Aw8 Poker: Where You Will Learn To Combine Lucks And Skills

Initially, poker was supposed to enhance friendships between people because people didn’t have any betting inventions. Yet, as soon as this game got its first introduction into the betting house, it appears to be one of the most rewarding interesting gambling methods. In the end, the outcome of modern technologies brought to the table: Online poker.

Over 3 years since the birth of Aw8, this online casino has become the most legit betting platform that guarantees to provide the best online poker service. Aw8 even jumped in collaboration with IDNPoker to widen their section to their patrons.

Poker Types
Poker is available at most bookies, including AW8

No matter you are worried about transactions, withdrawing your earnings, security standards Aw8 is a well-known online casino you can lend your credence on. Because of such reliability and reputation of the platform, it welcomes a huge batch of users every month.

A majority of these users are online poker fanatics. Because of the interesting rules as well as certain skills requirements, it is easy to understand why many gamblers are into it every single day.

Moreover, Aw8 makes sure that each of their gamblers will experience their best poker online gaming activities so as will withdraw their reward without any confusion or delay. Keep reading further to learn the techniques and information to master this section in Aw8 Online Casino.

Aw8 Poker Types 

As we mentioned before, Aw8 is in co-operation with the most legit partner, IDNPoker in terms of providing best online poker game service.

As soon as you have downloaded the app to your mobile devices, you will have access to a huge treasure of poker games. Here are some top options you might find in this platform:

(1) Aw8 Texas Hold’em

Obviously, Texas Hold’em is somewhat the most outstanding online poker game, with an uncountable number of gamers sticking to it every day. Being the best example type of poker game, in Texas Hold’em, players will gamble with two cards.

what is poker
Texas Hold’em is somewhat the most outstanding online poker game

When dealing out the cards, players then have to bet as well as check. Or, they can decide to fool their way so they can end up winning with 5 community cards. 

There are 4 rounds in this poker type: 

  1. Turn 
  2. Flop 
  3. River
  4. The last stage when the result is determined

(2) Aw8 Seven-Card Stud

This might be the best place if you are a newbie in this poker world. In Seven-card stud, each player has to deal with 7 cards in which they need to pick up the best five-card hand and start betting in the next six betting rounds. 

During the playing process, each player will have two of their cards face-down. Then, the dealer will give them 4 more facing up and again, one last card facing down. 

(3) Aw8 Omaha High

This genre carries those rules like Texas Hold’em. However, it exists one crucial difference which is each player on the table will have an addition of 2 more cards. As soon as each of the gamblers has gotten their own 4 beginning cards, they will have to proceed through the 4 mentioned rounds above. 

However, in the Showdown part, players are only allowed to use two cards and the other 3 community cards. That’s why the game result will only divulge in the end. 

(4) Aw8 Five-Card Draw

This is one of the classic choices when talking about Poker. The game carries an apparent simplicity in terms of both gameplay and design. Yet, if you want to win with a huge reward of this type, you have to learn some “tricks” for your own.

That means skills, experience, and strategies really matter here. The dealers will deal 5 cards to each player with all 5 face down. Then, each of these players will have to decide whether they will change their cards or not. The exchanging amount is unlimited.

Finally, the result will be determined in only one round. The characteristics of this game require players to know how to fool other players. 

Aw8 Poker Guide

From a quick introduction above, you can clearly see how straightforward this gambling type is. However, it does require hard effort to succeed and make huge money.

Even so, even a professional does need nuts and bolts of rules as well as some deeper information about this genre at first. You will find some we have mentioned above but on a more in-depth level. 

(1) How to play poker?

These are basic rules that will apply to most Poker versions out there. Each player will be dealt 2 cards in the beginning.

how to win poker online
Game rules are quite simple, easy to understand

Then the dealer will release 3 more community cards and one more community card in the Turn round before ending up this section with one more community card in the River round. Quick math, there are 7 cards in your hands and your job is to combine as well as get rid of the abundant to perform the strongest set. 

The winner is of course the one with the most powerful set on the table (from their 2 initial cards and 3 more community cards) when everyone faces up their cards in the last stage. Or, the winner could be the last bettor on the table when there is no one going after him anymore, and with this round, players can win even before the last round. 

(2) A Poker Deck Includes:

  • A typical poker deck carries 52 cards which are numbers from 2 to 10 and the other 4 letters J, Q, K, A. There is no level division between these cards meaning every card holds the same value.
  • Poker Chips are circle objects in which each color represents a different monetary value. Players have to use these chips to bet. 
  • Poker Dealer Card: Before each match, there will be a person holding this card. The card will be set up before the dealer which helps other players to distinguish. After each match, the card will be transferred to the other player.

(3) Aw8 Poker Rules

  • Each Poker Table Holds From 2 to 10 Players
  • There will be a D letter which stands for the dealer. And this letter will be transferred from this player to another clockwise after each match. Players will have to base on this to identify the turn so they will know who will go first.
  • After each betting round, all chips will be gathered into one space called Pot. 
  • The winner will have all the betting chips of other players. 

(4) Action on each turn

Fold Retrieve from the match and wait for the next match
CallBet the same amount of money in comparison with the initial bettor
BetYou can bet when there have been nobody else bets
RaiseIncrease the betting money
All-inBet with everything you have
CheckOnly use this call when no one bet and you choose to stay still

(5) Aw8 Poker Starting Process

To start a Poker Match, there have to be two players starting betting. These two will seat on the left of the dealer and they are called Blind:

  • The player on the left hand of the dealer will bet Small Blind
  • The player on the next place of Small Blind bettor will bet with Big Blind which is as twice as Small Blind. This will be the min set for each coming round. 

Method To Jump In Aw8 Online Poker World

Firstly, you can play poker online on whatever devices you want. It doesn’t matter what brand your devices are or what kind of program they run, you can just freely get your own IDNPoker app and start your gambling journey. Still, you will have to register with Aw8 before all of the above processes goes down. 

You can hit on the registration on the first line section of this platform which carries the button Join Now. Then, it is necessary to fill in your ID, password, and some more crucial information. Finally, Aw8 will finish the process for you before you can even realize it. 

If you are an Android user, you will have to get the apk file to drop in every single game on the Aw8 platform. While then, IOS users will have to access their app store and download the available app. 

Poker Online Aw8
Play Online Now!

AW8 Online Poker Features

Online poker games are supplied on every online casino platform out there. The following features will explain to you why it is so hot:

(1) Aw8 Rewarding bonuses and deals 

The most obvious compelling evidence is the variety of bonuses and deals. You can choose whatever kinds of Poker you like and apply your best strategies or skill to it to win your prize.

As we said it, promotion and bonuses on this online game is a somewhat important factor when it can enhance your chance to win Jackpot.

Even more, Aw8 is really generous to support their players with welcome bonuses, weekly and daily rewards as well as other exclusive offers on online poker. 

(2) Fast And Convenient Mobile Response

IDNPoker App allows every gambler to experience online poker from everywhere and whenever they want. We have said this many times but the app design is really simple so if you jump from this device to another,

it wouldn’t be a matter as well as it wouldn’t lower down your gambling joy.

All of these endeavors only cost you a few initial steps to have your own app and then even though it is Poker or any other options, you will still find it easy and convenient to use. 

(3) Level Division

Many players find it easy to drop off Poker due to the intimidation especially when they witness other real pro players on any poker table.

Still, when it come to online poker, things got solved by the division of experience levels. There is no pressure as well as you will challenge those who are as new or as well-trained as you.


If you are on the journey to find out the most suitable platform to play online poker, Aw8 can’t be a better gate to go for. All you need are an account and an app. That is not even mentioned that Aw8 will ensure a high level of security on your personal information with many different layers of protection.

Moreover, in case you have any issues, the customer support section is always available as well as they will deliver you instant fast service. Have fun there!