Aw8 Score Odds: What You Need To Know Before Starting Betting

Aw8 Score Odds are the rate that the house Aw8 will pay the player if they win the bet. It will appear as a number for players to calculate for themselves.

The dealer will not talk to you in normal words, they will use numbers through odds to express their speculation of that match. When you want to make money on any match, of course, you have to update the house’s odds table.

Aw8 Scores Odds Types

In every football match, you see on Aw8, there are over 100 types of odds. You can bet on familiar types of rafters such as Asian rafters, Over Under, European Odds. In addition, there are other popular types of bets such as Scores, Half Time – Full Time, Double Chance, etc.

You absolutely must understand the meaning of these odds before placing a bet on them. Here are some typical types of bets.

score section of aw8
Find out some typical types of bets at Aw8

(1) European Handicap

European Handicap, also known as 1 × 2, is the odds that bookmakers use to determine which team is stronger or weaker.

However, to play this type of bet, players need to have skills and a thorough understanding of 1×2 bets to accurately predict the outcome of the match.

European Handicap usually has 3 bets: Win – draw – lose. Specifically:

1 You will bet the home team wins
X You will bet the two teams tie
2 You will bet the guest team wins

Currently, there are two main types:

  • 1X2: 1×2 European bet for the whole match.
  • 1X2: 1×2 European bet for the 1st half.

When participating in this type of bet, you need to depend on the strength of each team, but in that match, the house offers different odds. The stronger team will usually have a lower payout rate than the weaker rated team.

For a specific example for the match of France vs Iran, these two teams have a lot of differences, so the rate is also different.

If the player chooses 1st bet for France, this team wins, the player will receive the reward according to the odds offered by the house. On the contrary, if the player places a bet for Iran, this team wins you will also get money proportionally.

(2) Asian Handicap

As the name implies, this type of bet originated in the Asian betting world, but it has spread and is increasingly popular in European countries as well.

The most obvious difference compared to the European handicap is that the Asian handicap has only two options, there is no draw.

This is a handicap bet in which when the correlation between the two sides is not balanced, the stronger team will have to accept a few goals from the weak team.

For example, handicap 1 goal, handicap 1 and a half goal, handicap 2 and a half goals, etc.

(3) Over-Under Odds

This is the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match. Players who bet on Over Under do not care about which team wins or loses, just the total number of goals scored in a match.

The Player chooses Over means betting the number of goals of the match is greater than the number that the house predicts. Under bet is when you bet the number of goals is lower than the house rate. If the match ends with the same score as the dealer, the player is refunded.

some common score odds
Over-Under odds based on total scores of two teams

(4) Booking Points Odds

Booking Points Odds are related to the total number of yellow and red cards drawn in a match. For example: 

  • Total yellow booking points: Will the number of yellow cards of the 2 attacking teams be larger or smaller?
  • Handicap yellow points: How many yellow cards do the home team handicap the away team?
  • Red booking points: Which team will get a red card? How many red cards are in this match?
  • Touch booking points: Did team A touch 3 yellow cards this match?

(5) Penalty Odds

This type of bet is often applied in cup matches or rounds that need to determine the winner and loser to continue without using points to compare. This bet only appears after 90 minutes or after 120 minutes when both teams are equal goals:

  • Over/Under Penalty: Do the 2 teams need to shoot all the 5th innings to find the winner?
  • The total number of successful or failed penalty shots is odd or even.

(6) Odds Even

This bet simply adds the total number of goals scored by both teams to see if it is even or odd. It’s very simple and if you have time to read football reviews, it will be easy to win this bet when looking at their football history.

(7) Goal bets

It is the most variable bet, and the most profitable house bet when players participate because it has so many rafters that it becomes more difficult to choose the right one.

  • Are there goals in the 1st and 2nd half bets? How many goals?
  • Which team will score the first goal?
  • Who will have the final goal?
  • Which team scores 2 goals first?

There are also many other types of bets such as offside, home goal, goal score, foul, substitution, shake, clean sheet, goal scorer, etc…

(8) 3-way Odds

3-way is the most common and simple type of bet. You only need to bet on 1 of 3 outcomes.

A typical example of a 3-way bet is a European football (1X2) in which you will choose the home team (1) to win, the result to draw (X), or the guest team (2) to win. You only win if you get the correct result, and if the match goes for the 2 other results, you lose. 

(9) Double Chance

This is also a typical odds type. In this odds, you choose 2 out of 3 possible outcomes, to increase your chances of winning. Enclosed the money rate will be reduced compared to selecting only one outcome.

The betting options of Double Chance are as follows:

1 or X Home team wins or draws
1 or 2 Homes or guest wins
X or 2 Draw or the guest team wins

(10) Both Teams Score

As the name suggests, you bet on one of two possibilities (Yes) or no (No) that both teams score.

If both have goals, of course, you will have to choose Yes to win. If one of the two teams is “empty” or the battle has no goals, No’s wins.

(11) Half Time/Full-Time Odds

This is the type of score odds where you will predict both the first half result (Half Time) and the final result (Full Time). Note that Full Time here is only 90 minutes + overtime.

how to read score odds
Scoreboard by full match and half match at aw8

(12) Draw No Bet

If you find the 3-way bet too risky, you can bet on the Draw No Bet. That is, you only need to choose 1 of the two winning teams. If the result is a draw, you will not lose money like the 1X2 bet, but the house will return your bet.

(13) Correct Score

This bet is probably too simple. Those who have never bet will always understand what the score of a match is. You will need to accurately predict that, if right you win, if wrong you lose money!

Preparation before playing Aw8 Betting Scores Odds

Professional online football bettors always have to prepare themselves with the crucial elements if they want to achieve success. They are not just ordinary gamblers but also investors who will make a profit on those betting platforms like Aw8.

If you are a doctor, you have to prepare knowledge and tools to treat and cure patients, so do online betting, you need to set up the necessary information and equipment to help you handle the bets correctly which will bring you victory.

(1) Signing in many betting houses

Entering the professional betting path requires you to prepare yourself for at least 3 or more online betting accounts of different reputable bookmakers. Why? Because if you only use 1 account, you will lose money line when placing bets.

At the same time, it is possible that each house will offer different odds and rates. Sometimes this house has higher odds, sometimes the other houses have better ones.

Using multiple accounts simultaneously helps you choose which bookie has the best odds for the code you will place. Helping you improve your return on investment and generate higher profits. 

(2) Computer or mobile devices?

Ideally, you can prepare yourself 2 laptops, or else 1 laptop and 1 smartphone or tablet instead. The laptop with the configuration must also be relatively good to handle quickly when you place the bet codes.

Combined with a stable private internet connection to avoid network shock and lag. And a separate high-speed 3G, 4G, or 5G network device in case you lose connection or have a problem so you can use it as a replacement.

(3) TV or Website?

Of course, your home will have a TV available, but the more important thing that we want to emphasize here is that your TV needs to be subscribed to channels that broadcast football in major tournaments such as Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga,…

Or if you can’t subscribe to watching football in where you live, you can use your computer to watch football through online football watching websites. This is the moment when the Aw8 Tv Live Section comes in handy.

(4) Possessing Many Banking Accounts

We absolutely encourage you to register to use as many banks as possible. You can choose the best banks in your region and also make sure to register for their Internet Banking services.

By that, your banking account will be able to deposit and withdraw money quickly as well as proactively, saving you time and security much more than a normal deposit via bank counter or ATM.

(5) Information Judgment Before Matches

Aw8 Score Betting is an inseparable factor, and also a key factor of professional online bettors, deciding 90% of their success or failure.

Therefore, you need to know how to analyze and evaluate the match accurately, based on many different sources of information, many statistical analysis websites, newspapers that provide odds about that match.

Finally take deep consideration of different bookmakers, odds fluctuations, etc… to make the final precise decision for you.

(6) Strong Investment 

You should prepare a huge amount of investment, and have a strict capital management method to make reasonable investment decisions as well as have statistics and carefully record, avoid investing in unselected bet codes.

In addition, your psychology when playing online betting must also be acceptably stable, physically good so as not to fall into the psychological trap of the house. In that case, you should read Aw8 Gambling Responsibility first if don’t want to be involved in those mentioned. 

Otherwise, you will quickly lose tons of money because of your uncautious decisions. If you have good preparation for the above factors, 90% of you will be a winner in the long run to become a smart and successful betting investor!

Aw8 Scores Odds Information 

Odds are given by the bookie to orient both bettors’ and media’s thinking and money, so they do not contain a lot of information. That includes:

(1) Speculation on match’ result

The lower the odds on which team, the stronger that team is. Being strong means that team will have a better chance of winning.

If anyone bets money on them, it is clear that the chances of victory will be higher.  The odds must be low for the house to pay back. On the contrary, which team has a hard time winning, the house will pay a very high bonus if that they win.

For example in the Malaysia – Laos battle, everyone believes that Malaysia will easily win.

With that being said, whoever bets on Malaysia, if they win, the bonus will be less due to the low odds. On the other hand, if a bettor bets on Laos and a miracle happen, they will make a lot of money because the odds will be towering.

(2) The House’s Manipulation

In many cases, the odds are the lures to trick amateur scores bettors. The bookies will hold a lot of confidential information such as team’s strategy issues, playing style, weakness, external factors, etc.

From there they clearly calculate the outcome of the match and give the opposite odds to entice as many bettors as possible.

At the end of the match, the unexpected result happened according to the house’s calculations, they took the money. You might barely see these issues in the Aw8 Scores Odd section for sure. Many bettors chose them for reasons.

Aw8 Scores Odds Guide

“Running” is basically what it means, Run. Odds running means that the odds will fluctuate in real-time during the whole match.

With it, the house will record your bet slip at the time of closing the bet and compare it with the final result. Running bets are normally the house’s trick to make a lot of money by offering attractive bets that make many people fall into traps.

To check odds running effectively, you need to pay attention to the following ways.

(1) Making judgments on the status of the current running odds

You will need to compare the force correlation between the two teams. Looking up the information of the types to see if the house demarcates the upper and lower rafters.

For example, if Malaysia meets South Korea, it will be on the bottom, but the house that ranks Malaysia on the top is not good.

With that being said, the odds are definitely not reliable and you shouldn’t throw your money on. If there is, then catch the opposite bet compared to the house provided.

(2) Manage the scores odd times

As the game is about to end, the odds running will be more stable. At this point, the bet is also good as the bonus rate will be low because the result has fallen asleep.

So do your own research and make your own judgment. Catch the odds right from the beginning of the game and keep that decision until the end if you see the match is flowing in your wanting direction.

In the circumstance that there is a possibility of an unexpected occurrence, at the beginning of the second half, you must change the bet immediately.


Those Aw8 Scores Odds managing methods above will help you balance all bets of all other bookmakers. Based on that alone, it also supports bettors to make a more precise judgment about the strength of the two teams that are quite stable.

Prioritize choosing a reputable bookie like Aw8 to prevent the case of losing money unjustly.