The Ladder: This Is What We Expect A New Game From Aw8

The Ladder: This Is What We Expect A New Game From Aw8

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The ladder is an entertaining game originating from Korea which is got hyped by many players at many online bookies out there.

However, because it has just been debuted not long ago, this 3D game is still quite strange to many people. So what exactly is The Ladder game and how to play it? Let’s find out through the article below!

The Ladder Overview Information

Game The ladder is a lottery game quite similar to the famous Sadaritagi game in Korea.

During the process, the game will include 4 points: L, R, O, E which will form a square, in which L (left) – R (right) are 2 starting points, and O and E are 2 endpoints.

The ladder has fairly simple gameplay as when starting, the ladder will appear randomly at one of 2 points L or R. Then, your job is to move down step by step forming a zigzag shape connecting from the beginning point to the endpoint. 

When participating in the game The Ladder, players only need to predict where is the starting point (L or R) and where is the endpoint (O or E). If the prediction is correct, you will win the bet which will be paid according to the odds offered by the online casino house.

It is a lottery game
It is a lottery game

How to play The Ladder?

Before the start of the turn, the ladder will be covered to hide the number of steps. Players will proceed to place money on the bets offered by the house. Types of bets in The Ladder game include:

  • Starting Point: Players will bet whether the starting point of the escalation will be L (left) or R (right).
  • Goal Point: Players will bet the endpoint when the ladder goes down is O or E.
  • A number of steps (Legs): Players will bet on the number of steps that will appear to be the 3rd step or the 4th step.
Simple game play guide
Simple game play guide

In addition to betting on each point as above, players can also bet on pars (Goal x Legs) – which means players can go on the ending point and the number of steps according to the prediction results given by the casino house as follow:

  • E3: Players bet the ladder goes through 3 steps and the endpoint is E.
  • E4: Players bet the ladder goes through 4 steps and the endpoint is E.
  • O3: Players bet the ladder goes through 3 steps and the endpoint is O
  • O4: Players bet the ladder goes through 4 steps and the endpoint is O.
Symbols and Combinations
Symbols and Combinations

The Ladder Features

In this Korean lottery game, we have a lot of game features with “strange” terms that need to be understood and memorized before placing bets!

(1) Main Interface

At the main screen of The Ladder, there are many display indicators: total bet, bet type, bet value, balance, result announcement history, function buttons, betting time and betting hall, etc.

(2) Betting Values

In this section, you can choose for yourself the appropriate bet types to participate. There are 3 types of bet limits to remember: 

  • 1:500 
  • 50:5,000
  • 100:10,000

(3) Hall Options

In this game, we have 5 different types of betting halls. The waiting time of each hall is not the same. Those halls are Snow (20s), Fire (20s), Earth (30s), Water (30s), Wind (45s), Normal (60s)

(4) Function Buttons

While the Bet Again button will help the player to return to the best values ​​in the same sequence as when the bet was made. Note, it can only be used when the player has not confirmed. Finally, if you are sure with the bet values ​​you choose. Click Confirm to complete the bet!

(5) Betting Types

This game has 3 basic bet types for players to choose from:

  1. Starting point: At the starting point, you can choose the starting point on the left or right side.
  2. The number of steps: With this bet type, players have 2 types of ladders to choose from, which are 3 steps or 4 steps. This type of bet allows the player to choose for himself or herself the destination of the ladder. There are another 2 types of bets, which are odd (left) and even (right).
  3. Combination of End Points and Number of Stairs: This 3rd bet category is the one with the highest odds of winning. In this category, there are 4 bets for you to choose: odd (3 steps), even (3 steps), odd (4 steps) and even (4 steps).

Odds are calculated for each type as follows: The starting point, the number of steps, and the target will be 1.95 while the combination type has the ratio of 3.88. When a player wins, these odds will be multiplied by the bet value to get your total winning value.

(6) Result Icon Display

This feature shows us: the largest circle with the letter O (odd) or E (even) will be the endpoint. The upper small circle containing the digit 3 or 4 will be the number of steps and the position of this small circle is the position of the starting point L (left) or R (right).

Note: In this game, you can choose many types of bets at the same time which the system highly accepts.

After players have finished placing their bets, the system will open the cover of the ladder and the results will be displayed immediately.

At this point, the player will know if he won or lost. If the player wins the bet, the player will be paid according to the above-mentioned ratio.

The simple goal of predicting where and how the paths are.
The simple goal of predict where and how the paths are.

Tips when playing The Ladder at Aw8 

Although betting The Ladder is considered a risky choice but that doesn’t mean you will rely solely on your luck. For players who want the best betting experience, especially for new players, do not ignore the following tips to increase your winning rate:

(1) Set a specific betting budget

It is first and foremost important to set a specific betting budget, especially if you intend to bet long-term at the Aw8 bookie.

As a smart player, you should limit the minimum and maximum bets. When you have reached the set limit, you should stop and continue to play The Ladder next time.

(2) Track results in the history record 

The results will also be updated in detail and regularly. So you can keep track to know which bets often win. And sometimes you can also find certain betting rules, which increase the odds of winning significantly.

(3) It is not advisable to bet on a single selection

In fact, players will have two choices for each bet. Here, nothing can affect the outcome, so change the selection when the bet loses. Thus, you can experience the betting feeling when avoiding losing too much money.

There are 3 levels of bets
There are 3 levels of bets

Aw8 The Ladder Feedbacks From Gamblers

Referring to the opinions of many gamers, it can be seen that The Ladder game at Aw8 has attracted a lot of players.

Not only in the simple and easy-to-win rules and high odds, but this game is also intriguing in its beautiful and professional interface.

It is known that the Aw8 not only builds an eye-catching The Ladder game image but also has very pleasant background sound effects, helping players both relax and earn money simultaneously.

The transactions in The Ladder Aw8 game are very quick. Deposit or withdraw in just half an hour. Fund transfer is not complicated even for newbies.

Click confirm to successfully place your bet!
Click confirm to successfully place your bet!

With a professional and reputable customer support system, the Aw8 gives gamblers a healthy betting environment. Aw8 staff is always available to answer customers’ questions anytime, anywhere.

The time for each game of The Ladder bet is very short. Therefore, when playing The Ladder, players can win back the lost money very easily and quickly.

Playing The Ladder game at the Aw8, players also receive attractive incentives and promotions such as: 

  • An immediate 100$ bonus to the account when completing the procedure to become a member of the online casino. 
  • The first deposit you will receive 150% of the deposit value.
  • The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus. 

More than that, Aw8 has a lot of cashback promotions and offers great value rewards for players on occasions such as birthdays, big holidays,…


As a new and interesting game, The Ladder increasingly won the hearts of global bettors. Through the interface as well as the preferential policies for players of the Aw8, you will have many opportunities to experience this extraordinary game without losing too much money. Register Aw8 now to join The Ladder now!

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