Aw8 Terms & Conditions

As soon as you download or use the Aw8 app, you are forced to follow these terms and conditions and Aw8 advises you to read them thoroughly before participating.

terms and conditions of aw8
Please read and understand the terms and conditions at the aw8 website

General Terms and Conditions

It is forbidden to plagiarize or adjust the Aw8 app, or any component on their app as well as their trademarks under any conditions and circumstances. It is also illegal for you to try stealing the source code of the Aw8 app so as will you translate their app into your own or any other language.

It is their own right and property including the app, the trademarks, database, copyright,… and others that are related to the Aw8 brand. 

In return, Aw8 must have the responsibility to make their app useful and convenient for their players. With that being said, they reserve the right to make an adjustment for their app as well as to charge for whatever services are attached to it no matter what is the reason. Obviously, Aw8 won’t make you pay unless they specify what you are putting your money on.

In addition, the Aw8 Live TV will save and own the personal data that they require you in the registration process. Such an action is to provide their service. However, it is your own responsibility to ensure the safety of your phone or whatever devices that have accessed to Aw8 app.

Therefore, it would be a high risk if you decided to jailbreak your phone. That process will remove Aw8 software limitations and restrictions that are imposed by your phone’s operating system. What could be the worst result is a malfunction, malicious programs, viruses. 

Terms and Conditions with third-party services

Furthermore, Aw8 does allow third-party services to claim their Terms and Conditions.

  • Google Analytics for Firebase
  • Google Play Services
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Facebook
  • One Signal

Yet, you will need to notice that there are a few things that Aw8 will not be responsible for. There are a few functions on their app that would need an active and strong internet connection.

Those connections include Wifi or Mobile networks but in order to stick with the best performance, Aw8 always advises you to go for Wi-Fi because they don’t guarantee all features and functions on their app will work excellently if it connects to a Mobile Network. 

However, if you are far from those locations having wifi, it wouldn’t be a problem if you decided to go with your mobile network. Still, depending on which mobile network you will use, you might be charged for their network service.

While using Aw8, it is your responsibility for any extra charges which also include your mobile network charges if you are somewhere far from the Wi-Fi-providing area. 

At the same time, Aw8 will not always be responsible for your method of using Aw8 app. With that being said, you have to ensure your mobile devices will always stay in charge, or if it’s battery exhausted which will prevent you from accessing Aw8 service, Aw8 wouldn’t agree to solve that problem. 

As long as you are using the Aw8 app, it is crucial to keep in mind that even though Aw8 always tries to adjust most of the time, they will still need support from 3rd party in terms of information provision. All of that process is to bring the best service to you only.

At a sudden and certain point, Aw8 might update their app. Currently, the Aw8 app is available to download on both IOS and Android. Still, the terms of the requirement for both operating systems might face some changes which means you might have to update and download if you truly want to continue using their app.

They don’t promise to frequently make any updates to their app. However, you will always have to agree to the updating application they will send to you. They might also end providing their app service as well as stop the use of it at any time with no need to inform in advance.

Unless they contact you or otherwise, all of these terms and conditions applying to you will be terminated immediately. With that being said, you will have to delete the app from your service.

Adjustment to this Terms and Conditions

Aw8 may update their Terms of use throughout time. For that reason, it is necessary to read this page initially before any changes. They will notify you in case any changes have been made by updating this page. 

Contact Aw8 if you are facing any issues: