Xoc Dia: A Traditional Gambling Choice For Asian Bettors

Xoc Dia: A Traditional Gambling Choice For Asian Bettors

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According to Wiki, Xoc dia is one of the simplest and most attractive betting games. Anyone can easily play this game for entertainment or professional exchange. With that being said, where is the reputable place to play Xoc Dia?

How to play it? All are still questions that many people have not found the answer to. With the tips below, it will certainly no longer be a secret.

What is Xoc Dia?

Xoc Dia is a very simple risky betting game 3D that is conducted according to the following steps:

  • First, we need coins (1 to 4 depending on the player), a plate, and a bowl.
  • The person holding the coin will put the coin on the plate, turn the bowl upside down and start shaking. The game is called dice to describe the action of predicting the coins on the dealer’s plate.
  • Participating players need to place a certain amount of bets according to the rules before the dealer conducts the dice.
  • The player’s task is to predict the appearance of the coins when the bowl is opened: heads/tails, even/odd, red/white, how many heads, or how many tails. If you win, you will be paid or if wrong, you lose the bet for the dealer.

Especially the time the bets take place only in a few short minutes, so the excitement is higher for even the fastidious gamblers.

That means we cannot stop halfway when we are on the best fortune or even worst when we are dealing the bad luck which makes us want to make up for the lost money. Because of such a simple way to play, no matter what era, Xoc Dia still attracts a large number of players to participate.

Traditional Gambling
Traditional Gambling

Where to play Xoc Dia?

Currently, Xoc Dia is considered a Social Crime when it comes to black credit acts, theft, usury, and many others which would eventually take in some of the most serious consequences. In order to prevent this, many parts of the world only permit Xoc Dia gambling activities at strictly regulated casinos.

If there is a demand, there will be a supply. When traditional Xoc Dia is shrinking, the online one has the opportunity to grow stronger than ever. With the support of modern technology, online betting sites were born and brought with it is tons of gambling products including Xoc Dia.

Aw8 was one of those Online Casinos that put Xoc Dia as one of the main dishes on their site. This is the unit that has introduced the famous dice game into its online betting system.

Now, just need a computer or smartphone with an internet connection to register for an online account on Aw8, we can join this extremely prestigious playground. The reason why Aw8 is a favorite choice of Xoc Dia players are these below:

  • This bookie has a long history, and has been licensed by the Philippine government to operate in the field of betting exchange. In Asia, Aw8 is always at the top of its reputation, and security and gives players great gambling experiences.
  • The attractive bonus and promotions are the highlight of this house. With countless different bonus packages, players will receive a lot of benefits.
  • In addition to Xoc Dia, we can participate in many exciting betting games such as live casinos, sports, game slots …

It can be said that Aw8 has contributed to the revival of the traditional dice game, which is gradually being restricted in its own way. Here, there is no distance in space or time that prevents us from satisfying our passion for entertainment, and seeking luck through emotional shocks.

Betting table
Betting table

Aw8 Xoc Dia Experience Review

To help players have the most authentic view of the online Xoc Dia game on Aw8, these surveys which have been conducted should be good information for you before participating in. There you have it:

(1) Aw8 Xoc Dia Interface

Is the game interface friendly? YES. That is the general opinion of the survey participants. The main interface of the game is selected with an impressive warm red tone.

With this color, players will be more comfortable even if they last for hours on the betting table. Maybe many people will ignore this detail, but if you look closely, you will see the sophistication of the graphic design.   

In the homepage interface, we have 3 simple options to proceed to choose the bet level which is what you need to start the betting journey. With such an easy-to-understand outlook, even newbies can easily follow it.

There, the color is quite warm and many players have reviewed that they are quite satisfied with this color choice of Aw8.

The layout of the betting doors is very simple, straightforward, and not confusing at all. Besides, the background music and betting sound effect are very familiar, and pleasant but also stimulating. The virtual dealer’s movements also make the game much more interesting than you think.

Eye-catching game interface
Eye-catching game interface

(2) Xoc Dia Features Are Extremely Straightforward 

The simplicity is there but still, the game ensures all the necessary features to support each bet to retain the excitement of players till the end.

  • The feature of choosing a bet level when you first enter the Xoc Dia table is highly appreciated. This helps players have a calculation, financial balance, and self-control.
  • Selecting bet chips is quite simple with a lot of levels. However, players can also choose to enter the bet amount to be more suitable for themselves. Particularly, this player favor feature is currently not available at other bookies.
  • Placing bet chips on the doors is also very easy. Just click or lightly touch (if using a smartphone) on the corresponding boxes and confirm the door reservation.
  • Currently, players can change their bets amount and bets side if the system has not locked them by deleting bets and resetting them.
  • Playing Xoc Dia online on Aw8 allows you to choose from many bets as long as you see the potential to win.

In addition, the arrangement of function keys such as Betting History, Results, Winning and Losing Report, Playing instructions, and Control bar are also integrated reasonably as well as easy to use. 

What Platforms Can We Play Xoc Dia In?

Playing online poker games on Aw8 is extremely simple. Currently, this bookie has supported online playing portals for:

  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • PC.

Thus, regardless of the platform, we can conduct online bets without lag or blocking. However, please ensure a stable internet connection to be able to place bets most smoothly.

Aw8 Xoc Dia Promotions and Bonuses

In general, the promotion system of this bookie is quite attractive, but currently there is no program specifically for the game Xoc Dia. Instead, we can use the ones that are being applied to all new members such as The 128% bonus up.

Hopefully, in the future, there will be more promotions for Xoc Dia which means, by that time, the number of members will certainly increase stronger than the current one and players will have more finance to invest in betting.

Aw8 Xoc Dia Game Customer Care

All players give 5 stars to Aw8’s online support service. The criteria used in the survey about Xoc Dia are:

  • Friendly: 5/5 points.
  • Enthusiasm: 5/5 points and if there is a higher score, it will definitely still reach the maximum.
  • Professional: 5/5 points.

All supporting staff are well-trained and can answer all questions from the game to how to register an account, receive promotions, deposit, withdraw money… This professionalism reinforces the effort to retain players not only in Xoc Dia but also in other games options.

Should we play Xoc Dia at Aw8?

Perhaps we all have the correct answer for ourselves. With a bookie with enough professionalism, friendliness, and prestige, there is certainly nothing to prevent us from joining them. A few more reasons tell us that we should not ignore an interesting Xoc Dia playground like Aw8 are:

  1. The dealer has been licensed in the Philippines – the capital of games and casinos. So we don’t need to worry about legal issues with this playground.
  2. They have maintained the highest level of security. The player’s information is all encrypted as the server is located abroad – so it is extremely difficult to have your identity leaked
  3. Players recharge quickly and simply through many systems.
  4. We only play online and do not need to download any applications to the device. This is quite convenient because it does not take up more memory and does not “reveal” when many people want this gambling issue to be their little secret.

With the addition of these 4 advantages, it is not difficult for the house Aw8 to maintain a solid unique position in the hearts of players. Currently, the number of registered members of this house is still increasing rapidly.


With the most honest reviews about the online Xoc Dia game, surely everyone has got the answer they need. However, listening to a hundred is not equal to an experience for yourself so try your luck at online Xoc Dia on Aw8 and check our judgments.

Hope everyone has a good time and lots of fortune.

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