai Xiu game on Aw8 conducted by people who are participating in the game of Aw8 house.

Hopefully, with these shares, you have found a safe and reputable playground for yourself. We wish you good luck in playing Tai Xiu!

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