Thai Lottery: Another Level Of Playing Lottery

Thai Lottery: Another Level Of Playing Lottery

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The lottery is too familiar to most people in the world, but the Thai lottery – a new form of online lottery game is not really that hype yet. But if you love this genre of gambling, you must try Thai Lottery at Aw8 right away because there are so many interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

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What is Thai Lottery?

Thai Lottery is a type of lottery issued in Thailand. In general, the way to play the Thai lottery compared to the traditional lottery is not much different. However, the actual contrast lies in the prize opening schedule as well as the prize structure.

Accordingly, the opening time of the Thai lottery is much less, only 2 times a month, specifically at 3 pm every day on the 1st and 16th. Accordingly, the prize structure includes 6 prizes with 1 first prize, 4-second prizes, and 1 third prize only.

Currently, online game players are starting to get familiar with and love this game more and more at reputable bookmakers like Aw8.

It's a new but interesting game
It’s a new but interesting game

Thai Lottery Modes

Although this game is not too popular, if you have played it a few times, you will surely be attracted by the extremely exciting winning rate.

If you are looking to experience the feeling of victory, the following information will help you understand this Thai lottery pretty well.

(1) Thai Lottery Rules

Basically, players will have to choose the numbers that they think will appear in the final payout. Accordingly, there will be different bet packages for players to choose from, such as the G bet package with the highest 1:100 win rate. Specific details about this bet package are explained as follows:

(2) 2D (2 numbers bet)

The player who hits 1 point will win 10 dollars. However, the player will have to give away a 1% commission of the bet amount. For example, if you choose to bet number 25 and the initial bet amount is 10 dollars, in case you win, you will receive 1000 dollars and lose 10 dollars for the house.

(3) 3D (bet 3 numbers, 3 pins)

Players hit 1 point and have a chance to win 800 dollars if they win. In addition, the house will pay the player an additional 15% commission of the amount played.

For example, if you hit the number 3 with an initial capital of 800 dollars, in case the player wins the lottery, he will receive a bonus of 80,000 dollars along with 120 dollars (15% of the bet amount).

(4) 4D (4 numbers bet)

The player will hit 1 point. If he wins, he will get 200 dollars along with a 20% commission of the initial bet. For example, a player hit number 4 with 100 dollars.

When luck comes in, you will receive a reward of 10,000 dollars. In addition, the house will also pay 20 dollars which are 20% of the bet.

Easy to win
Easy to win

Aw8 Thai Lottery Guideline

Currently, Thai Lottery has become popular and available at most reputable bookmakers, including Aw8. Aw8 members can immediately play this game on the web or access the mobile application by following these steps:

Instructions on how to play Thai Lottery on Aw8:

  • Step 1: Go to the Aw8 lottery game portal or mobile app to start playing Thai Lottery.
  • Step 2: After the interface appears, enter your login information or proceed to register by filling in the required information.
  • Step 3: On the game menu bar at the main interface of Aw8, go to the Lottery section and find the Thai Lottery game icon and then click.
  • Step 4: Start playing the game right now.

Thai Lottery Winning Tips

Similar to other online games, to play Thai Lottery game besides the requirements of luck or skills, you guys will also need to refer to some tips that experienced players share as below:

  • Know the rules of the Thai lottery to avoid misunderstandings and losing money unfairly.
  • Give yourself a limit on how much to play and how much to lose per play to make sure you don’t lose them all.
  • Refer to the results of the previous games to have a certain prediction to increase the probability of winning for yourself.
  • Keep a calm mind as much as don’t panic if you lose too much. At the same time, don’t get too excited when you’re on the winning streak, it’s easy to overplay leading to bad consequences.


Hopefully, the information in the above article will help those who play online games to better understand the Thai Lottery game. Try to experience this game right away to see its fun and attractiveness on both the web and mobile platforms of Aw8!

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