Thor Slot: An Impressive New Option In Gambling Community

Thor Slot: An Impressive New Option In Gambling Community

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If you are a person who regularly participates in gambling games such as slots, live casinos, poker,… available at the Aw8 casino, then surely, you cannot ignore the THOR Slot game.

This is a betting 3D game with very interesting content, eye-catching graphics, and game rule as much as the gameplay is also relatively simple. In today’s article, we will give you guys detailed and straightforward instructions to start playing THOR.

Thor Slot Rules

At the beginning of a betting round, players will bet money on 1 of 12 symbols and 3 side bets (Player, Banker, Tie).

After the betting time is up, the light will go around the boxes and the boss reels will start spinning. If the boss roll stops with the same face, Battle mode will be unlocked.

Accordingly, the member will have the opportunity to participate in the battle with the selected boss.

At the end of the battle, if Thor wins the match, you will earn the bonus or if the light stops on the symbol chosen by the player, the player also wins the bet.

In addition, if the side reels land on a symbol that matches the player’s bet prediction, the player also wins the side bet prize.

Thor Slot Instruction

First, you will log into Aw8 then you will proceed to the GAMES section where you will need to click on the Thor game.

At the time you are in the game, go on to place a bet on any of the 12 types of bets or place a side bet (Player, Banker, Tie). Congrats, you are in the game!

Another relatively interesting thing in this THOR game mode, besides winning the bet with the symbol we have chosen, the player can also win for themselves additional rewards in the unlocked battle modes in the process of opening at this prestigious and quality football – casino betting site.

Thor game is storming the entertainment betting community today
Thor game is storming the entertainment betting community today

(1) Thor Betting Options

Main Bet

Each bet is a different representative face, of one of the four characters and one of the three colors in the game: Green, Yellow, and Red. Each character will be corresponding to different odds. The odds will be changed after each opening.

Sub-Bet ( Player, Banker, Draw)

These are all sub-bets that players can opt for:

  • P with the rate of X2
  • B with the rate of X2
  • T with the rate of X8

Battle Modes

Battle mode will be launched in 2 ways:

  • The same boss reels stop on the same face.
  • The same logit stops at one of the battle zones (Gateway or cave)

The Boss Scrolls

During the scrolling time, these reels will also stop spinning. When both reels land on the same final boss symbols, a fight is triggered. Defeat the boss and get the bonus. Your bonus will be randomly selected after the battle is over.

Battle zones

If light hits the battle area, the battle mode will also be activated. Bounties will also be given when the Boss is defeated in this battle zone.

Thor Aw8 Bonuses and Promotions

Conditions and prize structure:

1 Special Prize18888 Free Betting Money
2 First Prizes8888 Free Betting Money
3 Second Prizes6888Free Betting Money
4 Third Prizes3888 Free Betting Money
10 Consolation prizes888 Free Betting Money
88 Lucky Prizes888 Rewarding Points

(Note: 88 Lucky Prizes will be randomly drawn among the first eligible and registered members but not in the main prize pool).

(1) How to participate in?

To register to receive the Aw8 promotion with this Thor game, players click on the item “EXCHANGE PROMOTION” and must confirm it within the same day. If leave it to the next day you can no longer receive this promotion.

(2) How to receive the prize?

The bets will be considered as free and the Bonus Points will be updated directly into the player’s account after the Aw8 dealer’s trading system conducts communication with the lucky customer to notify the lucky recipients.

How to play simple
How to play simple

(3) Promotion Rules

  • Each member can only receive 1 prize and calculated according to the highest award of the program.
  • The bonus needs to go through 1 betting round before it can be withdrawn. Results will be announced within 3 days after the promotion ends.
  • Within 15 days from the end of the promotion, if Aw8 cannot contact the player, the prize will be considered invalid and canceled.
  • Aw8 will have full control, decide to stop this promotion at any time, and refuse to award prizes to members if it discovers that there is a suspicion of fraud during the process of playing and receiving rewards.
  • The general rules about the rewards as well as the promotions of Aw8 have applied to the game Thor as well as all other promotions of this game.

Tips to have a high winning rate when playing Thor

To say that Thor is the game depends all on your luck is not quite right. That is because, if you know some more tips for playing Thor Aw8 Game which we will share below, winning at this game is more than just luck.

(1) Don’t be greedy

Greed in betting often causes players to fail miserably. Even when participating in the game Thor at Asia’s leading online bookmaker Aw8, if you are too greedy to bet money on too many doors on the same betting table, this will cause your capital to be depleted quickly.

Especially when you lose all the doors, the risk of you losing all your money is very fast. That also means when you can win 1 door, it is not enough to make up for the amount of capital that you spend on those losses.

Instead of betting on many doors, you should spend some time researching and judging to come up with an accurate and winning bet. This is really how smart players bet.

(2) You need to manage your betting amount

When participating in the Game Thor, you need to have the best way to manage your bets because this is the factor that will make you win as well as to help you maintain the loss as an acceptable number. 

The Thor Slot machine is built on an online platform
The Thor Slot machine is built on an online platform

Feedbacks and Experiences of Thor’s Mastered Players

Game Thor is one of the most attractive online entertainment games today with many attractive rewards and a high winning rate.

For those who are starting to play, you should choose the side bet first, and give priority to placing the house bet. Banker bets will be favored when placing correlation with Player and Tie doors.

Players should also not put too much in one bet, because the payout ratio of the bet boxes is 6.66%. Therefore, you might lose your betting investment very quickly.

To play the game Thor well, you need to know how to divide the money specifically to always keep the capital stable and earn the most rewards.

Why Is Thor Game So Hot? (Advantages)

Thor slot machine is considered a “super product” in 2021 with beautiful graphics, vivid sound system and realistic images to the smallest caring detail. Game Thor is rated very well by players who have received some of the best gambling experiences from this game:

  • Simple and straightforward gameplay brings the most comfortable experience.
  • Beautiful, sharp graphics and realistic sound help players completely immerse themselves in the world of the game.
  • Character icons are created vividly and are eye-catching.
  • Smooth running speed, no lag, and no freeze help players get the most complete emotions when gambling.
  • The win rate is high as there are also many other attractive rewards for players.
  • A variety of different play styles keep players interested.
  • No need to take time to register or log in, just click the link and players can immediately join and play the extremely attractive Thor game.


If you have been and are an official member of this Aw8 house, you will definitely have the opportunity to experience impressive games, accompanied by attractive gifts and rewards…

Come Join Aw8 today to participate in the Thor game that is rocking the gaming community as well as other popular options here. I wish you all the best of luck and have fun while playing this game.

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