Thai Hi-Lo: Another Attractive Option In The Gambling Market

Thai Hi-Lo: Another Attractive Option In The Gambling Market

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Among the most popular online casino games today, Thai Hi-Lo is also one of many ideal choices for players. That’s why today we will introduce in detail this game for you to have the most enjoyable gambling moments. Don’t miss it out!

What is Thai Hi-Lo game?

Thai Hi-Lo is one of the games that are played by a large number of players at all bookies. Thai Hi-Lo is also a refreshing variation of the game Hi-Lo.

However, this game 3D still gives players an attractive experience thanks to many special features, high odds of winning, and simple bet types.

Thai Hi-Lo game is designed by experts in a beautiful and impressive interface with 3D graphics techniques.

The most prominent in this game is the image of a girl wearing a traditional Thai yellow costume, rolling the dice with elaborate details. Those who have played through a few times will surely find it difficult to escape the attraction of this game.

Currently, the game Thai Hi-Lo is also growing very popular in most casinos around the world, from China, Hong Kong, Macau even to the US. That has proved the enchantment of this game in the rich world of online entertainment.

Thai popular game
Thai popular game

Thai Hi-Lo Guideline

Although being rated as one of the simplest online games, not everyone knows how to play this game as much as finding the easiest way to win. So the detailed information below will be extremely useful for those who are new to the game Thai Hi-Lo.

(1) Thai Hi-Lo Rules

The purpose of the Thai Hi-Lo game is to predict the outcome of 2 randomly rolled dice. Players will first guess the result of the dice and then place their desired bet. After the dice are shaken randomly, the returned results will be displayed for players to compare with their predictions.

If the result you initially bet matches the final outcome of the 3 dice, then you are the winner and receive a reward according to the odds offered by the house. If you fail to correctly predict, you will lose your original betting amount.

According to the players, Thai Hi-Lo has a form of play that is not too different from traditional gambling games. Yet, Thai Hi-Lo will give players more chances to bet and win.

Currently, at Aw8, players of the Thai Hi-Lo game will be able to choose the level they want to play among 4 available tiers including:

  • Beginner level: play at the minimum 5 – maximum 150
  • General level: play at the minimum 15 – maximum 350
  • Master level: play at the minimum 50 – maximum 1500
  • Master Level: play at the minimum 150 – maximum 3500
Thai Hilo Rule
You can chose which servers you want

(2) Thai Hi-Lo Common Terminologies

In the game, people often use many specific Thai Hi-Lo terms which if you are a new player, you will probably find difficult to understand. Below we have compiled some common terms for players to learn before getting into betting:

  1. Dice: are cube-shaped dice with 6 faces, each face will be numbered from 1-6. Dice is the most important tool in the Thai Hi-Lo game and it also appears in most other casino games.
  2. Over: when 3 dice reach a total score of 11 – 17
  3. Low: when 3 dice reach a total of 4 – 10
  4. Single bet: betting on whether a number from 1 to 6 appears on 3 dice at least once. The bonus will be higher if the number appears more than once.
  5. Double bet: This type of bet predicts the occurrence of 1 pair of numbers in 3 dice which the payout ratio is quite high.
  6. Hilo bet: This is a way to bet the total value of 3 dice according to the rules of each bet type. Hilo bets are more complicated than others, so the payout ratio is also very high, even changing according to the probability of the outcome. In the game Thai Hi-Lo, bets are also divided into 6 Hi, 5 Hi, 1 Lo bets…
  7. Pair bet: This bet requires the player to choose an exact pair of numbers that appear on the 3 dice. Because it is also a rather difficult bet, the odds of winning are up to 1:10 or 12.
  8. Triple bet: This is a bet on which 3 will appear in the roll of the dice and because the probability of a match is very low, the odds of winning are of course very high.
  9. Lottery bet: this is a fairly simple bet, players will bet to see if the result of 3 dice is a set of 3 of the same or not.

(3) Types of bets in Thai Hi-Lo

One of the things that make players love this Thai Hi-Lo game is that it offers a wide variety of interesting bets.

Types of bets in Thai Hi-Lo
Types of bets in Thai Hi-Lo

1. Hilo bet

This bet is similar to the traditional bet, taking into account the sum of the results of the 3 dice. The player will win when the initial prediction matches the final result.

In case of offense when the result arrived in any 3 sets of numbers that are the same, for example, 111, 222, 444… or when 3 dice have a total of 11.


  • When betting on Hi 15 and the result is 6, 5, 4, the player wins the bet.
  • When betting on Lo 7 and the result is 2, 1, 4, the player wins.
  • When the total Hilo bet is 9 and the result is 333, it is a crime, so the player will lose the bet.
Hilo Bet

2. Eleven Hilo Betting

In this form, if the player bets 11 which is the sum of 3 dice, the player wins when the last returned result is exactly 11.

Example: Player bets 11 when the displayed result is 2, 5, 4, then the player wins the bet.

3. Six, Five, and One in Lo Betting

In this bet, Lo will be the sum of 3 dice, the player will bet on the occurrence of that dice. So if the dice result is a set of 3 like 555, 111, or 666, the player loses.

For example: After betting, the dice results appear 5, 2, 1 with a total of 8, then you win. If the dice land on 5, 6, 4 with a total of 15, you lose the bet.

3. Lo Betting

Similar to above, Lo will be the sum of 3 dice (9). The Player bets on the occurrence of dice 3 and if the result is 3 dice including 333, the player still loses.

Example: When you bet 3 Lo, if the result of the dice is 3, 5, 6 with a total of 14, the player loses. If the result is 3, 4, 1 with a total of 8, the player wins.

4. Six Hi Betting

A bet on whether dice 6 will appear or not, where Hi is the sum of the results of the 3 dice. The player will lose the bet once the result of the 3 dice includes 666.

Example: If the dice results in 4, 5, 6 with a total of 15, the player wins the bet. In case the dice on the result 6, 2, 1 have a total of 9, the player loses.

5. Four Hi Betting

Similar to the 6 Hi Betting, the player will have to predict the occurrence of the 4 dice. So if the 3 dice include 444, the player loses.

Example: When a player bets on 4 Hi, the player wins when the dice reach 4, 5, 6 and the sum is 15. Otherwise, the player loses when the dice reach 4, 2, 1 and the sum is 7.

Besides the above bets, Thai Hi-lo also has other types of bets similar to traditional Sicbo dice, such as:

  • Bet on a specific number: the result will return at least 1 time out of 3 dice. The higher the odds, the higher the reward.
  • Bet on 2 specific numbers: the player wins if 2 numbers appear in 3 dice results which will even give them a high payout ratio.

(4) Winning Rates In Thai Hi-Lo

In addition to the variety of bet forms, the high winning rate of the Thai Hi-Lo game is also extremely attractive. Players can refer to the following specifically:

  • Bet Hi: rate of winning is 1:2.7
  • Bet Lo: rate of winning is 1:2
  • Bet 6 Lo: rate of winning is 1:11.5
  • Bet 5 Lo: rate of winning is 1:7
  • Bet 5 Lo: rate of winning is 1:4
  • Bet 11 Hi-Lo: rate of winning is 1:7.8
  • Bet 6 Hi: rate of winning is 1:3.5
  • Bet 4 Hi: rate of winning is 1:5.8
  • Bet on a specific number: odds of winning are 1:2 if the occurrence is 1 time, 1:3 if it appears 2 times, and 1:15 if it appears 3 times on 3 dice.
  • Bet on 2 specific numbers: rate of winning is 1:7

When playing Thai Hi-lo, players will have 20 seconds to calculate and place bets. After that time, the result will be announced by the house to determine the winner or loser to receive the prize.

Experiences for Thai Hi-Lo new players

Although Thai Hi-Lo is also one of the games of luck for everyone, playing experience is also extremely important to help you increase your winning rate. Here is what we have conducted for you to play Thai Hi-Lo at best:

  • Don’t make decisions based on your emotions or preferences. Always keep appropriate attitudes and analysts for yourself.
  • If you have grasped the rules of the game, you should be bold in placing bets because opportunities do not always come.
  • You should evaluate your own strength and choose the appropriate bet level or the betting tables that attract many players because the luck there will also be more.
  • Please keep yourself a stable, comfortable mentality and see this as a game for entertainment.


It can be said that Thai Hi-Lo is one of the hottest games in the betting market at this moment. Although the rules are very simple, Thai Hi-Lo can still grab the attention of a large number of players.

However, you should plan to experience it in the most moderate and comfortable way to avoid getting deeper into this gambling type. With all of that being said, let’s play Thai Hi-Lo at Aw8 right now!

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