Aw8 VIP Casino Program: Best Gambling Journey For Loyal Members

With such a huge betting game collection, Aw8 finds no difficulties in satisfying their players. But of course, the level of that customer service will be ranging from good to excellent depending on what type of players they will serve.

So, what is the most accurate measurement for us to see through that difference? It is Aw8 VIP program.

Despite having the distinction in treating customers, the quality of their service always begins from good to excellent. Therefore, even if you are a newbie, you will still experience the acceptable treatment from Aw8.

But as soon as it comes to the V.I.P program, you will enjoy excellence with huge bonuses, promotions, and special care. Let’s look at the details.

Aw8 VIP Program

Just like every other V.I.P program out there, Aw8 always has a special place for those who spend their time on this betting site more than others.

Apparently, to give away love and promotions compatible to each fanatic out there, the VIP program has been divided into 5 tiers in which Dimond is the best:

5. Bronze 

4. Silver 

3. Gold 

2. Platinum

1. Diamond

Your rank will automatically upgrade if you have reached a certain amount of time and contribution for Aw8. At the end of the day, those efforts will transform into bonuses, offers, and even presents.

Still, to climb higher, each tier has specific tasks that you have to complete if you want to proceed. Please notice that there is no such thing called pay to win here because Aw8 only pays attention to one thing: Fair.

However, their number 1 priority is guiding players to the VIP list. Even though, the winning percentage will not be higher if you are at Dimond Rank or just a new guy. All of it depends on your experience and luck.

Aw8 VIP Program
VIP level depends on member’s contribution

Aw8 VIP Journey

Your rank climbing journey will start from the moment you put your real money in and make your first bet. From there, all your gameplay will be counted as contributions.

Obviously, there will be no shortage and this long path requires a certain portion of your enjoying time in Aw8. To wrap up everything about this VIP program, we have written down 3 simple processes below for you guys to check out:

  • Register and play with real money 
  • Got verification from the system
  • Enjoy more and level up

You guys also will have to remember that don’t share your Aw8 account with anyone except the Aw8 website. If there is any changes or upgrade, Aw8 will contact to ask for your permission.

In the same case when you want to submit a level-up requirement, Aw8 will review your account within 2 days and they will decide to accept or reject your submission or not.

If things go down well, you will officially join the V.I.P family after 48 hours.

Aw8 VIP Privileges

Take a quick look at these treatments below and you will understand the benefit of being a V.I.P member of Aw8. 

(1) More points, more prize

The V.I.P program has different ways to express their gratitude to their customers who have spent a good amount of time on their betting website.

Bet more, get more is one of those typical methods. Still, the incredible thing here is winning or losing doesn’t matter. As long as you play with your enjoyment, each of your turns will be counted.

(2) Different Games, Different Points

This will apply differently according to what your rank is. When you are at Dimond, there are some games that will hand over you a huge points number that Bronze can’t have.

The same thing goes to each rank level when they all have their own specific high points games. Therefore, if punters take good advantage of this, the leveling process will go faster and more smoothly. 

(3) A Diverse World Of Rewards

Once you have joined the VIP family, you will be in the area of daily bonuses. Moreover. these promotions will come to you in different ways. It could be extra credit or sponsored rewards and many others.

(4) Aw8 VIP Unique Offers

This one divided a huge border between the V.I.P and normal players when on the side of loyalty, players will have high bonuses, reactivation promotions, unique gifts, or even special V.I.P tournaments.

Moreover, these long-time members will get special customer service as well as faster cash-in and cash-out processes. 


There are not too many gambling sites out there that can give away love to punters like the way Aw8 does.

These promotions and privileges in VIP Program will absolutely enhance your betting experience in Aw8 as well as this policy is updating every day to ensure better care for their loyal patrons. What a generous betting area!